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Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Social Work Students. Burnout and Resilience During a Global Pandemic
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Author Correction: Randomization, design and analysis for interdependency in aging research: no person or mouse is an island. Nature Aging
Chusyd, D.E.Austad, S.N.Dickinson, S.L.Ejima, K.Gadbury, G.L.Golzarri-Arroyo, L.Holden, R.J.Jamshidi-Naeini, Y.Landsittel, D.Mehta, T.Oakes, J.M.Owora, A.H.Pavela, G.Rojo, J.Sandel, M.W.Smith, D.L.Vorland, C.J.Xun, P.Zoh, R. and Allison, D.B.
. | Journal Article
Comment on Qiu et al. Effect of Protein-Rich Breakfast on Subsequent Energy Intake and Subjective Appetite in Children and Adolescents: Systematic Review and Meta–Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Nutrients 2021, 13, 2840. Nutrients
. | Journal Article
Data sharing: putting Nature’s policy to the test. Nature
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Factors associated with choice of behavioural weight loss program by adults with obesity. Clinical Obesity
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Randomized controlled trial of a novel lifestyle intervention used with or without meal replacements in work sites. Obesity
. | Journal Article
Use of narratives to communicate organics with commodity grain farmers. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems
. | Journal Article
Errors and incorrect conclusions need correction in “The low-carbohydrate-diet score is associated with resting metabolic rate: an epidemiologic study among Iranian adults”
Dickinson, Stephanie L.Henschel, BeateLudwig, David S. and Allison, David B.
Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders. | Journal Article
Errors in meta-analysis should be corrected in “Effect of Protein-Rich Breakfast on Subsequent Energy Intake and Subjective Appetite in Children and Adolescents: Systematic Review and Meta–Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials” Open Science Framework
Macronutrients and Body Fat Accumulation: A Mechanistic Feeding Study. Open Science Framework
Macronutrients and Body Fat Accumulation: A Mechanistic Feeding Study. Open Science Framework
Randomization, design and analysis for interdependency in aging research: no person or mouse is an island. Nature Aging
Chusyd, Daniella E.Chusyd, D.E.Austad, Steven N.Austad, S.N.Dickinson, Stephanie L.Dickinson, S.L.Ejima, KeisukeEjima, K.Gadbury, G.L.Gadbury, Gary L.Golzarri-Arroyo, L.Golzarri-Arroyo, LilianHolden, Richard J.Holden, R.J.Jamshidi-Naeini, YasamanJamshidi-Naeini, Y.Landsittel, D.Landsittel, DougMehta, T.Mehta, TapanOakes, J. MichaelOakes, J.M.Owora, A.H.Owora, Arthur H.Pavela, G.Pavela, GregRojo, J.Rojo, JavierSandel, Michael W.Sandel, M.W.Smith, Daniel L.Smith, D.L.Vorland, Colby J.Vorland, C.J.Xun, PengchengXun, P.Zoh, RogerZoh, R.Allison, D.B. and Allison, David B.
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ACT Out! Social Issue Theater: A Cluster Randomized Trial with Short-term Outcomes (Preprint)
Agley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonAgley, JonJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungJun, MikyoungEldridge, LoriEldridge, LoriEldridge, LoriEldridge, LoriEldridge, LoriAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LAgley, Daniel LXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuXiao, YunyuSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveSussman, SteveGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, LilianDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaJayawardene, WasanthaGassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, RuthGassman, Ruth and Gassman, Ruth
JMIR Mental Health. | Journal Article
Adiposity, reproductive and metabolic health, and activity levels in zoo Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Chusyd, D.E.Chusyd, DEChusyd, Daniella E.Nagy, TRNagy, T.R.Nagy, Tim R.Golzarri-Arroyo, L.Golzarri-Arroyo, LGolzarri Arroyo, LilianDickinson, SLDickinson, S.L.Dickinson, Stephanie L.Speakman, J.R.Speakman, JRSpeakman, John R.Hambly, CHambly, C.Hambly, CatherineJohnson, MsJohnson, M.S.Johnson, Maria S.Allison, DBAllison, David B.Allison, D.B.Brown, Janine L.Brown, JL and Brown, J.L.
Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 224. | Journal Article
A Reevaluation of the Effect of Dietary Restriction on Different Recombinant Inbred (RI) Lines of Male and Female Mice
Unnikrishnan, ArchanaMatyi, StephanieGarrett, Karla GarrettRanjo-Bishop, MichelleAllison, David BEjima, KeisukeChen, XiweiDickinson, Stephanie and Richardson, Arlan
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Calculation and data errors require correcting. Comment on ?The effect of green coffee extract supplementation on anthropometric measures in adults: A comprehensive systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials?
Chen, X.Chen, XiweiNaaman, KevinNaaman, K.Dickinson, Stephanie L.Dickinson, S.L.Brown, A.W.Brown, Andrew W.Allison, D.B. and Allison, David B.
Complementary Therapies in Medicine, vol. 58. | Journal Article
Climate change impacts and urban green space adaptation efforts: Evidence from U.S. municipal parks and recreation departments
Cheng, Y.D.Farmer, J.R.Dickinson, S.L.Robeson, S.M.Fischer, B.C. and Reynolds, H.L.
Urban Climate, vol. 39. | Journal Article
Developing and Validating a Novel Anonymous Method for Matching Longitudinal School-Based Data
Agley, JonAgley, J.Tidd, DavidTidd, D.Jun, MikyoungJun, M.Eldridge, LoriEldridge, L.Xiao, Y.Xiao, YunyuSussman, SteveSussman, S.Jayawardene, W.Jayawardene, WasanthaAgley, DanielAgley, D.Gassman, RuthGassman, R.Dickinson, S.L. and Dickinson, Stephanie L.
Educational and Psychological Measurement, vol. 81, pp. 90-109. | Journal Article
Do lower-carbohydrate diets increase total energy expenditure? An updated and reanalyzed meta-analysis of 29 controlled-feeding studies
Ludwig, D.S.Ludwig, David SDickinson, S.L.Dickinson, Stephanie LHenschel, B.Henschel, BeateEbbeling, Cara BEbbeling, C.B.Allison, David B and Allison, D.B.
Journal of Nutrition, vol. 151, pp. 482-490. | Journal Article
?eatNplay? ? a rurally-tailored, family-based, telehealth intervention for childhood obesity: Protocol for a mixed-methods randomized newsletter controlled pilot study
Kummer, A.G.Kummer, A.G.Kummer, A.G.Kummer, Allisandra G.Davis Ajami, M.L.Davis-Ajami, M.L.Davis-Ajami, Mary LynnArce, BritneyArce, B.Arce, B.Arce, B.Hartlieb, K.Hartlieb, K.Hartlieb, KathrynHartlieb, K.Dickinson, S.Dickinson, S.Dickinson, S.Dickinson, StephanieGolzarri-Arroyo, L.Golzarri-Arroyo, L.Golzarri Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, L.Olcott, C.O.Olcott, C.O.Olcott, C.O.Olcott, Courtney O.Faith, M.Faith, M.Faith, M.Faith, MylesJayawardene, Wasantha P.Jayawardene, W.P.Jayawardene, W.P. and Jayawardene, W.P.
Contemporary Clinical Trials, vol. 109. | Journal Article
Effect of a mentoring program for adolescents with physical disabilities attending a therapeutic camp
Dawson, S.Dawson, ShayMc Cormick, BryanMcCormick, B.Piatt, JenniferPiatt, J.Knapp, D.Knapp, DougDickinson, Stephanie and Dickinson, S.
Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, vol. 14, pp. 275-284. | Journal Article
Errors in meta-analysis should be corrected in ?Critical appraisal for low-carbohydrate diet in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Review and meta-analyses?
Henschel, B.Dickinson, S.L. and Allison, D.B.
Clinical Nutrition, vol. 40, pp. 4535-4536. | Journal Article
Errors in the implementation, analysis, and reporting of randomization within obesity and nutrition research: a guide to their avoidance
Vorland, C.J.Vorland, Colby J.Brown, Andrew W.Brown, Andrew WBrown, A.W.Dawson, John ADawson, John A.Dawson, J.A.Dickinson, Stephanie L.Dickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, S.L.Golzarri-Arroyo, LilianGolzarri-Arroyo, L.Hannon, Bridget AHannon, Bridget A.Hannon, B.A.Heo, M.Heo, MoonseongHeymsfield, Steven B.Heymsfield, Steven BHeymsfield, S.B.Jayawardene, W.P.Jayawardene, Wasantha PJayawardene, Wasantha P.Kahathuduwa, C.N.Kahathuduwa, Chanaka N.Kahathuduwa, Chanaka NKeith, S.W.Keith, Scott W.Keith, Scott WMichael, Oakes JOakes, J. MichaelOakes, J.M.Tekwe, Carmen D.Tekwe, C.D.Tekwe, Carmen DThabane, L.Thabane, LehanaAllison, David BAllison, David B. and Allison, D.B.
International Journal of Obesity. | Journal Article
Financial hardship is associated with lower uptake of colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer screenings
Kasting, M.L.Kasting, Monica LKasting, Monica LKasting, Monica LHaggstrom, D.A.Haggstrom, David AHaggstrom, David AHaggstrom, David ALee, Joy LLee, Joy LLee, J.L.Lee, Joy LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, Stephanie LDickinson, S.L.Shields, Cleveland GShields, C.G.Shields, Cleveland GShields, Cleveland GRawl, Susan MRawl, Susan MRawl, S.M. and Rawl, Susan M
Cancer Causes and Control, vol. 32, pp. 1173-1183. | Journal Article
Nutrition Curriculum Training and Implementation Improves Teachers? Self-Efficacy, Knowledge, and Outcome Expectations
Kaschalk-Woods, E.Fly, A.D.Foland, E.B.Dickinson, S.L. and Chen, X.
Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, vol. 53, pp. 142-150. | Journal Article