3 Grants
The GK-12 Urban Educators Program at IUPUI
Marrs, KathleenMurphy, JamesRhodes, SimonGavrin, AndrewTedesco, Lenore and Crowell, Pamela
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Education & Human Resources, Division of Graduate Education (ID: 0742475), $2,998,355USD, 03/15/2008 -- 08/31/2013
An Evaluation of the Resolution of Components in Finely Layered Shallow Marine/Estuarine Records of S. Florida
Tedesco, Lenore P
National Science Foundation, $146,934, 8/1/1998 -- 7/1/1999
SGER: Geologic Modification to Coastal and Shallow Marine Environments of South Florida Resulting from Hurricane Andrew
Tedesco, Lenore
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Geosciences, Division of Earth Sciences (ID: 9224480), $8,933USD, 10/15/1992 -- 03/31/1994