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A glucagon analog chemically stabilized for immediate treatment of life-threatening hypoglycemia.
Chabenne, JosephChabenne, JosephChabenne, MariaChabenne, Maria DZhao, YanZhao, YanLevy, JayLevy, Jay ASmiley, DavidSmiley, DavidGelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, VasilyDiMarchi, Richard and Di Marchi, Richard D
Molecular metabolism, vol. 3, (no. 3), pp. 293-300, 2014/Jun. | Journal Article
Both acyl and des-acyl ghrelin regulate adiposity and glucose metabolism via central nervous system ghrelin receptors.
Heppner, Kristy MHeppner, K.M.Heppner, K.M.Heppner, Kristy MPiechowski, C.L.Piechowski, C.L.Piechowski, Carolin LPiechowski, Carolin LMüller, A.Müller, AnneMüller, AnneMüller, A.Ottaway, N.Ottaway, N.Ottaway, NickkiOttaway, NickkiSisley, StephanieSisley, StephanieSisley, S.Sisley, S.Smiley, David LSmiley, D.L.Smiley, David LSmiley, D.L.Habegger, Kirk MHabegger, Kirk MHabegger, K.M.Habegger, K.M.Pfluger, P.T.Pfluger, P.T.Pfluger, Paul TPfluger, Paul TDi Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, R.DiMarchi, R.Dimarchi, RichardBiebermann, HeikeBiebermann, H.Biebermann, H.Biebermann, HeikeTschöp, M.H.Tschöp, Matthias HTschoep, MatthiasTschöp, M.H.Sandoval, Darleen ASandoval, D.A.Sandoval, Darleen ASandoval, D.A.Perez-Tilve, D.Perez-Tilve, D.Perez-Tilve, Diego and Perez Tilve, Diego
Diabetes, vol. 63, (no. 1), pp. 122-31, 2014/Jan. | Journal Article
Break on through to the other 1.
Kharitonenkov, Alexei and Di Marchi, Richard
Cell metabolism, vol. 20, (no. 4), pp. 554-555, October 7, 2014. | Journal Article
Chemical Synthesis of Insulin Analogs through a Novel Precursor.
Zaykov, Alexander NZaykov, Alexander NMayer, John PMayer, John PGelfanov, Vasily MGelfanov, Vasily MDi Marchi, Richard D and DiMarchi, Richard D
ACS chemical biology, vol. 9, (no. 3), pp. 683-91, 2014/Mar/21. | Journal Article
Estrogens stimulate serotonin neurons to inhibit binge-like eating in mice
Cao, XuehongCao, XuehongXu, PingwenXu, PingwenOyola, Mario GOyola, MarioXia, YanXia, YanYan, XiaofengYan, XiaofengSaito, KenjiSaito, KenjiZou, FangZou, FangWang, ChunmeiWang, ChunmeiYang, YongjieYang, YongjieHinton, AntentorHinton, AntentorYan, ChunlingYan, ChunlingDing, HongfangDing, HongfangZhu, LiangruZhu, LiangruYu, LikaiYu, LikaiYang, BinYang, BinFeng, YuxinFeng, YuxinClegg, Deborah JClegg, DeborahKhan, SohaibKhan, SohaibDi Marchi, RichardDiMarchi, RichardMani, ShailaMani, Shaila KTong, QingchunTong, QingchunXu, Yong and Xu, Yong
Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 124, (no. 10), pp. 4351-62, Oct 2014. | Journal Article
GLP-1/Glucagon Coagonism Restores Leptin Responsiveness in Obese Mice Chronically Maintained on an Obesogenic Diet
Clemmensen, ChristofferClemmensen, ChristofferChabenne, JosephChabenne, JosephFinan, BrianFinan, BrianSullivan, LorraineSullivan, LorraineFischer, KatrinFischer, KatrinKüchler, DanielaKüchler, DanielaSehrer, LauraSehrer, LauraOgrajsek, TejaOgrajsek, TejaHofmann, Susanna MHofmann, SusannaSchriever, Sonja CSchriever, Sonja CPfluger, Paul TPfluger, Paul TPinkstaff, JasonPinkstaff, JasonTschoep, MatthiasTschöp, Matthias HDimarchi, RichardDimarchi, RichardMüller, Timo D and Müller, Timo D
Diabetes, vol. 63, (no. 4), pp. 1427, 2014-Apr. | Journal Article
GLP-1R responsiveness predicts individual gastric bypass efficacy on glucose tolerance in rats.
Habegger, Kirk MHabegger, K.M.Habegger, K.M.Heppner, Kristy MHeppner, K.M.Heppner, K.M.Amburgy, S.E.Amburgy, Sarah EAmburgy, S.E.Ottaway, N.Ottaway, N.Ottaway, NickkiHolland, JennaHolland, J.Holland, J.Raver, C.Raver, ChristineRaver, C.Bartley, ErinBartley, E.Bartley, E.Müller, Timo DMüller, T.D.Müller, T.D.Pfluger, Paul TPfluger, P.T.Pfluger, P.T.Berger, JoseBerger, J.Berger, J.Toure, M.Toure, M.Toure, MouhamadoulBenoit, S.C.Benoit, Stephen CBenoit, S.C.Di Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, R.D.DiMarchi, R.D.Perez-Tilve, D.Perez Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, D.D'alessio, DavidD’Alessio, D.A.D’Alessio, D.A.Seeley, R.J.Seeley, Randy JSeeley, R.J.Tschöp, M.H.Tschoep, Matthias and Tschöp, M.H.
Diabetes, vol. 63, (no. 2), pp. 505-13, 2014/Feb. | Journal Article
A hydrophobic site on the GLP-1 receptor extracellular domain orients the peptide ligand for signal transduction.
Patterson, JamesPatterson, JamesPatterson, James TLi, PengyunLi, PengyunLi, PengyunDay, Jonathan WDay, JonathanDay, JonathanGelfanov, Vasily MGelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, VasilyDi Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, Richard and DiMarchi, Richard
Molecular metabolism, vol. 2, (no. 2), pp. 86-91, 2013. | Journal Article
Allosteric inhibition of a zinc-sensing transcriptional repressor: insights into the arsenic repressor (ArsR) family.
Campanello, Gregory CMa, ZhenGrossoehme, Nicholas EGuerra, Alfredo JWard, Brian PDi Marchi, Richard DYe, YuzhenDann Iii, Charles E and Giedroc, David P
Journal of molecular biology, vol. 425, (no. 7), pp. 1143-57, 2013/Apr/12. | Journal Article
Discovery of high potency, single-chain insulin analogs with a shortened B-chain and nonpeptide linker.
Kaur, Zachary PKaur, Zachary POchman, Alexander ROchman, Alexander RMayer, John PMayer, John PGelfanov, Vasily MGelfanov, Vasily MDi Marchi, Richard D and DiMarchi, Richard D
ACS chemical biology, vol. 8, (no. 8), pp. 1822-9, 2013/Aug/16. | Journal Article
Fibroblast growth factor 21 mediates specific glucagon actions.
Habegger, Kirk MHabegger, K.M.Habegger, K.M.Stemmer, K.Stemmer, K.Stemmer, KerstinCheng, C.Cheng, C.Cheng, ChristineMüller, T.D.Müller, T.D.Müller, Timo DHeppner, K.M.Heppner, K.M.Heppner, Kristy MOttaway, NickkiOttaway, N.Ottaway, N.Holland, J.Holland, JennaHolland, J.Hembree, J.L.Hembree, Jazzminn LHembree, J.L.Smiley, D.Smiley, DavidSmiley, D.Gelfanov, V.Gelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, V.Krishna, R.Krishna, RadhaKrishna, R.Arafat, A.M.Arafat, Ayman MArafat, A.M.Konkar, A.Konkar, A.Konkar, AnishBelli, S.Belli, S.Belli, SaraKapps, M.Kapps, M.Kapps, MartinWoods, Stephen CWoods, S.C.Woods, S.C.Hofmann, SusannaHofmann, S.M.Hofmann, S.M.D’Alessio, D.D'alessio, DavidD’Alessio, D.Pfluger, Paul TPfluger, P.T.Pfluger, P.T.Perez-Tilve, D.Perez Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, D.Seeley, Randy JSeeley, R.J.Seeley, R.J.Konishi, M.Konishi, MorichikaKonishi, M.Itoh, N.Itoh, N.Itoh, NobuyujkiKharitonenkov, A.Kharitonenkov, A.Kharitonenkov, AlexeiSpranger, J.Spranger, J.Spranger, JoachimDi Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, R.D.DiMarchi, R.D.Tschöp, M.H.Tschoep, MatthiasTschöp, M.H. and Tschöp, Matthias H
Diabetes, vol. 62, (no. 5), pp. 1453-63, 2013/May. | Journal Article
GLP-1R agonism enhances adjustable gastric banding in diet-induced obese rats.
Habegger, K.M.Habegger, K.M.Habegger, Kirk MKirchner, H.Kirchner, H.Kirchner, HenrietteYi, Chun-XiaYi, C.-X.Yi, C.-X.Heppner, K.M.Heppner, Kristy MHeppner, K.M.Sweeney, D.Sweeney, DanSweeney, D.Ottaway, N.Ottaway, NickkiOttaway, N.Holland, J.Holland, J.Holland, JennaAmburgy, S.Amburgy, SarahAmburgy, S.Raver, C.Raver, C.Raver, ChristineKrishna, RadhakrishnaKrishna, R.Krishna, R.Müller, Timo DMüller, T.D.Müller, T.D.Perez Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, D.Perez-Tilve, D.Pfluger, P.T.Pfluger, P.T.Pfluger, Paul TObici, S.Obici, SilvanaObici, S.DiMarchi, R.D.DiMarchi, R.D.Di Marchi, Richard DD'alessio, DavidD’Alessio, D.A.D’Alessio, D.A.Seeley, R.J.Seeley, R.J.Seeley, Randy JTschöp, M.H.Tschöp, M.H. and Tschoep, Matthias
Diabetes, vol. 62, (no. 9), pp. 3261-7, 2013/Sep. | Journal Article
Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor-mediated endosomal cAMP generation promotes glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in pancreatic [Beta]-cells
Kuna, Ramya SGirada, Shravan BAsalla, SumanVallentyne, JoyprashantMaddika, SubbareddyPatterson, James TSmiley, David LDi Marchi, Richard D and Mitra, Prasenjit
American Journal of Physiology, vol. 305, (no. 2), Jul 15, 2013. | Journal Article
Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor-mediated endosomal cAMP generation promotes glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in pancreatic β-cells.
Kuna, Ramya SKuna, RamyaGirada, Shravan BGirada, ShravanAsalla, SumanAsalla, SumanVallentyne, JoyprashantVallentyne, JoyprashantMaddika, SubbareddyMaddika, SubbareddyPatterson, JamesPatterson, James TSmiley, DavidSmiley, David LDi Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, RichardMitra, Prasenjit and Mitra, Prasenjit
American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism, vol. 305, (no. 2), pp. E161-70, 2013/Jul/15. | Journal Article
Peptide lipidation stabilizes structure to enhance biological function.
Ward, Brian POttaway, Nickki LPerez Tilve, DiegoMa, DejianGelfanov, Vasily MTschöp, Matthias HTschoep, MatthiasDi Marchi, Richard D and Dimarchi, Richard D
Molecular metabolism, vol. 2, (no. 4), pp. 468-79, 2013. | Journal Article
The orphan receptor Gpr83 regulates systemic energy metabolism via ghrelin-dependent and ghrelin-independent mechanisms.
Müller, Timo DMüller, T.D.Müller, T.D.Mul?ler, A.Müller, AnneMul?ler, A.Yi, C.-X.Yi, C.-X.Yi, Chun-XiaHabegger, K.M.Habegger, Kirk MHabegger, K.M.Meyer, C.W.Meyer, Carola WMeyer, C.W.Gaylinn, B.D.Gaylinn, Bruce DGaylinn, B.D.Finan, B.Finan, B.Finan, BrianHeppner, KristyHeppner, K.Heppner, K.Trivedi, C.Trivedi, C.Trivedi, ChitrangBielohuby, MaximilianBielohuby, M.Bielohuby, M.Abplanalp, W.Abplanalp, W.Abplanalp, WilliamMeyer, F.Meyer, FranziskaMeyer, F.Piechowski, C.L.Piechowski, Carolin LPiechowski, C.L.Pratzka, JulianePratzka, J.Pratzka, J.Stemmer, K.Stemmer, KerstinStemmer, K.Holland, JennaHolland, J.Holland, J.Hembree, JazzminHembree, J.Hembree, J.Bhardwaj, N.Bhardwaj, NakulBhardwaj, N.Raver, C.Raver, ChristineRaver, C.Ottaway, NickkiOttaway, N.Ottaway, N.Krishna, RadhaKrishna, R.Krishna, R.Sah, R.Sah, R.Sah, RenuSallee, F.R.Sallee, Floyd RSallee, F.R.Woods, Stephen CWoods, S.C.Woods, S.C.Perez-Tilve, D.Perez Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, D.Bidlingmaier, MartinBidlingmaier, M.Bidlingmaier, M.Thorner, M.O.Thorner, Michael OThorner, M.O.Krude, H.Krude, HeikoKrude, H.Smiley, DavidSmiley, D.Smiley, D.Di Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, R.DiMarchi, R.Hofmann, S.Hofmann, S.Hofmann, SusannaPfluger, P.T.Pfluger, P.T.Pfluger, Paul TKleinau, G.Kleinau, GunnarKleinau, G.Biebermann, H.Biebermann, H.Biebermann, HeikeTschoep, MatthiasTsc?op, M.H. and Tsc?op, M.H.
Nature communications, vol. 4, pp. 1968, 2013. | Journal Article
Unimolecular dual incretins maximize metabolic benefits in rodents, monkeys, and humans.
Finan, B.Finan, BrianFinan, BrianFinan, B.Finan, BrianMa, T.Ma, TaoMa, TaoMa, T.Ma, TaoOttaway, N.Ottaway, NickkiOttaway, N.Ottaway, NickkiOttaway, NickkiMüller, Timo DMüller, T.D.Müller, T.D.Muller, Timo DMüller, Timo DHabegger, Kirk MHabegger, KirkHabegger, Kirk MHabegger, K.M.Habegger, K.M.Heppner, K.M.Heppner, Kristy MHeppner, KristyHeppner, Kristy MHeppner, K.M.Kirchner, HenrietteKirchner, H.Kirchner, H.Kirchner, HenrietteKirchner, HenrietteHolland, J.Holland, J.Holland, JennaHolland, JennaHolland, JennaHembree, J.Hembree, JazzminnHembree, J.Hembree, JazzminnHembree, JazzminnRaver, ChristineRaver, C.Raver, ChristineRaver, ChristineRaver, C.Lockie, Sarah HLockie, Sarah Kathleen HaasLockie, S.H.Lockie, S.H.Lockie, Sarah HSmiley, David LSmiley, DavidSmiley, D.L.Smiley, D.L.Smiley, David LGelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, V.Gelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, V.Yang, B.Yang, BinYang, BinYang, B.Yang, BinHofmann, SusannaHofmann, SusannaHofmann, S.Hofmann, S.Hofmann, SusannaBruemmer, D.Bruemmer, DennisBruemmer, Dennis CBruemmer, DennisBruemmer, D.Drucker, D.J.Drucker, Daniel JDrucker, Daniel JDrucker, Daniel JDrucker, D.J.Pfluger, Paul TPfluger, P.T.Pfluger, P.T.Pfluger, Paul TPfluger, Paul TPerez-Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, D.Perez-Tilve, D.Perez Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, DiegoGidda, JaswantGidda, J.Gidda, JaswantGidda, JasGidda, J.Vignati, LouisVignati, LouisVignati, LouisVignati, L.Vignati, L.Zhang, LianshanZhang, L.Zhang, LianshanZhang, L.Zhang, LianshanHauptman, J.B.Hauptman, Jonathan BHauptman, J.B.Hauptman, Jonathan BHauptman, Jonathan BLau, M.Lau, M.Lau, MicheleLau, MicheleLau, MicheleBrecheisen, MathieuBrecheisen, M.Brecheisen, M.Brecheisen, MathieuBrecheisen, MathieuUhles, S.Uhles, SabineUhles, SabineUhles, S.Uhles, SabineRiboulet, WilliamRiboulet, WilliamRiboulet, W.Riboulet, WilliamRiboulet, W.Hainaut, EmmanuelleHainaut, E.Hainaut, EmmanuelleHainaut, EmmanuelleHainaut, E.Sebokova, ElenaSebokova, ElenaSebokova, E.Sebokova, E.Sebokova, ElenaConde-Knape, KarinConde-Knape, K.Conde-Knape, KarinConde-Knape, KarinConde-Knape, K.Konkar, AnishKonkar, A.Konkar, AnishKonkar, AnishKonkar, A.DiMarchi, R.D.DiMarchi, RichardDi Marchi, Richard DDiMarchi, Richard DDiMarchi, R.D.Tschöp, Matthias HTschop, Matthias HTschoep, MatthiasTschöp, M.H.Tschöp, M.H. and Tschöp, Matthias H
Science translational medicine, vol. 5, (no. 209), pp. 209ra151, 2013/Oct/30. | Journal Article
Acylation type determines ghrelin's effects on energy homeostasis in rodents.
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Endocrinology, vol. 153, (no. 10), pp. 4687-95, 2012/Oct. | Journal Article
Direct control of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis by central nervous system glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor signaling.
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Diabetes, vol. 61, (no. 11), pp. 2753-62, 2012/Nov. | Journal Article
FGF21 Analogs of Sustained Action Enabled by Orthogonal Biosynthesis Demonstrate Enhanced Antidiabetic Pharmacology in Rodents
Mu, JamesPinkstaff, JasonLi, ZhihuaSkidmore, LillianLi, NinaMyler, HeatherDallas-Yang, QingPutnam, Anna-MariaYao, JunBussell, StuartWu, MargaretNorman, Thea CRodriguez, Carlos GKimmel, BruceMetzger, Joseph MManibusan, AnthonyLee, DarinZaller, Dennis MZhang, Bei BDi Marchi, Richard DBerger, Joel P and Axelrod, Douglas W
Diabetes, vol. 61, (no. 2), pp. 505-12, Feb 2012. | Journal Article
Optimization of co-agonism at GLP-1 and glucagon receptors to safely maximize weight reduction in DIO-rodents.
Day, Jonathan WDay, Jonathan WGelfanov, VasilyGelfanov, VasilySmiley, DavidSmiley, DavidCarrington, Paul ECarrington, Paul EEiermann, GeorgeEiermann, GeorgeChicchi, GaryChicchi, GaryErion, Mark DErion, Mark DGidda, JasGidda, JasThornberry, Nancy AThornberry, Nancy ATschoep, MatthiasTschöp, Matthias HMarsh, Donald JMarsh, Donald JSinharoy, RanabirSinhaRoy, RanabirDiMarchi, RichardDi Marchi, Richard DPocai, Alessandro and Pocai, Alessandro
Biopolymers, vol. 98, (no. 5), pp. 443-50, 2012. | Journal Article
Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award Lecture 2011: defeating diabesity: the case for personalized combinatorial therapies.
Tschoep, Matthias and Di Marchi, Richard D
Diabetes, vol. 61, (no. 6), pp. 1309-14, 2012/Jun. | Journal Article
Restoration of leptin responsiveness in diet-induced obese mice using an optimized leptin analog in combination with exendin-4 or FGF21.
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Targeted estrogen delivery reverses the metabolic syndrome
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Nature Medicine, vol. 18, (no. 12), pp. 1847-56, Dec 2012. | Journal Article
A novel human-based receptor antagonist of sustained action reveals body weight control by endogenous GLP-1.
Patterson, James TPatterson, James TOttaway, NickkiOttaway, NickkiGelfanov, Vasily MGelfanov, Vasily MSmiley, David LSmiley, David LPerez Tilve, DiegoPerez-Tilve, DiegoPfluger, Paul TPfluger, Paul TTschöp, Matthias HTschöp, Matthias HTschoep, MatthiasDimarchi, Richard DDi Marchi, Richard D and DiMarchi, Richard D
ACS chemical biology, vol. 6, (no. 2), pp. 135-45, 2011/Feb/18. | Journal Article