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Randomized Trial of an Intervention to Improve Mammography Utilization Among a Triracial Rural Population of Women
Paskett, ElectraPaskett, Electra DTatum, CathyTatum, CathyRushing, JuliaRushing, JuliaMichielutte, RobertMichielutte, Robert LBell, RonnyBell, Ronny AFoley, Kristie LLong Foley, KristieBittoni, MarisaBittoni, MarisaDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LMcAlearney, Ann ScheckMc Alearney, Ann SReeves, Katherine and Reeves, Katherine W
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, vol. 98, (no. 17), pp. 1237, 2006-Sep-06. | Journal Article
Facial Nerve Monitoring Parameters As a Predictor of Postoperative Facial Nerve Outcomes after Vestibular Schwannoma Resection
Neff, Brian ANeff, Brian ANeff, Brian ATing, JonathanTing, JonathanTing, JonathanDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LWelling, D. BWelling, D Bradley and Welling, D Bradley
Otology & neurotology : official publication of the American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society [and] European Academy of Otology and Neurotology, vol. 26, (no. 4), pp. 732, 2005-Jul. | Journal Article
Hostile Marital Interactions, Proinflammatory Cytokine Production, and Wound Healing
Kiecolt Glaser, Janice KKiecolt-Glaser, Janice KLoving, Timothy JLoving, Timothy JStowell, Jeffrey RStowell, Jeffrey RMalarkey, William BMalarkey, William BLemeshow, StanleyLemeshow, StanleyDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LGlaser, Ronald and Glaser, Ronald
Archives of General Psychiatry, vol. 62, (no. 12), pp. 1384, 2005-12-01. | Journal Article
Racial differences in knowledge, attitudes, and cancer screening practices among a triracial rural population
Paskett, Electra DPaskett, Electra DTatum, CathyTatum, CathyRushing, JuliaRushing, JuliaMichielutte, RobertMichielutte, RobertBell, Ronny ABell, RonnyFoley, Kristie LongFoley, Kristie LBittoni, MarisaBittoni, MarisaDickinson, Stephanie and Dickinson, Stephanie
Cancer, vol. 101, (no. 11), pp. 2659, 1 December 2004. | Journal Article
Phenotype of mice lacking functional Deleted in colorectal cancer (Dec) gene
Fazeli, AWeinberg, Robert ADickinson, Stephanie LHermiston, Michelle LFazeli, AminKeino-Masu, KazukoGordon, Jeffrey ITighe, Robert VMasu, MasayukiSmall, Clayton GStoeckli, Esther TSimons, JonathanBronson, Roderick TSteen, Robert GTessier-Lavigne, MarcRayburn, HelenDickinson, S LHermiston, MichelleTighe, R VSteen, R GSmall, C GStoeckli, E TKeino-Masu, KMasu, MRayburn, HSimons, JBronson, Roderick TGordon, Jeffrey ITessier-Lavigne, M and Weinberg, Robert A
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