Saptarshi Purkayastha initiates innovative research that focuses on data in the field of health care. He has worked on and helped to implement projects around the world involving:

  • National health information systems
  • Telemedicine
  • CAD applications
  • mHealth
  • Real time decision-making in robots
  • GPGPU acceleration
  • Distributed video encoding
  • Educational technology for dyslexics

Research Interests:

  • Electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Mobile health information systems
  • Health information interoperability
  • Information infrastructures

His experience in developing and evaluating educational technology for dyslexics will be useful for this program. His main area of focus has been discipline-based education research, where he combines active learning strategies with process-oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) in multi-disciplinary biomedical informatics classes that have students with backgrounds in medicine, nursing, computer science, business, economics, law, and pharmacy.

Dr. Purkayastha’s research interests are in teaching-learning infrastructures, EHR systems, mobile health information systems, health information interoperability, and information infrastructures.

Research Areas:

  • Radiology Information Systems
  • Biomedical Data Analysis
  • Mobile Health
  • Electronic Health Records
Past Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Department of BioHealth Informatics, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

PhD Student, Information Systems, Department of Computer and Information Science, Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (past)

Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics, Management Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Information Science/Systems, Information Science/Systems, Computer Science, Computer Science
PhD, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Information Systems, 2015
MSc, University of Mumbai, Computer Science, 2008
BSc, University of Mumbai, Information Technology, 2006
MA, Nupur Dance Academy, Mumbai, Dance, 2000
health information technology electronic health records
Bengali, English, Hindi, Marathi, Norwegian, Sylheti
American Medical Informatics Association