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Trial Characteristics and Appropriateness of Statistical Methods Applied for Design and Analysis of Randomized School-Based Studies Addressing Weight-Related Issues: A Literature Review
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Weight Cycling Increases Longevity Compared with Sustained Obesity in Mice
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Clinical Hours in Nurse Practitioner Programs Equals Clinical Competence: Fact or Misnomer?
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Family as a catalyst in farms' diversifying agricultural products: A mixed methods analysis of diversified and non-diversified farms in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio
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Locomotor analysis identifies early compensatory changes during disease progression and subgroup classification in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
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Private Landowners, Voluntary Conservation Programs, and Implementation of Conservation Friendly Land Management Practices
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Perpetual private land conservation
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Cervical Cancer Worry and Screening Among Appalachian Women
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Effect Size for Single-Subject Design in Phonological Treatment
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Genetic counseling content: How does it impact health behavior?
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Health Behaviors Among Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors
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Relationship between maternal obesity and prenatal, metabolic syndrome, obstetrical and perinatal complications of pregnancy in Indiana, 2008-2010
Dickinson, StephanieWang, Yi and Feresu, Shingairai
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Relationship between maternal obesity and prenatal, metabolic syndrome, obstetrical and perinatal complications of pregnancy in Indiana, 2008–2010
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Linking Genetic Counseling Content to Short-Term Outcomes in Individuals at Elevated Breast Cancer Risk
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Methods for Managing and Analyzing Electronic Medical Records: A Formative Examination of a Hospital-Congregation-Based Intervention
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A synthesis of existing systematic reviews and meta-analyses of school-based behavioural interventions for controlling and preventing obesity
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Origins and Recombination of the Bacterial-Sized Multichromosomal Mitochondrial Genome of Cucumber
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Determinants of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Primary Care
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Efficacy of live attenuated influenza vaccine in children: A meta-analysis of nine randomized clinical trials
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Racial differences in colorectal cancer screening practices and knowledge within a low‐income population
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Assessing perceptions of cancer risk: Does mode of assessment or numeracy matter?
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Colorectal Cancer Screening in 3 Racial Groups
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Do Cervical Cancer Screening Rates Increase in Association with An Intervention Designed to Increase Mammography Usage?
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Improving colorectal cancer screening by using community volunteers: results of the Carolinas cancer education and screening (CARES) project
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Pain and wound healing in surgical patients
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