My main research interests have focused on the limitations to performance in elite endurance athletes. In particular, my research has focused on pulmonary gas exchange limitations in elite distance runners and the effective use of altitude training to augment endurance performance.

Our lab is primarily interested in research regarding:

  • Performance based studies, particularly those involving endurance athletes
  • Effects of acute altitude and chronic altitude (i.e., altitude training) on exercise performance
  • Effects of hypoxia on performance and physiological function
  • Respiratory / pulmonary physiology of exercise
  • Near infrared spectroscopy as a measure of microcirculatory oxygen flux
  • Exercise induced arterial hypoxemia
  • Analytics of sport performance and relationship to physiological variables

Research Interests

  • Cardiopulmonary limitations to exercise performance
  • Exercise performance of elite athletes
  • Hypoxia
  • Altitude training
Physical Education
PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, Human Performance and Exercise Physiology, 1996
MS, Indiana University Bloomington, Exercise Physiology, 1992
BS, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Chemistry, 1991