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Bisperoxovanadium Mediates Neuronal Protection through Inhibition of PTEN and Activation of PI3K/AKT-mTOR Signaling after Traumatic Spinal Injuries
Walker, Chandler LWalker, Chandler LWu, XiangbingLiu, Nai-KuiXiao-Ming, Xu and Xu, Xiao Ming
Journal of Neurotrauma, vol. 36, (no. 18), pp. 2687, 2019-09-15. | Journal Article
Functional and Histological Gender Comparison of Age-Matched Rats after Moderate Thoracic Contusive Spinal Cord Injury
Walker, Chandler LWalker, Chandler LFry, Colin M.EFry, Colin M.EWang, JunmeiWang, JunmeiDu, XiaolongDu, XiaolongZuzzio, KirstinZuzzio, KirstinLiu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai-KuiWalker, Melissa JWalker, Melissa JXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Journal of Neurotrauma, vol. 36, (no. 12), pp. 1984, 2019-06-15. | Journal Article
Imaging Neural Activity in the Primary Somatosensory Cortex Using Thy1-GCaMP6s Transgenic Mice
Lin, XiaojingLin, XiaojingZhao, TingbaoZhao, TingbaoXiong, WenhuiXiong, WenhuiWen, ShaonanWen, ShaonanJin, XiaomingJin, XiaomingXu, Xiao Ming and Xu, Xiao-Ming
Journal of Visualized Experiments, (no. 143), 1-2019. | Journal Article
History of Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) and Its Use for Spinal Cord Injury Repair
Walker, Melissa J and Xu, Xiao Ming
Brain sciences, vol. 8, (no. 6), pp. 109, 2018-Jun-13. | Journal Article
Protective effects of gonadal hormones on spinal motoneurons following spinal cord injury
Sengelaub, DaleSengelaub, Dale RXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 13, (no. 6), pp. 976, 20180601. | Journal Article
Remodeling of lumbar motor circuitry remote to a thoracic spinal cord injury promotes locomotor recovery
Wang, YingWang, YingWu, WeiWu, WeiWu, XiangbingWu, XiangbingSun, YanSun, YanZhang, Yi PZhang, Yi PDeng, Ling-XiaoDeng, Ling-XiaoWalker, Melissa JaneWalker, Melissa JaneQu, WenruiQu, WenruiChen, ChenChen, ChenLiu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai-KuiHan, QiHan, QiDai, HeqiaoDai, HeqiaoShields, Lisa BeShields, Lisa BeShields, Christopher BShields, Christopher BSengelaub, Dale RSengelaub, Dale RJones, Kathryn JJones, Kathryn JSmith, George MSmith, George MXu, Xiao Ming and Xu, Xiao-Ming
eLife, vol. 7, 2018-09-12. | Journal Article
An In Vivo Duo-color Method for Imaging Vascular Dynamics Following Contusive Spinal Cord Injury
Chen, ChenChen, ChenZhang, Yi PingZhang, Yi PingSun, YanSun, YanXiong, WenhuiXiong, WenhuiShields, Lisa B. EShields, Lisa B. EShields, Christopher BShields, Christopher BJin, XiaomingJin, XiaomingXu, Xiao Ming and Xu, Xiao-Ming
Journal of Visualized Experiments, (no. 130), 12-2017. | Journal Article
A Tissue Displacement-based Contusive Spinal Cord Injury Model in Mice
Wu, XiangbingZhang, Yi PingQu, WenruiShields, Lisa B. EShields, Christopher B and Xu, Xiao Ming
Journal of Visualized Experiments, (no. 124), 6-2017. | Journal Article
Increased threshold of short-latency motor evoked potentials in transgenic mice expressing Channelrhodopsin-2
Wu, WeiWu, WeiWu, WeiXiong, WenhuiXiong, WenhuiXiong, WenhuiZhang, PingZhang, PingZhang, PingChen, LifangChen, LifangChen, LifangFang, JianqiaoFang, JianqiaoFang, JianqiaoShields, ChristopherShields, ChristopherShields, ChristopherXu, Xiao-MingXiao-Ming, XuXu, Xiao MingJin, XiaomingJin, Xiaoming and Jin, Xiaoming
PloS one, vol. 12, (no. 5), pp. e0178803, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
Label-Free Vibrational Spectroscopic Imaging of Neuronal Membrane Potential
Lee, Hyeon JeongLee, Hyeon JeongLee, Hyeon JeongLee, H.J.Zhang, DelongZhang, DelongZhang, DelongZhang, D.Jiang, YingJiang, YingJiang, Y.Jiang, YingWu, XiangbingWu, XiangbingWu, X.Wu, XiangbingShih, P.-Y.Shih, Pei-YuShih, Pei-YuShih, Pei-YuLiao, Chien-ShengLiao, C.-S.Liao, Chien-ShengLiao, Chien-ShengBungart, BrittaniBungart, BrittaniBungart, B.Bungart, BrittaniXu, Xiao MingXu, Xiao-MingXu, Xiao-MingXu, X.-M.Drenan, RyanDrenan, RyanDrenan, R.Drenan, RyanBartlett, EdwardBartlett, EdwardBartlett, EdwardBartlett, E.Cheng, J.-X.Cheng, Ji-XinCheng, Ji-Xin and Cheng, Ji Xin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. 8, (no. 9), pp. 1936, 20170504. | Journal Article
RhoA/Rho Kinase Mediates Neuronal Death Through Regulating cPLA2 Activation
Wu, XiangbingWu, XiangbingWu, XiangbingWalker, ChandlerWalker, ChandlerWalker, ChandlerLu, QingboLu, QingboLu, QingboWu, WeiWu, WeiWu, WeiEddelman, DanielEddelman, DanielEddelman, DanielParish, JonathanParish, JonathanParish, JonathanXu, Xiao-MingXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Molecular Neurobiology, vol. 54, (no. 9), pp. 6895, 20171100. | Journal Article
A controlled spinal cord contusion for the rhesus macaque monkey
Ma, ZhengwenZhang, Yi PingLiu, WeiYan, GuofengLi, YaoShields, Lisa B.EWalker, MelissaChen, KeminHuang, WeiKong, MaiyingLu, YiBrommer, BenediktChen, XuejinXu, Xiao Ming and Shields, Christopher B
Experimental Neurology, vol. 279, pp. 273, May 2016. | Journal Article
Anatomical and functional effects of lateral cervical hemicontusion in adult rats
Walker, Chandler LWalker, Chandler LZhang, Yi PingZhang, Yi PingLiu, YuchengLiu, YuchengLi, YipingLi, YipingWalker, Melissa JWalker, Melissa JLiu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai-KuiShields, Christopher BShields, Christopher BXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Restorative neurology and neuroscience, vol. 34, (no. 3), pp. 400, 2016-May-02. | Journal Article
Characterization of dendritic morphology and neurotransmitter phenotype of thoracic descending propriospinal neurons after complete spinal cord transection and GDNF treatment.
Deng, LingxiaoDeng, LingxiaoRuan, YiwenRuan, YiwenChen, ChenChen, ChenFrye, Christian CorbinFrye, Christian CorbinXiong, WenhuiXiong, WenhuiJin, XiaomingJin, XiaomingJones, KathrynJones, KathrynSengelaub, DaleSengelaub, DaleXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Experimental neurology, vol. 277, pp. 103-114, March 2016. | Journal Article
RhoA/Rho kinase in spinal cord injury
Wu, Xiangbing and Xu, Xiao Ming
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 27, 20160101. | Journal Article
The p53 Pathway Controls SOX2-Mediated Reprogramming in the Adult Mouse Spinal Cord
Wang, Lei-LeiWang, Lei-LeiSu, ZhidaSu, ZhidaTai, WenjiaoTai, WenjiaoZou, YuhuaZou, YuhuaXu, Xiao MingXu, Xiao-MingZhang, Chun Li and Zhang, Chun-Li
Cell Reports, vol. 17, (no. 3), pp. 903, 2016-10-11. | Journal Article
Unilateral microinjection of acrolein into thoracic spinal cord produces acute and chronic injury and functional deficits
Gianaris, AlexanderGianaris, AlexanderGianaris, AlexanderLiu, Nai KuiLiu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai-KuiWang, Xiao-FeiWang, Xiao-FeiWang, Xiao-FeiOakes, EddieOakes, EddieOakes, EddieBrenia, JohnBrenia, JohnBrenia, JohnGianaris, ThomasGianaris, ThomasGianaris, ThomasRuan, YiwenRuan, YiwenRuan, YiwenDeng, Ling-XiaoDeng, Ling-XiaoDeng, Ling-XiaoGoetz, MariaGoetz, MariaGoetz, MariaVega-Alvarez, SashaVega-Alvarez, SashaVega-Alvarez, SashaLu, Qing-BoLu, Qing-BoLu, Qing-BoShi, RiyiShi, RiyiShi, RiyiXu, Xiao-MingXu, Xiao Ming and Xu, Xiao-Ming
Neuroscience, vol. 326, pp. 94, 2016. | Journal Article
Advances and Challenges for Neural Regeneration Research
Wang, X.So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.
A novel vertebral stabilization method for producing contusive spinal cord injury
Walker, Melissa JWalker, M.J.Walker, Chandler LWalker, C.L.Zhang, Y. PingPing Zhang, Y.Shields, Lisa B. EShields, L.B.E.Shields, Christopher BShields, C.B.Xu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, X. M.
Journal of Visualized Experiments. | Journal Article
Biphasic bisperoxovanadium administration and Schwann cell transplantation for repair after cervical contusive spinal cord injury.
Walker, Chandler LWalker, Chandler LWang, XiaofeiWang, XiaofeiBullis, CarliBullis, CarliLiu, Nai-KuiLiu, Nai KuiLu, QingboLu, QingboFry, ColinFry, ColinDeng, LingxiaoDeng, LingxiaoXu, Xiao-Ming and Xu, Xiao Ming
Experimental neurology, vol. 264, pp. 163-172, February 2015. | Journal Article
Large animal and primate models of spinal cord injury for the testing of novel therapies
Kwon, Brian KKwon, B.K.Kwon, B.K.Kwon, Brian KKwon, B.K.Kwon, Brian KKwon, Brian KStreijger, F.Streijger, FemkeStreijger, FemkeStreijger, F.Streijger, FemkeStreijger, FemkeStreijger, F.Hill, C.E.Hill, Caitlin EHill, Caitlin EHill, C.E.Hill, C.E.Hill, Caitlin EHill, Caitlin EAnderson, Aileen JAnderson, Aileen JAnderson, Aileen JAnderson, A.J.Anderson, A.J.Anderson, Aileen JAnderson, A.J.Bacon, MarkBacon, MarkBacon, M.Bacon, MarkBacon, M.Bacon, MarkBacon, M.Beattie, Michael SBeattie, Michael SBeattie, Michael SBeattie, M.S.Beattie, M.S.Beattie, Michael SBeattie, M.S.Blesch, A.Blesch, ArminBlesch, ArminBlesch, ArminBlesch, A.Blesch, ArminBlesch, A.Bradbury, Elizabeth JBradbury, E.J.Bradbury, Elizabeth JBradbury, Elizabeth JBradbury, E.J.Bradbury, E.J.Bradbury, Elizabeth JBrown, A.Brown, A.Brown, A.Brown, ArthurBrown, ArthurBrown, ArthurBrown, ArthurBresnahan, Jacqueline CBresnahan, Jacqueline CBresnahan, J.C.Bresnahan, Jacqueline CBresnahan, Jacqueline CBresnahan, J.C.Bresnahan, J.C.Case, Casey CCase, Casey CCase, C.C.Case, Casey CCase, C.C.Case, C.C.Case, Casey CColburn, Raymond WColburn, Raymond WColburn, R.W.Colburn, Raymond WColburn, R.W.Colburn, R.W.Colburn, Raymond WDavid, SamuelDavid, S.David, SamuelDavid, S.David, SamuelDavid, SamuelDavid, S.Fawcett, J.W.Fawcett, James WFawcett, J.W.Fawcett, James WFawcett, J.W.Fawcett, James WFawcett, James WFerguson, A.R.Ferguson, Adam RFerguson, Adam RFerguson, A.R.Ferguson, Adam RFerguson, Adam RFerguson, A.R.Fischer, I.Fischer, ItzhakFischer, I.Fischer, I.Fischer, ItzhakFischer, ItzhakFischer, ItzhakFloyd, Candace LFloyd, Candace LFloyd, C.L.Floyd, Candace LFloyd, C.L.Floyd, C.L.Floyd, Candace LGensel, John CGensel, J.C.Gensel, John CGensel, J.C.Gensel, John CGensel, J.C.Gensel, John CHoule, John DHoule, John DHoule, J.D.Houle, J.D.Houle, John DHoule, J.D.Houle, John DJakeman, Lyn BJakeman, Lyn BJakeman, L.B.Jakeman, L.B.Jakeman, Lyn BJakeman, Lyn BJakeman, L.B.Jeffery, Nick DJeffery, N.D.Jeffery, Nick DJeffery, N.D.Jeffery, Nick DJeffery, N.D.Jeffery, Nick DJones, Linda Ann TruettJones, Linda Ann TruettJones, Linda Ann TruettJones, L.A.T.Jones, L.A.T.Jones, Linda Ann TruettJones, L.A.T.Kleitman, NaomiKleitman, NaomiKleitman, NaomiKleitman, N.Kleitman, N.Kleitman, NaomiKleitman, N.Kocsis, J.Kocsis, JefferyKocsis, JefferyKocsis, JefferyKocsis, JefferyKocsis, J.Kocsis, J.Lu, PaulLu, P.Lu, P.Lu, P.Lu, PaulLu, PaulLu, PaulMagnuson, D.S.K.Magnuson, David S KMagnuson, David S KMagnuson, D.S.K.Magnuson, D.S.K.Magnuson, David S.KMagnuson, David S KMarsala, M.Marsala, M.Marsala, MartinMarsala, MartinMarsala, MartinMarsala, MartinMarsala, M.Moore, S.W.Moore, S.W.Moore, Simon WMoore, S.W.Moore, Simon WMoore, Simon WMoore, Simon WMothe, Andrea JMothe, A.J.Mothe, Andrea JMothe, A.J.Mothe, Andrea JMothe, A.J.Mothe, Andrea JOudega, MartinOudega, M.Oudega, MartinOudega, M.Oudega, MartinOudega, M.Oudega, MartinPlant, G.W.Plant, G.W.Plant, Giles WPlant, Giles WPlant, Giles WPlant, Giles WPlant, G.W.Rabchevsky, Alexander SashaRabchevsky, A.S.Rabchevsky, Alexander SashaRabchevsky, A.S.Rabchevsky, Alexander SashaRabchevsky, Alexander SashaRabchevsky, A.S.Schwab, Jan MSchwab, J.M.Schwab, Jan MSchwab, Jan MSchwab, Jan MSchwab, J.M.Schwab, J.M.Silver, JerrySilver, JerrySilver, JerrySilver, J.Silver, J.Silver, JerrySilver, J.Steward, OswaldSteward, O.Steward, O.Steward, OswaldSteward, O.Steward, OswaldSteward, OswaldXu, Xiao-MingXu, Xiao-MingXu, X.-M.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, X.-M.Xu, Xiao-MingXu, X. M.Guest, James DGuest, J.D.Guest, J.D.Guest, James DGuest, James DGuest, James DGuest, J.D.Tetzlaff, WolframTetzlaff, WolframTetzlaff, W.Tetzlaff, W.Tetzlaff, WolframTetzlaff, W. and Tetzlaff, Wolfram
Experimental Neurology, vol. 269, pp. 154-168. | Journal Article
Letter from the editors-in-chief
So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.
Neural Regeneration Research, vol. 10, pp. 5-6. | Journal Article
Neural Regeneration
So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.
Neural Regeneration
So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.
Neural Regeneration
So, K.-F. and Xu, X. M.