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A Golden Hour and Golden Opportunity for β-Cell Preservation. Diabetes
. | Journal Article
Safety and effects of acetylated and butyrylated high amylose maize starch in recently diagnosed youths with type 1 diabetes.
The Ailing β-Cell in Diabetes: Insights From a Trip to the ER: The 2023 Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award Lecture. Diabetes
. | Journal Article
Mapping the daily rhythmic transcriptome in the diabetic retina
Phenotypes Associated With Zones Defined by Area Under the Curve Glucose and C-peptide in a Population With Islet Autoantibodies. Diabetes Care
. | Journal Article
Stromal Interaction Molecule 1 Maintains β-Cell Identity and Function in Female Mice Through Preservation of G-Protein–Coupled Estrogen Receptor 1 Signaling. Diabetes
. | Journal Article
The Chd4 Helicase Regulates Chromatin Accessibility and Gene Expression Critical for β-Cell Function In Vivo. Diabetes
Davidson, R.K.Kanojia, S.Wu, W.Kono, T.Xu, J.Osmulski, M.Bone, R.N.Casey, N.Evans-Molina, C.Sims, E.K. and Spaeth, J.M.
. | Journal Article
β-Cell Glucose Sensitivity to Assess Changes in β-Cell Function in Recent-Onset Stage 3 Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes
. | Journal Article
Beta cell function and insulin sensitivity in youth with early type 1 diabetes from a two-hour 7-sample OGTT. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
. | Journal Article
HOMA2-B enhances assessment of type 1 diabetes risk among TrialNet Pathway to Prevention participants
Felton, Jamie L.JL, FeltonFelton, Jamie LD, CuthbertsonCuthbertson, DavidCuthbertson, DavidWarnock, MeganWarnock, MeganM, WarnockK, LohanoLohano, KuldeepMeah, FarahF, MeahWentworth, John M.Wentworth, John MJM, WentworthSosenko, JaySosenko, JayJ, Sosenkoand, Carmella Evans-MolinaC, Evans-MolinaEvans-Molina, CarmellaGroup, Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Study and Evans-Molina, Carmella
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Precision medicine in type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia
Stromal Interaction Molecule 1 Maintains β Cell Identity and Function in Female Mice through Preservation of G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor 1 Signaling
Sohn, P.McLaughlin, M.R.Krishnan, P.Lee, C.-C.Kono, T. and Evans-Molina, C.
100 years of insulin: celebrating the past, present and future of diabetes therapy
Sims, E.K.Sims, Emily KCarr, A.L.J.Oram, Richard AOram, R.A.DiMeglio, Linda ADi Meglio, L.A.Evans-Molina, C. and Evans-Molina, Carmella
Nature Medicine. | Journal Article
Adult-Onset Type 1 Diabetes: Current Understanding and Challenges
Diabetes Care. | Journal Article
Early impairment of insulin sensitivity, β-cell responsiveness, and insulin clearance in youth with Stage 1 type 1 diabetes
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. | Journal Article
Gene expression signatures of target tissues in type 1 diabetes, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis
Science Advances. | Journal Article
HOMA2-B enhances assessment of type 1 diabetes risk among TrialNet Pathway to Prevention participants
Felton, Jamie L.Cuthbertson, DavidWarnock, MeganLohano, KuldeepMeah, FarahWentworth, John M.Sosenko, Jay and and, Carmella Evans-Molina
Diabetologia. | Journal Article
Simplifying prediction of disease progression in pre-symptomatic type 1 diabetes using a single blood sample
Bediaga, Naiara GBediaga, Naiara GNG, BediagaBediaga, Naiara G.Li-Wai-Suen, Connie S. N.CSN, Li-Wai-SuenHaller, Michael JHaller, Michael J.Haller, Michael JMJ, HallerSE, GitelmanGitelman, Stephen EGitelman, Stephen EGitelman, Stephen E.Evans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaC, Evans-MolinaPA, GottliebGottlieb, Peter AGottlieb, Peter AGottlieb, Peter A.Hippich, MarkusM, HippichZiegler, Anette-GabrieleAG, ZieglerA, LernmarkLernmark, AkeLA, DiMeglioDiMeglio, Linda ADi Meglio, Linda A.DiMeglio, Linda AWherrett, Diane KDK, WherrettWherrett, Diane K.Wherrett, Diane KColman, Peter GJM, WentworthColman, Peter GColman, Peter G.Harrison, Leonard CHarrison, Leonard CHarrison, Leonard C.Wentworth, John M.Wentworth, John M and Wentworth, John M
Diabetologia. | Journal Article
Teplizumab improves and stabilizes beta cell function in antibody-positive high-risk individuals
Sims, Emily KSims, E.K.Sims, Emily KBundy, Brian NBundy, B.N.Bundy, Brian NStier, KennethStier, K.Stier, KennethSerti, ElisavetSerti, E.Serti, ElisavetLim, N.Lim, NohaLim, NohaLong, S AliceLong, S ALong, S.A.Geyer, Susan MGeyer, S.M.Geyer, Susan MMoran, A.Moran, AntoinetteMoran, AntoinetteGreenbaum, Carla JGreenbaum, Carla JGreenbaum, C.J.Evans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, C.Herold, Kevan CHerold, Kevan CHerold, K.C.Di Meglio, L.A.Gitelman, S.E.Gottlieb, P.A.Marks, J.B.Moore, W.Rodriguez, H.Russell, W.E.Schatz, D.Tsalikian, E.Wherrett, D.K. and Ziegler, A.-G.
Science Translational Medicine. | Journal Article
A Computational Approach for Defining a Signature of \upbeta-Cell Golgi Stress in Diabetes Mellitus
Bone, Robert N.Bone, R.N.Oyebamiji, O.Oyebamiji, OlufunmilolaTalware, SayaliTalware, S.Selvaraj, S.Selvaraj, SharmilaKrishnan, PreethiKrishnan, P.Syed, FarooqSyed, F.Wu, H.Wu, HuanmeiEvans-Molina, C. and Evans-Molina, Carmella
Diabetes, pp. db200636. | Journal Article
Cigarette smoke exposure impairs β-cell function through activation of oxidative stress and ceramide accumulation
Tong, XinTong, XinChaudhry, ZunairaChaudhry, ZunairaLee, Chih-ChunLee, Chih-ChunBone, Robert NBone, Robert NKanojia, SukratiKanojia, SukratiMaddatu, JudithMaddatu, JudithSohn, PaulSohn, PaulWeaver, Staci AWeaver, Staci ARobertson, Morgan ARobertson, Morgan APetrache, IrinaPetrache, IrinaEvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaKono, Tatsuyoshi and Kono, Tatsuyoshi
Molecular Metabolism, vol. 37, pp. 100975, July 2020. | Journal Article
Circulating unmethylated insulin DNA as a biomarker of human beta cell death: a multi-laboratory assay comparison
Speake, CateSpeake, CateSpeake, CateYlescupidez, AlyssaYlescupidez, AlyssaYlescupidez, AlyssaNeiman, DanielNeiman, DanielNeiman, DanielShemer, RuthShemer, RuthShemer, RuthGlaser, BenjaminGlaser, BenjaminGlaser, BenjaminTersey, SarahTersey, Sarah ATersey, Sarah AUsmani-Brown, SaharUsmani-Brown, SaharUsmani-Brown, SaharClark, PamelaClark, PamelaClark, PamelaWilhelm, Joshua JWilhelm, JoshuaWilhelm, Joshua JBellin, Melena DBellin, Melena DBellin, MelenaHerold, Kevan CHerold, KevanHerold, Kevan CMirmira, RaghavendraMirmira, Raghavendra GMirmira, Raghavendra GDor, YuvalDor, YuvalDor, YuvalEvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, Carmella and Evans-Molina, Carmella
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, vol. 105, (no. 3), pp. 791, 2020-January-08. | Journal Article
Comprehensive Proteomics Analysis of Stressed Human Islets Identifies GDF15 as a Target for Type 1 Diabetes Intervention
Nakayasu, Ernesto SSyed, FarooqTersey, Sarah AGritsenko, Marina AMitchell, Hugh DChan, Chi YuetDirice, ErcumentTuratsinze, Jean-ValeryCui, YiKulkarni, Rohit NEizirik, Decio LQian, Wei-JunWebb-Robertson, Bobbie-Jo MEvans-Molina, CarmellaMirmira, Raghavendra G and Metz, Thomas O
Cell Metabolism, vol. 31, (no. 2), pp. 374.e6, 2020-02-04. | Journal Article
Excess BMI Accelerates Islet Autoimmunity in Older Children and Adolescents
Ferrara-Cook, ChristineGeyer, Susan MichelleEvans-Molina, CarmellaLibman, Ingrid M.Becker, Dorothy J.Gitelman, Stephen E. and and, Maria Jose Redondo
Diabetes Care, vol. 43, pp. 580–587. | Journal Article
High residual C-peptide likely contributes to glycemic control in type 1 diabetes
Rickels, MichaelRickels, Michael RRickels, Michael RRickels, Michael REvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaBahnson, Henry TBahnson, HenryBahnson, Henry TBahnson, Henry TYlescupidez, AlyssaYlescupidez, AlyssaYlescupidez, AlyssaYlescupidez, AlyssaNadeau, KristenNadeau, Kristen JNadeau, Kristen JNadeau, Kristen JHao, WeiHao, WeiHao, WeiHao, WeiClements, Mark AClements, MarkClements, Mark AClements, Mark ASherr, Jennifer LSherr, Jennifer LSherr, JenniferSherr, Jennifer LPratley, RichardPratley, Richard EPratley, Richard EPratley, Richard EHannon, Tamara SHannon, TamaraHannon, Tamara SHannon, Tamara SShah, Viral NShah, ViralShah, Viral NShah, Viral NMiller, Kellee MMiller, Kellee MMiller, KelleeMiller, Kellee MGreenbaum, Carla JGreenbaum, CarlaGreenbaum, Carla J and Greenbaum, Carla J
Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 130, (no. 4), pp. 1862, 20200401. | Journal Article