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An Elementary Teacher?s Development of Using Representations: Comparing 2 Years? Teaching in Earth Science Unit
Zhong, Q.Park Rogers, M.Nicholas, C.Danish, J.A. and Hmelo-Silver, C.E.
Journal of Science Teacher Education. | Journal Article
Designing a Technology-enhanced Play Environment for Young Children s Science Modeling Practice
Investigating students? development of mechanistic reasoning in modeling complex aquatic ecosystems
Ryan, Z.Danish, J.Zhou, J.Stiso, C.Murphy, D.Duncan, R.Chinn, C. and Hmelo-Silver, C.E.
Frontiers in Education, vol. 8. | Journal Article
Understanding young children?s science learning through embodied communication within an MR environment
Tu, X.Danish, J.Humburg, M.Zhou, M.Mathayas, N.Enyedy, N. and Jen, T.
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, vol. 18, pp. 231-258. | Journal Article
Using network visualizations to engage elementary students in locally relevant data literacy
Zhou, M.Steinberg, S.Stiso, C. and Danish, J.A.
Information and Learning Science. | Journal Article
Designing for Shifting Learning Activities
Journal of Applied Instructional Design. | Journal Article
Designing for Shifting Learning Activities. The Journal of Applied Instructional Design
. | Journal Article
How Embodiment Helps Students Explain Their Ideas within an MR Environment and Content Interviews
Tu, X.Humburg, M.Mathayas, N.Zhou, M. and Danish, J.
(pp. 1225-1228)
Mediating Students’ Scientific Argumentation to Support Model Revision
Zhou, J.Hmelo-Silver, C.E.Danish, J.Ryan, Z.Stiso, C.Gonzalez, C.C.Duncan, R.G.Chinn, C.A. and Murphy, D.
(pp. 107-114)
What is learning, for whom, and to what end? An overview
Danish, J.A. and Ma, J.Y.
(pp. 1-11)
Elementary students learning science in an MR environment by constructing liminal blends through action on props
Tu, XintianGeorgen, ChrisDanish, Joshua A and Enyedy, Noel
Information and Learning Science, vol. 122, (no. 7/8), pp. 525-545, 2021. | Journal Article
Instructional improv to analyze inquiry-based science teaching: Zed’s dead and the missing flower
Smart Learning Environments. | Journal Article
Integrating Viewpoint and Space: How Lamination across Gesture, Body Movement, Language, and Material Resources Shapes Learning
Cognition and Instruction. | Journal Article
Learners as phenomena: Expansive inquiry as students embody water particles
Keifert, D.Xiao, C.Enyedy, N. and Danish, J.
Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, vol. 31. | Journal Article
Making for learning: how graduate students discuss and design for maker-focused pedagogy
Humburg, MeganTan, VerilyMaltese, Adam VSimpson, Amber and Danish, Joshua A
Information and Learning Science, vol. 122, (no. 3/4), pp. 147-170, 2021. | Journal Article
Playful Discourse Practices in Guided Play Learning Environments
Lee, C.Humburg, M.Georgen, C.Enyedy, N. and Danish, J.
(pp. 378-385)
Broadening learning sciences theoretical lenses to understand young children?s sensemaking
Keifert, D.Wang, X.C.Sacks, D.P.Levy, S.T.Tu, X.Danish, J.Humburg, M. and Enyedy, N.
(pp. 390-397)
Comparing first- and third-person perspectives in early elementary learning of honeybee systems
Peppler, KyliePeppler, KylieThompson, NaomiThompson, NaomiDanish, JoshuaDanish, JoshuaMoczek, ArminMoczek, ArminCorrigan, Seth and Corrigan, Seth
Instructional Science, vol. 48, (no. 3), pp. 312, 2020-06-00. | Journal Article
Design Case Chapters Afterword: The Challenges and Opportunities of Sharing Design Studies
Danish, J.
(pp. 867-873)
Fostering perspective-taking in history students through board games
Stiso, C.Ryan, Z.Danish, J. and Robinson, E.
(pp. 1165-1172)
Increasing students? social engagement during COVID-19 with Net.Create: collaborative social network analysis to map historical pandemics during a pandemic
Craig, K.Craig, KalaniHumburg, MeganHumburg, M.Danish, Joshua A.Danish, J.A.Szostalo, MaksymilianSzostalo, M.Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.Hmelo-Silver, C.E.McCranie, A. and McCranie, Ann
Information and Learning Science, vol. 121, pp. 533-547. | Journal Article
Learning in embodied activity framework: a sociocultural framework for embodied cognition
Danish, Joshua AEnyedy, NoelSaleh, Asmalina and Humburg, Megan
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. 87, 2020-03-00. | Journal Article
On activities and affordances for mobile learning
Danish, JoshuaDanish, JoshuaHmelo-Silver, Cindy E and Hmelo Silver, Cindy E
Contemporary Educational Psychology, vol. 60, pp. 101829, January 2020. | Journal Article
Representing modeling relationships in systems: Student use of arrows
Moreland, M.Vickery, M.Ryan, Z.Danish, J.Hmelo-Silver, C.Murphy, D.Av-Shalom, N.Duncan, R.G. and Chinn, C.
(pp. 1773-1774)
Tracing bodies through liminal blends in a mixed reality learning environment
Keifert, DanielleLee, ChristineEnyedy, NoelDahn, MaggieLindberg, Lindsay and Danish, Joshua
International Journal of Science Education, pp. 1–23. | Journal Article