Dr. Evans-Molina’s research program is focused on defining the molecular and inflammatory etiologies of β-cell dysfunction that contribute to diabetes pathophysiology. She has a clinical research interest focused on leveraging activation of β-cell stress pathways to inform the development of biomarkers that predict diabetes risk and define disease endotypes.  

Projects in her lab encompass the following themes:

  1.  Defining the pathways that regulate intracellular calcium homeostasis within the pancreatic β-cell secretory pathway
  2.  Defining the role of intracellular calcium dyshomeostasis during the evolution of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  3. The development and implementation of novel imaging techniques to monitor β-cell calcium flux under conditions of health and disease
  4. The discovery and validation of novel serum protein and nucleic acid biomarkers that identify early β cell-stress in clinically silent Type 1 diabetes, with the goal of applying these biomarkers in diabetes prevention paradigms or as surrogate clinical endpoints in response to therapeutic interventions

Research: Islet Function and Survival

Past Affiliations
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Cellular Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, Cell Biology
MD, University of Virginia, Pharmacology, 2009
PhD, University of Virginia, 2009
MS, Virginia University, Biological Sciences, 2007
MD, Marshall University, 2001
BS, West Virginia University, Pharmacy, 1996