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Errors in the implementation, analysis, and reporting of randomization within obesity and nutrition research: a guide to their avoidance
Vorland, C.J.Vorland, Colby J.Brown, Andrew W.Brown, Andrew WBrown, A.W.Dawson, John ADawson, John A.Dawson, J.A.Dickinson, Stephanie L.Dickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, S.L.Golzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, L.Hannon, Bridget AHannon, Bridget A.Hannon, B.A.Heo, M.Heo, MoonseongHeymsfield, Steven B.Heymsfield, Steven BHeymsfield, S.B.Jayawardene, W.P.Jayawardene, Wasantha PJayawardene, Wasantha P.Kahathuduwa, C.N.Kahathuduwa, Chanaka N.Kahathuduwa, Chanaka NKeith, S.W.Keith, Scott W.Keith, Scott WMichael, Oakes JOakes, J. MichaelOakes, J.M.Tekwe, Carmen D.Tekwe, C.D.Tekwe, Carmen DThabane, L.Thabane, LehanaAllison, David BAllison, David B. and Allison, D.B.
International Journal of Obesity. | Journal Article
Financial hardship is associated with lower uptake of colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer screenings
Kasting, M.L.Kasting, Monica LKasting, Monica LKasting, Monica LHaggstrom, D.A.Haggstrom, David AHaggstrom, David AHaggstrom, David ALee, Joy LLee, Joy LLee, J.L.Lee, Joy LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, S.L.Shields, Cleveland GShields, C.G.Shields, Cleveland GShields, Cleveland GRawl, Susan MRawl, Susan MRawl, S.M. and Rawl, Susan M
Cancer Causes and Control, vol. 32, pp. 1173-1183. | Journal Article
Nutrition Curriculum Training and Implementation Improves Teachers? Self-Efficacy, Knowledge, and Outcome Expectations
Kaschalk-Woods, E.Fly, A.D.Foland, E.B.Dickinson, S.L. and Chen, X.
Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, vol. 53, pp. 142-150. | Journal Article
Randomized trial of a novel lifestyle intervention compared with the Diabetes Prevention Program for weight loss in adult dependents of military service members.
Das, Sai KrupaBukhari, Asma STaetzsch, Amy GErnst, Amy KRogers, Gail TGilhooly, Cheryl HHatch-McChesney, AdrienneBlanchard, Caroline MLivingston, Kara ASilver, Rachel EMartin, EdwardMcGraw, Susan MChin, Meghan KVail, Taylor ALutz, Laura JMontain, Scott JPittas, Anastassios GLichtenstein, Alice HAllison, David BDickinson, StephanieChen, XiweiSaltzman, EdwardYoung, Andrew J and Roberts, Susan B
The American journal of clinical nutrition. | Journal Article
Restoring invisible and abandoned trials of gabapentin for neuropathic pain: a clinical and methodological investigation
Mayo-Wilson, EvanMayo-Wilson, EvanMayo-Wilson, EvanMayo-Wilson, E.Chen, XiweiChen, X.Chen, XiweiChen, XiweiQureshi, RiazQureshi, R.Qureshi, RiazQureshi, RiazDickinson, StephanieDickinson, StephanieDickinson, S.Dickinson, StephanieGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, L.Golzarri-Arroyo, LilianHong, HwanheeHong, H.Hong, HwanheeHong, HwanheeGörg, CarstenGörg, C.Görg, CarstenGörg, CarstenLi, T.Li, TianjingLi, Tianjing and Li, Tianjing
BMJ Open, vol. 11. | Journal Article
‘Tracking Together’—Simultaneous Use of Human and Dog Activity Trackers: Protocol for a Factorial, Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial
Jayawardene, WasanthaHuber, LesaMcDonnell, JimmyCurran, LaurelLarson, SarahDickinson, StephanieChen, XiweiPena, ErikaCarson, Aletha and Johnston, Jeanne
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 18, pp. 1561. | Journal Article
Whole-body senescent cell clearance alleviates age-related brain inflammation and cognitive impairment in mice
Ogrodnik, M.Evans, S.A.Fielder, E.Victorelli, S.Kruger, P.Salmonowicz, H.Weigand, B.M.Patel, A.D.Pirtskhalava, T.Inman, C.L.Johnson, K.O.Dickinson, S.L.Rocha, A.Schafer, M.J.Zhu, Y.Allison, D.B.Zglinicki, T.LeBrasseur, N.K.Tchkonia, T.Neretti, N.Passos, J.F.Kirkland, J.L. and Jurk, D.
Aging Cell, vol. 20. | Journal Article
A randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial of a decaffeinated energy drink shows no significant acute effect on mental energy
Garcia-Alvarez, AliciaCunningham, Corbin AMui, ByronPenn, LiaSpaulding, Erin MOakes, J MichaelDivers, JasminDickinson, Stephanie LXu, Xiao and Cheskin, Lawrence J
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 111, (no. 3), pp. 727, 20200301. | Journal Article
Commentary: Studying a Possible Placebo Effect of an Imaginary Low-Calorie Diet
Dickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LFoote, GreysonFoote, GreysonAllison, David B and Allison, David B
Frontiers in psychiatry, vol. 11, pp. 329, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Communication About Health Information Technology Use Between Patients and Providers
Lee, J.L.Lee, Joy LRawl, S.M.Rawl, Susan MDickinson, S.Dickinson, StephanieTeal, E.Baker, L.B.Baker, Layla BLyu, C.Tarver, Will LTarver, W.L.Haggstrom, D.A. and Haggstrom, David A
Journal of General Internal Medicine, vol. 35, pp. 2614-2620. | Journal Article
Corrected analysis of ’Using financial incentives to promote physical activity in American Indian adolescents: A randomized controlled trial’ confirms conclusions
Golzarri-Arroyo, L.Chen, X.Dickinson, S.L.Short, K.R.Thompson, D.M. and Allison, D.B.
PLoS ONE, vol. 15. | Journal Article
Corrections requested for: "Effects of auriculotherapy on weight and body mass index reduction in patients with overweight or obesity: Systematic review and meta-analysis"
Chen, XiweiChen, XiweiGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LAllison, David B and Allison, David B
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, vol. 39, pp. 101117, May 2020. | Journal Article
Corrigendum to ‘Senolytics decrease senescent cells in humans: Preliminary report from a clinical trial of Dasatinib plus Quercetin in individuals with diabetic kidney disease’ EBioMedicine 47 (2019) 446–456
Hickson, LaTonya JHickson, LaTonya JLanghi Prata, Larissa G.PLanghi Prata, Larissa G.PBobart, Shane ABobart, Shane AEvans, Tamara KEvans, Tamara KGiorgadze, NinoGiorgadze, NinoHashmi, Shahrukh KHashmi, Shahrukh KHerrmann, Sandra MHerrmann, Sandra MJensen, Michael DJensen, Michael DJia, QingyiJia, QingyiJordan, Kyra LJordan, Kyra LKellogg, Todd AKellogg, Todd AKhosla, SundeepKhosla, SundeepKoerber, Daniel MKoerber, Daniel MLagnado, Anthony BLagnado, Anthony BLawson, Donna KLawson, Donna KLeBrasseur, Nathan KLeBrasseur, Nathan KLerman, Lilach OLerman, Lilach OMcDonald, Kathleen MMcDonald, Kathleen MMcKenzie, Travis JMcKenzie, Travis JPassos, João FPassos, João FPignolo, Robert JPignolo, Robert JPirtskhalava, TamarPirtskhalava, TamarSaadiq, Ishran MSaadiq, Ishran MSchaefer, Kalli KSchaefer, Kalli KTextor, Stephen CTextor, Stephen CVictorelli, Stella GVictorelli, Stella GVolkman, Tammie LVolkman, Tammie LXue, AilingXue, AilingWentworth, Mark AWentworth, Mark AWissler Gerdes, Erin OWissler Gerdes, Erin OAllison, David BAllison, David BDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LEjima, KeisukeEjima, KeisukeAtkinson, Elizabeth JAtkinson, Elizabeth JLenburg, MarcLenburg, MarcZhu, YiZhu, YiTchkonia, TamaraTchkonia, TamaraKirkland, James L and Kirkland, James L
EBioMedicine, vol. 52, pp. 102595, February 2020. | Journal Article
Data anomalies and apparent reporting errors in 'Randomized controlled trial testing weight loss and abdominal obesity outcomes of moxibustion'
Mestre, Luis MMestre, Luis MDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianBrown, Andrew WBrown, Andrew WAllison, David B and Allison, David B
Biomedical engineering online, vol. 19, (no. 1), pp. 11, 2020-Feb-18. | Journal Article
Effectiveness of a combined New Zealand green-lipped mussel and Antarctic krill oil supplement on markers of exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammation in untrained men
Barenie, M.J.Freemas, J.A.Baranauskas, M.N.Goss, C.S.Freeman, K.L.Chen, X.Dickinson, S.L.Fly, A.D.Kawata, K.Chapman, R.F. and Mickleborough, T.D.
Journal of Dietary Supplements. | Journal Article
Effects of ACT Out! Social Issue Theater on Social-Emotional Competence and Bullying in Youth and Adolescents: Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (Preprint)
Agley, JonAgley, JonJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungEldridge, LoriEldridge, LoriAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuSussman, SteveSussman, SteveGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaGassman, Ruth and Gassman, Ruth
Effects of the ACT OUT! Social Issue Theater Program on Social-Emotional Competence and Bullying in Youth and Adolescents: Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Agley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel L.Gassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, RuthSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie L and Dickinson, Stephanie L.
JMIR research protocols, vol. 9, (no. 4), pp. e17900, 2020-Apr-13. | Journal Article
Environmental heterogeneity and commodity sharing in smallholder agroecosystems
Giroux, Stacey AGiroux, Stacey AGiroux, S.A.Giroux, S.A.Giroux, Stacey AMcCord, PaulMcCord, P.McCord, PaulMcCord, PaulMcCord, P.Lopus, S.Lopus, S.Lopus, SaraLopus, SaraLopus, SaraGower, DrewGower, DrewGower, DrewGower, D.Gower, D.Dell’Angelo, J.Dell’Angelo, J.Dell'Angelo, JampelDickinson, StephanieDickinson, StephanieDickinson, StephanieDickinson, S.Dickinson, S.Chen, X.Chen, XiweiChen, XiweiChen, XiweiChen, X.Caylor, Kelly KCaylor, K.K.Caylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly KCaylor, K.K.Evans, Tom PEvans, T.P.Evans, T.P.Evans, Tom P and Evans, Tom P
PLoS ONE, vol. 15. | Journal Article
Errors in Meta-Analysis Should Be Corrected: Comment on "Effects of a Paleolithic Diet on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials"
Chen, XiweiChen, XiweiDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LAllison, David B and Allison, David B
Advances in nutrition (Bethesda, Md.), 2020-Apr-29. | Journal Article
Errors or Irreproducibility in Effect Size Calculations and Incomplete Reporting of Results in "Systematic Review of the Effects of Blueberry on Cognitive Performance as We Age"
Vorland, Colby JVorland, C.J.Mattey-Mora, P.P.Mattey-Mora, Paola PMestre, L.M.Mestre, Luis MChen, XiweiChen, X.Dickinson, S.L.Dickinson, Stephanie LBrown, Andrew WBrown, A.W.Allison, D.B. and Allison, David B
The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, 2020-Feb-06. | Journal Article
Exceptional Reported Effects and Data Anomalies Merit Explanation from "A randomized controlled trial of coordination exercise on cognitive function in obese adolescents" by
Ejima, KeisukeEjima, KeisukeEjima, KeisukeDickinson, Stephanie L.Dickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LBrown, Andrew W.Brown, Andrew WBrown, Andrew WYanovski, Jack AYanovski, Jack AYanovski, Jack A.Kaiser, Kathryn AKaiser, Kathryn AKaiser, Kathryn A.Hall, Kevin DHall, Kevin D.Hall, Kevin DHeymsfield, Steven BHeymsfield, Steven BHeymsfield, Steven B.Allison, David BAllison, David B. and Allison, David B
Psychology of sport and exercise, vol. 46, 2020-Jan. | Journal Article
Farm Seeker Needs Versus Farm Owner Offers: A Comparison and Analysis in the U.S. Midwest and Plains
Valliant, JuliaRuhf, KathrynDickinson, StephanieZhang, YijiaGolzarri-Arroyo, Lilian and Farmer, James
Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. | Journal Article
Forecasting Your Future: Nutrition Matters Curriculum with Teacher Training Promotes Students to Try New Fruits and Vegetables
Kaschalk-Woods, ElizabethFly, Alyce DFoland, Elizabeth BDickinson, Stephanie L and Chen, Xiwei
Current Developments in Nutrition. | Journal Article
Outcome of Conventional Bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Cardiac Arrest Following Drowning
Tobin, J.M.Tobin, Joshua MRamos, W.D.Ramos, William DGreenshields, J.Greenshields, JoelDickinson, StephanieDickinson, S.Rossano, Joseph WRossano, J.W.Wernicki, Peter GWernicki, P.G.Markenson, DavidMarkenson, D.Vellano, KimberlyVellano, K.McNally, B. and McNally, Bryan
Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, vol. 35, pp. 141-147. | Journal Article
Restoring six randomized trials of gabapentin for neuropathic pain. Open Science Framework