Research in my laboratory focuses on predisposing neurobiological and behavioral phenotypes to abnormal alcohol-seeking behavior.

A particular focus is site-specific CNS dopaminergic, serotonergic and cholinergic receptors within the mesocorticolimbic system that regulate and adapt to the effects of alcohol. Another focus on the actions of alcohol on the dopamine transporter.

A second area of research in my laboratory is delineating behavioral phenotypes that are associated with high and low alcohol drinking. Neurobiology and genetics of alcohol seeking behavior. My research interests include the neurochemical correlates and determinants of addictive behaviors, behavioral arousal, motivational states, and learning and memory. My current research is concerned with an animal model of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Research focus is on hereditary predispositions to excessive alcohol drinking behavior, sensitivity to alcohol, and tolerance to alcohol.

PhD, Bowling Green State University, Psychobiology, 1978
MA, Bowling Green State University, Experimental Psychology, 1974
BA, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Psychology, 1971
animal models alcohol or alcoholism alcoholism prevention alcoholism treatment neuropharmacology neurobiology dopamine
Association for Psychological Science
Research Society on Alcoholism
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Society for Neuroscience