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Inhibition of cPLA2 has neuroprotective effects on motoneuron and muscle atrophy following spinal cord injury
Liu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai KuiByers, James SByers, James SLam, ThomasLam, ThomasLu, Qing-BoLu, Qing-BoSengelaub, Dale RSengelaub, Dale RXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Journal of Neurotrauma, (no. ja), 2014-Nov-11. | Journal Article
Letter from editors-in-chief
So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 9. | Journal Article
Long-term survival, axonal growth-promotion, and myelination of Schwann cells grafted into contused spinal cord in adult rats.
Wang, Xiaofei and Xu, Xiao Ming
Experimental neurology, vol. 261, pp. 308-319, November 2014. | Journal Article
Minimum information about a spinal cord injury experiment: A proposed reporting standard for spinal cord injury experiments
MIASCI ConsortiumLemmon, Vance PLemmon, V.P.Lemmon, Vance P.Lemmon, V.P.Ferguson, A.R.Ferguson, Adam RLemmon, Vance PFerguson, A.R.Ferguson, Adam R.Popovich, Phillip GPopovich, P.G.Ferguson, Adam RPopovich, P.G.Popovich, Phillip G.Xu, X.-M.Popovich, Phillip GXu, X. M.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, Xiao-MingSnow, D.M.Snow, D.M.Xu, Xiao-MingSnow, Diane M.Snow, Diane MIgarashi, MichihiroIgarashi, M.Igarashi, M.Snow, Diane MIgarashi, MichihiroBeattie, Christine E.Igarashi, MichihiroBeattie, C.E.Beattie, Christine EBeattie, C.E.Bixby, John L.Bixby, John LBixby, J.L.Beattie, Christine EBixby, J.L.Bixby, John L and Dunlop, Sarah
Journal of Neurotrauma, vol. 31, pp. 1354-1361. | Journal Article
Neuroprotective ferulic acid (FA)-glycol chitosan (GC) nanoparticles for functional restoration of traumatically injured spinal cord.
Wu, WeiWu, W.Lee, S. Y.Lee, Seung-YoungWu, X.Wu, XiangbingTyler, J.Y.Tyler, Jacqueline YWang, HeWang, H.Ouyang, ZhengOuyang, Z.Park, KinamPark, K.Xu, X.-M.Xu, Xiao MingCheng, Ji-Xin and Cheng, J.-X.
Biomaterials, vol. 35, (no. 7), pp. 2355-64, 2014/Feb. | Journal Article
PTEN inhibitor bisperoxovanadium protects oligodendrocytes and myelin and prevents neuronal atrophy in adult rats following cervical hemicontusive spinal cord injury
Walker, C.L.Walker, Chandler LXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, X. M.
Neuroscience Letters, vol. 573, pp. 64-68. | Journal Article
Schwann cell transplantation and descending propriospinal regeneration after spinal cord injury
Deng, Ling-XiaoDeng, L.-X.Walker, ChandlerWalker, C.Xu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, X. M.
Brain Research. | Journal Article
Surgical decompression in acute spinal cord injury: A review of clinical evidence, animal model studies, and potential future directions of investigation
Li, YipingLi, Y.Walker, ChandlerWalker, C.L.Zhang, YiZhang, Y.P.Shields, C.B.Shields, ChristopherXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, X. M.
Frontiers in Biology, vol. 9, pp. 127-136. | Journal Article
Traumatic brain injury using mouse models
Zhang, Y.P.Cai, J.Shields, L.B.Liu, N.Xu, X. M. and Shields, C.B.
Translational stroke research, vol. 5, pp. 454-471. | Journal Article
A bilateral head injury that shows graded brain damage and behavioral deficits in adultmice
Liu, Nai-KuiLiu, N.-K.Zhang, Yi-PingZhang, Y.-P.O'Connor, JeremyO’Connor, J.Gianaris, AlexanderGianaris, A.Oakes, E.Oakes, EddieLu, Q.-B.Lu, Qing-BoVerhovshek, T.Verhovshek, TomWalker, ChandlerWalker, C.L.Shields, ChristopherShields, C.B.Xu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, X. M.
Brain Research, vol. 1499, pp. 121-128. | Journal Article
A novel growth-promoting pathway formed by GDNF-overexpressing Schwann cells promotes propriospinal axonal regeneration, synapse formation, and partial recovery of function after spinal cord injury.
Deng, Ling-XiaoDeng, Ling-XiaoDeng, PingDeng, PingRuan, YiwenRuan, YiwenXu, Zao CXu, Zao ChengLiu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai KuiWen, XuejunWen, XuejunSmith, George MSmith, George MXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, vol. 33, (no. 13), pp. 5655-67, 2013/Mar/27. | Journal Article
Axonal and Glial Responses to a Mid-Thoracic Spinal Cord Hemisection in the Macaca fascicularis Monkey
Wu, WenjieWu, WeiZou, JianShi, FujunYang, SenfuLiu, YanshengLu, PeihuaMa, ZhengwenZhu, Hui and Xu, Xiao Ming
Journal of Neurotrauma, vol. 30, (no. 10), pp. 826-39, May 2013. | Journal Article
Controlled cervical laceration injury in mice.
Zhang, Y.P.Zhang, Yi PingZhang, Yi PWalker, Melissa JWalker, MelissaWalker, M.J.Shields, L.B.Shields, Lisa BShields, Lisa B. EWang, XiaofeiWang, XiaofeiWang, X.Walker, Chandler LWalker, Chandler LWalker, C.L.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, X.M.Xu, Xiao-MingShields, C.B.Shields, Christopher B and Shields, Christopher B
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. | Journal Article
Correlation between electrophysiological properties, morphological maturation, and olig gene changes during postnatal motor tract development
Cai, J.Cai, JunCai, JunZhang, Y.P.Zhang, Yi PZhang, Yi PingShields, Lisa BShields, Lisa B EShields, L.B.E.Zhang, Z.Z.Zhang, ZoeZhang, Zoe ZLiu, NaikuiLiu, NaikuiLiu, N.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, Xiao-MingXu, X. M.Feng, Shi-QingFeng, Shi-QingFeng, S.-Q.Shields, C.B.Shields, Christopher B and Shields, Christopher B
Developmental Neurobiology, vol. 73, pp. 713-722. | Journal Article
Corrigendum to "Demonstrating efficacy in preclinical studies of cellular therapies for spinal cord injury - How much is enough?" [Exp. Neurol. 248 (2013) 30-44]
Kwon, B.K.Kwon, Brian K.Kwon, B.K.Kwon, B.K.Kwon, B.K.Soril, L.J.J.Soril, L.J.J.Soril, Lesley J.J.Soril, L.J.J.Soril, L.J.J.Bacon, M.Bacon, M.Bacon, M.Bacon, MarkBacon, M.Beattie, M.S.Beattie, Michael S.Beattie, M.S.Beattie, M.S.Beattie, M.S.Blesch, A.Blesch, A.Blesch, ArminBlesch, A.Blesch, A.Bresnahan, Jacqueline C.Bresnahan, J.C.Bresnahan, J.C.Bresnahan, J.C.Bresnahan, J.C.Bunge, M.B.Bunge, M.B.Bunge, M.B.Bunge, Mary BartlettBunge, M.B.Dunlop, S.A.Dunlop, Sarah A.Dunlop, S.A.Dunlop, S.A.Dunlop, S.A.Fehlings, M.G.Fehlings, Michael G.Fehlings, M.G.Fehlings, M.G.Fehlings, M.G.Ferguson, A.R.Ferguson, A.R.Ferguson, A.R.Ferguson, Adam R.Ferguson, A.R.Hill, Caitlin E.Hill, C.E.Hill, C.E.Hill, C.E.Hill, C.E.Karimi-Abdolrezaee, S.Karimi-Abdolrezaee, S.Karimi-Abdolrezaee, SoheilaKarimi-Abdolrezaee, S.Karimi-Abdolrezaee, S.Lu, P.Lu, P.Lu, P.Lu, PaulLu, P.McDonald, John W.McDonald, J.W.McDonald, J.W.McDonald, J.W.McDonald, J.W.Müller, H.W.Müller, H.W.Müller, H.W.Müller, Hans W.Müller, H.W.Oudega, M.Oudega, M.Oudega, M.Oudega, M.Oudega, MartinRosenzweig, E.S.Rosenzweig, E.S.Rosenzweig, E.S.Rosenzweig, E.S.Rosenzweig, Ephron S.Reier, Paul J.Reier, P.J.Reier, P.J.Reier, P.J.Reier, P.J.Silver, J.Silver, JerrySilver, J.Silver, J.Silver, J.Sykova, E.Sykova, EvaSykova, E.Sykova, E.Sykova, E.Xu, X. M.Xu, X.-M.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, X.-M.Xu, X.-M.Guest, J.D.Guest, J.D.Guest, J.D.Guest, James D.Guest, J.D.Tetzlaff, W.Tetzlaff, W.Tetzlaff, W.Tetzlaff, W. and Tetzlaff, Wolfram
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Cotransplantation of glial restricted precursor cells and schwann cells promotes functional recovery after spinal cord injury
Hu, Jian-GuoHu, J.-G.Wang, X.-F.Wang, Xiao-FeiDeng, Ling-XiaoDeng, L.-X.Liu, N.-K.Liu, Nai-KuiGao, XiangGao, X.Chen, Jing-HuiChen, J.-H.Zhou, F.-C.Zhou, Feng ChengXu, X. M. and Xu, Xiao-Ming
Cell Transplantation, vol. 22, pp. 2219-2236. | Journal Article
Demonstrating efficacy in preclinical studies of cellular therapies for spinal cord injury - how much is enough?
Kwon, Brian KKwon, BrianKwon, B.K.Soril, L.J.J.Soril, Lesley JSoril, Lesley J JBacon, MarkBacon, MarkBacon, M.Beattie, Michael SBeattie, Michael SBeattie, M.S.Blesch, ArminBlesch, ArminBlesch, A.Bresnahan, Jacqueline CBresnahan, J.C.Bresnahan, Jacqueline CBunge, M.B.Bunge, Mary BBunge, Mary BartlettDunlop, S.A.Dunlop, Sarah ADunlop, Sarah AFehlings, Michael GFehlings, M.G.Fehlings, Michael GFerguson, A.R.Ferguson, AdamFerguson, Adam RHill, C.E.Hill, Caitlin EHill, Caitlin EKarimi-Abdolrezaee, SoheilaKarimi-Abdolrezaee, SoheilaKarimi-Abdolrezaee, S.Lu, PaulLu, PaulLu, P.McDonald, John WMcDonald, John WMcDonald, J.W.Müller, H.W.Müller, Hans WMüller, Hans WOudega, MartinOudega, MartinOudega, M.Rosenzweig, E.S.Rosenzweig, Ephron SRosenzweig, Ephron SReier, Paul JReier, Paul JReier, P.J.Silver, JerrySilver, J.Silver, JerrySykova, EvaSykova, EvaSykova, E.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, X.-M.Xu, Xiao MingGuest, J.D.Guest, James DGuest, James DTetzlaff, WolframTetzlaff, W. and Tetzlaff, Wolfram
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So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 8. | Journal Article
Nanomedicine for treating spinal cord injury
Tyler, Jacqueline YTyler, J.Y.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, X. M.Cheng, Ji Xin and Cheng, J.-X.
Nanoscale, vol. 5, pp. 8821-8836. | Journal Article
PTEN/PI3K and MAPK signaling in protection and pathology following CNS injuries
Walker, C.L.Walker, C.L.Liu, N.-K.Liu, N.-K.Xu, X.-M. and Xu, X. M.
Frontiers in Biology, vol. 8, pp. 421-433. | Journal Article
A novel first aid stretcher for immobilization and transportation of spine injured patients
Liu, Y.-S.Feng, Y.-P.Xie, J.-X.Luo, Z.-J.Shen, C.-H.Niu, F.Zou, J.Tang, S.-F.Hao, J.Xu, J.-X.Xiao, L.-P.Xu, X. M. and Zhu, H.
PLoS ONE, vol. 7. | Journal Article
Breaking news in spinal cord injury research FDA approved phase I clinical trial of human, autologous Schwann cell transplantation in patients with spinal cord injuries
Khan, F.Khan, F.Xu, X. M.Gray, O. and Gray, O.
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 7, pp. 1685-1687. | Journal Article
Cervical central canal occlusion induces noncommunicating syringomyelia.
Zhang, YongjieZhang, Yi PShields, Lisa BZheng, YiyanXu, Xiao MingWhittemore, Scott and Shields, Christopher B
Neurosurgery, vol. 71, (no. 1), pp. 126-37, 2012/Jul. | Journal Article
Neuroprotection and its molecular mechanism following spinal cord injury
Liu, N.-K. and Xu, X. M.
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 7, pp. 2051-2062. | Journal Article
Neuroprotective effects of testosterone on motoneuron and muscle morphology following spinal cord injury.
Byers, James SHuguenard, Anna LKuruppu, DulanjiLiu, Nai-KuiXu, Xiao Ming and Sengelaub, Dale R
The Journal of comparative neurology, vol. 520, (no. 12), pp. 2683-96, 2012/Aug/15. | Journal Article