My work focuses on facilitating positive interactions among students in contexts of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and designing effective instructions for computational thinking (CT). My research accomplishments and interests emphasize innovative uses of instructional technologies to establish learning communities and enhance learning performances. Overall, my research impacts understanding learners’ collaborative learning processes, designing effective learning environments, fostering productive learning communities, and enhancing problem-solving performances in various contexts.

Research interests:

  • Enhancing collaborative learning through group awareness tools.
  • Improving learning outcomes and facilitating conceptual changes by providing metacognitive scaffolding such as identifying conceptual misunderstandings or prompting self-explanation activities.
Education, Cognitive Science, Curriculum and Instruction
PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia, Information Science and Learning Technologies, 2011
MA, Seoul National University, Educational Method, 2004
BA, Seoul National University, Education, 1998