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Exploring AIFORGOOD Summer Camp Curriculum to Foster Middle School Students' Understanding of Artificial Intelligence
Exploring middle school students’ common naive conceptions of Artificial Intelligence concepts, and the evolution of these ideas. Education and Information Technologies
. | Journal Article
Fostering Upper Elementary AI Education: Iteratively Refining a Use-Modify-Create Scaffolding Progression for AI Planning
A Review of International Models of Computer Science Teacher Education
Building a gender-inclusive secondary computer science program: teacher led and stakeholder supported. Computer Science Education
Defining computer science teacher qualification pathways. Policy Futures in Education
How to change a state: Broadening participation in K-12 computer science education. Policy Futures in Education
Is Elementary AI Education Possible?
Lessons Learned for AI Education with Elementary Students and Teachers. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
Rethinking Circle Time. Development of K-2 CT Literacy Integrated Curriculum
Why should we be Integrating Computer Science into the Elementary Curriculum? Computer Science Teachers Perceptions and Practices
How Can We Support Online Learning for Elementary Students? Perceptions and Experiences of Award-Winning K-6 Teachers
Liao, Yin-ChanLiao, Yin ChanOttenbreit-Leftwich, AnneOttenbreit Leftwich, AnneZhu, MeinaZhu, MeinaJantaraweragul, KatieJantaraweragul, KatieChristie, LauraChristie, LauraKrothe, KandiKrothe, KandiSparks, Katy and Sparks, Katy
TechTrends, vol. 65, pp. 939–951. | Journal Article
A Sociological View on Designing a Sustainable Online Community for K–12 Teachers: A Systematic Review
Lee, DabaeJung, JiyoonShin, SuhkyungOtternbreit-Leftwich, Anne and Glazewski, Krista
Sustainability, vol. 12, pp. 9742. | Journal Article
Year-long implementation of a research-based technology integration professional development coaching model in an elementary school
Ottenbreit-Leftwich, AnneOttenbreit Leftwich, AnneLiao, Yin-ChanLiao, Yin ChanKarlin, MichaelKarlin, MichaelLu, Ya-HueiLu, Ya-HueiDing, Ai-Chu ElishaDing, Ai-Chu ElishaGuo, Meize and Guo, Meize
Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, vol. 36, pp. 206–220. | Journal Article
Course-level modeling of preservice teacher learning of technology integration
Jung, Jiyoon and Ottenbreit Leftwich, Anne
British Journal of Educational Technology, 2019-06-27. | Journal Article
EFL Teachers' Pedagogical Beliefs and Practices With Regard to Using Technology
Ding, Ai-Chu ElishaDing, Ai-Chu ElishaOttenbreit Leftwich, AnneOttenbreit-Leftwich, AnneLu, Ya-HueiLu, Ya-HueiGlazewski, Krista and Glazewski, Krista
Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, vol. 35, (no. 1), pp. 39, 1/2/2019. | Journal Article
Insights from ICT-expert teachers about the design of educational practice: the learning opportunities of social media
Prestridge, SarahTondeur, Jo and Ottenbreit Leftwich, Anne T
Technology, Pedagogy and Education, vol. 28, (no. 2), pp. 172, 3/15/2019. | Journal Article
Teachers’ Self-efficacy Matters: Exploring the Integration of Mobile Computing Device in Middle Schools
Kwon, KyungbinKwon, KyungbinOttenbreit-Leftwich, Anne TOttenbreit Leftwich, Anne TSari, Annisa RSari, Annisa RKhlaif, ZuheirKhlaif, ZuheirZhu, MeinaZhu, MeinaNadir, HamidNadir, HamidGok, Fatih and Gok, Fatih
TechTrends, pp. 11, 2019-05-02. | Journal Article
Editorial - Developing Computationally Literate Teachers: Current Perspectives and Future Directions for Teacher Preparation in Computing Education
Mouza, ChrystallaYadav, Aman and Ottenbreit Leftwich, Anne
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, vol. 26, (no. 3), pp. 333, 20180701. | Journal Article
Evolution of Teachers' Technology Integration Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices: How Can We Support Beginning Teachers Use of Technology?
Ottenbreit-Leftwich, A.Ottenbreit Leftwich, AnneLiao, Janet Yin-ChanLiao, J.Y. C.Sadik, O.Sadik, OlgunErtmer, P. and Ertmer, Peggy
Journal of Research on Technology in Education, vol. 50, (no. 4), pp. 304, 10/2/2018. | Journal Article
Learning Technology Integration From a Service-Learning Project: Connecting Preservice Teachers to Real-World Problems
Jia, XiaokaiJung, Jiyoon and Ottenbreit Leftwich, Anne
Journal of Experiential Education, vol. 41, (no. 3), pp. 276, 20180900. | Journal Article
Preservice Teacher Computer Science Preparation: A Case Study of an Undergraduate Computer Education Licensure Program
Ozogul, GamzeOzogul, GamzeKarlin, MikeKarlin, MikeOttenbreit-Leftwich, Anne and Ottenbreit Leftwich, Anne
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, vol. 26, (no. 3), pp. 375, 20180701. | Journal Article
Addressing technology integration concerns: Asynchronous video mentoring between pre-service teachers and exemplary technology-using in-service teachers
Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne ToddOttenbreit-Leftwich, Anne ToddOttenbreit Leftwich, Anne ToddGlazewski, Krista DGlazewski, Krista DGlazewski, Krista DBrush, Thomas ABrush, Thomas ABrush, Thomas AAslan, SinemAslan, SinemAslan, SinemZachmeier, AaronZachmeier, Aaron and Zachmeier, Aaron
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 2017-08-29. | Journal Article
Erratum to: Understanding the relationship between teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and technology use in education: a systematic review of qualitative evidence
Tondeur, Jovan Braak, JohanErtmer, Peggy A and Ottenbreit Leftwich, Anne
Educational Technology Research and Development, vol. 65, (no. 3), pp. 577, 2017-06-00. | Journal Article
Experienced iPad-Using Early Childhood Teachers: Practices in the One-to-One iPad Classroom
Lu, Ya-HueiLu, Ya-HueiOttenbreit Leftwich, Anne TOttenbreit-Leftwich, Anne TDing, Ai-ChuDing, Ai-ChuGlazewski, Krista and Glazewski, Krista
Computers in the Schools, vol. 34, (no. 1-2), pp. 23, 4/3/2017. | Journal Article