2 Grants
FMSG: Eco: Multimaterial Manufacturing of Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Paper-Based Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Hamilton, MichaelShamsaei, NimaShao, Shuai and Mahjouri Samani, Masoud
National Science Foundation (NSF), Direct For Mathematical & Physical Scien, Division Of Materials Research (ID: 2134024), $499,940USD, 2021-10-01 -- 2023-09-30
Automated-Minirhizotron and Arrayed Rhizosphere-Soil Sensors [A-MARSS]
Allen, EdithAllen, MichaelHamilton, MichaelHarmon, Thomas and Borneman, James
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Biological Sciences, Emerging Frontiers (ID: 0410408), $1,998,999USD, 10/01/2004 -- 09/30/2010