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Capsaicin and TRPV1 Channels in the Cardiovascular System: The Role of Inflammation
Munjuluri, SreepadaarchanaMunjuluri, SreepadaarchanaWilkerson, Dru AWilkerson, Dru ASooch, GagandeepChen, XingjuanWhite, Fletcher AObukhov, Alexander G and Obukhov, Alexander G
Cells, vol. 11, (no. 1), 2022. | Journal Article
Effectiveness of maturity of Rubus occidentalis on hyperalgesia induced by acidic saline injection in rats.
BMC complementary medicine and therapies. | Journal Article
Blocking receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) or toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) prevents posttraumatic epileptogenesis in mice.
Epilepsia. | Journal Article
Capsaicin and TRPV1 Channels in the Cardiovascular System: The Role of Inflammation
Cells. | Journal Article
Concentrations of HMGB1 and Hsp70 of healthy subjects in upper and lower airway: Literature Review and Meta-analysis.
International journal of medical sciences. | Journal Article
Physical activity behavior in the first month after mild traumatic brain injury is associated with physiological and psychological risk factors for chronic pain.
Pain reports. | Journal Article
Transient Receptor Potential Canonical Channels in Health and Disease: A 2020 Update
Kirtley, Priya R.Sooch, GagandeepWhite, Fletcher A. and Obukhov, Alexander G.
Cells. | Journal Article
Assessment, Quantification, and Management of Fracture Pain: from Animals to the Clinic.
Current osteoporosis reports. | Journal Article
No pain, no gain? The effects of pain-promoting neuropeptides and neurotrophins on fracture healing
Sun, SeungyupSun, SeungyupDiggins, Nicklaus HDiggins, Nicklaus HGunderson, Zachary JGunderson, Zachary JFehrenbacher, Jill CFehrenbacher, Jill CWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AKacena, Melissa A and Kacena, Melissa A
Bone, vol. 131, pp. 115109, February 2020. | Journal Article
No pain, no gain: Will migraine therapies increase bone loss and impair fracture healing?
Kacena, Melissa A. and White, Fletcher A.
EBioMedicine, vol. 60, pp. 103025. | Journal Article
The role of deficient pain modulatory systems in the development of persistent post-traumatic headaches following mild traumatic brain injury: an exploratory longitudinal study.
The journal of headache and pain. | Journal Article
Transient Receptor Potential Canonical (TRPC) Channels: Then and Now
Chen, XingjuanSooch, GagandeepDemaree, Isaac S.White, Fletcher A. and Obukhov, Alexander G.
Cells. | Journal Article
An Exploratory Study of Endogenous Pain Modulatory Function in Patients Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Carey, ChristopherCarey, ChristopherSaxe, JonathanSaxe, JonathanWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher ANaugle, Kelly M and Naugle, Kelly M
Pain Medicine, vol. 20, (no. 11), pp. 2198-2207, Nov 2019. | Journal Article
High mobility group box 1 protein regulates osteoclastogenesis through direct actions on osteocytes and osteoclasts in vitro
Davis, Hannah MDavis, Hannah MDavis, Hannah MDavis, Hannah MValdez, SinaiValdez, SinaiValdez, SinaiValdez, SinaiGomez, LelandGomez, LelandGomez, LelandGomez, LelandMalicky, PeterMalicky, PeterMalicky, PeterMalicky, PeterWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher ASubler, Mark ASubler, Mark ASubler, Mark ASubler, Mark AWindle, Jolene JWindle, Jolene JWindle, Jolene JWindle, Jolene JBidwell, Joseph PBidwell, Joseph PBidwell, Joseph PBidwell, Joseph PBruzzaniti, AngelaBruzzaniti, AngelaBruzzaniti, AngelaBruzzaniti, AngelaPlotkin, Lilian IPlotkin, Lilian IPlotkin, Lilian I and Plotkin, Lilian I
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, vol. 120, (no. 10), pp. 16749, October 2019. | Journal Article
Long-Term Diabetic Microenvironment Augments the Decay Rate of Capsaicin-Induced Currents in Mouse Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons
Chen, XingjuanChen, XingjuanDuan, YaqianDuan, YaqianRiley, Ashley MRiley, Ashley MWelch, Megan AWelch, Megan AWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AGrant, Maria BGrant, Maria BObukhov, Alexander G and Obukhov, Alexander G
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), vol. 24, (no. 4), pp. 775, 2019-02-21. | Journal Article
The TRPC6 inhibitor, larixyl acetate, is effective in protecting against traumatic brain injury-induced systemic endothelial dysfunction
Chen, XingjuanChen, XingjuanTaylor-Nguyen, Natalie NTaylor-Nguyen, Natalie NRiley, Ashley MRiley, Ashley MHerring, B PaulHerring, B PaulWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AObukhov, Alexander G and Obukhov, Alexander G
Journal of neuroinflammation, vol. 16, (no. 1), pp. 21, 2019-Jan-31. | Journal Article
Thrombopoietin: Role in Fracture Healing and Pain
McVeigh, Luke GBabu, Deepa Shiek PranBlosser, Rachel JThompson, Eric LFehrenbacher, Jill CWhite, Fletcher A and Kacena, Melissa A
Proceedings of IMPRS, vol. 2, (no. 1), 2019-10-08. | Journal Article
Towards precision medicine for pain: diagnostic biomarkers and repurposed drugs.
Molecular psychiatry. | Journal Article
Blood Purification by Non-Selective Hemoadsorption Prevents Death after Traumatic Brain Injury and Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats.
McKinley, Todd OMc Kinley, Todd OLei, ZhigangLei, ZhigangKalbas, YannikKalbas, YannikWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AShi, ZhongshangShi, ZhongshanWu, FanWu, FanXu, Zao CXu, Zao CRodgers, Richard B and Rodgers, Richard B
The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, September 11, 2018. | Journal Article
Restructuring of the Gut Microbiome by Intermittent Fasting Prevents Retinopathy and Prolongs Survival in db/db Mice
Beli, EleniBeli, EleniYan, YuanqingYan, YuanqingMoldovan, LeniMoldovan, LeniVieira, Cristiano PVieira, Cristiano PGao, RuliGao, RuliDuan, YaqianDuan, YaqianPrasad, RamPrasad, RamBhatwadekar, AshayBhatwadekar, AshayWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher ATownsend, Steven DTownsend, Steven DChan, LuisaChan, LuisaRyan, Caitlin NRyan, Caitlin NMorton, DanielMorton, DanielMoldovan, Emil GMoldovan, Emil GChu, Fang-IChu, Fang-IOudit, Gavin YOudit, Gavin YDerendorf, HartmutDerendorf, HartmutAdorini, LucianoAdorini, LucianoWang, Xiaoxin XWang, Xiaoxin XEvans Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaMirmira, Raghavendra GMirmira, Raghavendra GBoulton, Michael EBoulton, Michael EYoder, Mervin CYoder, Mervin CLi, QiuhongLi, QiuhongLevi, MosheLevi, MosheBusik, Julia VBusik, Julia VGrant, Maria B and Grant, Maria B
Diabetes, vol. 67, (no. 9), pp. 1879, 2018-09-00. | Journal Article
Sedentary Behavior Predicts Headache Pain Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Mediating Role Of Pain Catastrophizing.: 3330 Board #199 June 2 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM
Carey, ChristopherCarey, ChristopherNaugle, KellyNaugle, KellySaxe, JonathanSaxe, JonathanWhite, Fletcher and White, Fletcher
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 50, (no. 5S Suppl 1), pp. 827, 2018-May. | Journal Article
Small-molecule CaVα1⋅CaVβ antagonist suppresses neuronal voltage-gated calcium-channel trafficking.
Chen, XingjuanChen, XingjuanLiu, DegangLiu, DegangZhou, DonghuiZhou, DonghuiSi, YubingSi, YubingXu, DavidXu, DavidStamatkin, Christopher WStamatkin, Christopher WGhozayel, Mona KGhozayel, Mona KRipsch, Matthew SRipsch, Matthew SObukhov, Alexander GObukhov, Alexander GWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AMeroueh, Samy O and Meroueh, Samy O
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, October 24, 2018. | Journal Article
Bone Pain Induced by Multiple Myeloma Is Reduced by Targeting V-ATPase and ASIC3
Hiasa, MasahiroHiasa, MasahiroOkui, TatsuoOkui, TatsuoAllette, Yohance MAllette, Yohance MRipsch, Matthew SRipsch, Matthew SSun-Wada, Ge-HongSun-Wada, Ge-HongWakabayashi, HirokiWakabayashi, HirokiRoodman, G DavidRoodman, G DavidWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AYoneda, Toshiyuki and Yoneda, Toshiyuki
Cancer research, vol. 77, (no. 6), pp. 1295, 2017-03-15. | Journal Article
Decoy peptide targeted to Toll-IL-1R domain inhibits LPS and TLR4-active metabolite morphine-3 glucuronide sensitization of sensory neurons
Allette, Yohance MKim, YoungsookRandolph, Aaron LSmith, Jared ARipsch, Matthew S and White, Fletcher A
Scientific reports, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 11, 2017-06-16. | Journal Article
Electroacupuncture Promotes Central Nervous System‐Dependent Release of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Salazar, Tatiana ESalazar, Tatiana ESalazar, Tatiana ESalazar, T.E.Salazar, T.E.Salazar, Tatiana ESalazar, Tatiana ERichardson, M.R.Richardson, Matthew RRichardson, M.R.Richardson, Matthew RRichardson, Matthew RRichardson, Matthew RRichardson, Matthew RBeli, E.Beli, EleniBeli, EleniBeli, EleniBeli, EleniBeli, EleniBeli, E.Ripsch, Matthew SRipsch, Matthew SRipsch, Matthew SRipsch, M.S.Ripsch, Matthew SRipsch, Matthew SRipsch, M.S.George, JohnGeorge, JohnGeorge, JohnGeorge, J.George, JohnGeorge, J.George, JohnKim, Y.Kim, YoungsookKim, YoungsookKim, YoungsookKim, Y.Kim, YoungsookKim, YoungsookDuan, YaqianDuan, Y.Duan, YaqianDuan, YaqianDuan, Y.Duan, YaqianDuan, YaqianMoldovan, LeniMoldovan, L.Moldovan, L.Moldovan, LeniMoldovan, LeniMoldovan, LeniMoldovan, LeniYan, Y.Yan, YuanqingYan, YuanqingYan, YuanqingYan, YuanqingYan, Y.Yan, YuanqingBhatwadekar, A.Bhatwadekar, AshayBhatwadekar, AshayBhatwadekar, AshayBhatwadekar, A.Bhatwadekar, AshayBhatwadekar, AshayJadhav, VaishnaviJadhav, V.Jadhav, VaishnaviJadhav, VaishnaviJadhav, VaishnaviJadhav, VaishnaviJadhav, V.Smith, Jared ASmith, J.A.Smith, J.A.Smith, Jared ASmith, Jared ASmith, Jared ASmith, Jared AMcGorray, S.McGorray, SusanMcGorray, S.McGorray, SusanMcGorray, SusanMcGorray, SusanMcGorray, SusanBertone, Alicia LBertone, A.L.Bertone, Alicia LBertone, Alicia LBertone, Alicia LBertone, A.L.Bertone, Alicia LTraktuev, Dmitri OTraktuev, Dmitri OTraktuev, Dmitri OTraktuev, Dmitri OTraktuev, Dmitri OTraktuev, D.O.Traktuev, D.O.March, K.L.March, Keith LMarch, Keith LMarch, Keith LMarch, Keith LMarch, K.L.March, Keith LColon‐Perez, Luis MColon‐Perez, Luis MColon-Perez, Luis MColon-Perez, L.M.Colon‐Perez, Luis MColon-Perez, L.M.Colon‐Perez, Luis MAvin, Keith GAvin, K.G.Avin, Keith GAvin, Keith GAvin, K.G.Avin, Keith GAvin, Keith GSims, EmilySims, EmilySims, E.Sims, EmilySims, E.Sims, EmilySims, EmilyMund, J.A.Mund, Julie AMund, Julie AMund, Julie AMund, J.A.Mund, Julie AMund, Julie ACase, JamieCase, J.Case, J.Case, JamieCase, JamieCase, JamieCase, JamieDeng, XiaolinDeng, X.Deng, XiaolinDeng, X.Deng, XiaolinDeng, XiaolinDeng, XiaolinKim, Min SuKim, Min SuKim, Min SuKim, Min SuKim, Min SuKim, M.S.Kim, M.S.McDavitt, BruceMcDavitt, BruceMcDavitt, B.McDavitt, BruceMcDavitt, B.McDavitt, BruceMcDavitt, BruceBoulton, M.E.Boulton, Michael EBoulton, Michael EBoulton, Michael EBoulton, Michael EBoulton, M.E.Boulton, Michael EThinschmidt, JeffreyThinschmidt, J.Thinschmidt, JeffreyThinschmidt, JeffreyThinschmidt, J.Thinschmidt, JeffreyThinschmidt, JeffreyLi Calzi, SergioLi Calzi, SergioLi Calzi, SergioLi Calzi, SergioLi Calzi, S.Li Calzi, SergioLi Calzi, S.Fitz, S.D.Fitz, Stephanie DFitz, Stephanie DFitz, Stephanie DFitz, Stephanie DFitz, Stephanie DFitz, S.D.Fuchs, R.K.Fuchs, Robyn KFuchs, Robyn KFuchs, R.K.Fuchs, Robyn KFuchs, Robyn KFuchs, Robyn KWarden, Stuart JWarden, Stuart JWarden, Stuart JWarden, Stuart JWarden, S.J.Warden, Stuart JWarden, S.J.McKinley, T.McKinley, T.McKinley, ToddMcKinley, ToddMcKinley, ToddMcKinley, ToddMcKinley, ToddShekhar, AnanthaShekhar, AnanthaShekhar, A.Shekhar, AnanthaShekhar, AnanthaShekhar, A.Shekhar, AnanthaFebo, MarceloFebo, M.Febo, MarceloFebo, MarceloFebo, M.Febo, MarceloFebo, MarceloJohnson, P.L.Johnson, Phillip LJohnson, P.L.Johnson, Phillip LJohnson, Phillip LJohnson, Phillip LJohnson, Phillip LChang, Lung-JiChang, Lung-JiChang, Lung-JiChang, L.-J.Chang, Lung-JiChang, Lung-JiChang, L.-J.Gao, ZhanguoGao, Z.Gao, ZhanguoGao, ZhanguoGao, ZhanguoGao, Z.Gao, ZhanguoKolonin, M.G.Kolonin, Mikhail GKolonin, Mikhail GKolonin, Mikhail GKolonin, M.G.Kolonin, Mikhail GKolonin, Mikhail GLai, SongLai, SongLai, S.Lai, SongLai, SongLai, S.Lai, SongMa, JingfengMa, JingfengMa, JingfengMa, J.Ma, JingfengMa, JingfengMa, J.Dong, XinzhongDong, XinzhongDong, X.Dong, XinzhongDong, XinzhongDong, XinzhongDong, X.White, F.A.White, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AWhite, F.A.White, Fletcher AWhite, Fletcher AXie, HuishengXie, HuishengXie, HuishengXie, H.Xie, HuishengXie, H.Xie, HuishengYoder, M.C.Yoder, Mervin CYoder, Mervin CYoder, Mervin CYoder, M.C.Yoder, Mervin CYoder, Mervin CGrant, Maria BGrant, Maria BGrant, M.B.Grant, Maria BGrant, Maria BGrant, Maria B and Grant, M.B.
STEM CELLS, vol. 35, (no. 5), pp. 1315, May 2017. | Journal Article