Sedimentology; coastal processes; modern and ancient sedimentary environments and their record of environmental and climate change; influences of catastrophic events. Research focuses on wetland restoration including evaluation of restoration strategies and wetland function. This includes studies of urban riparian reforestation, fen wetland restoration, and on the distribution of anthropogenic pollutants. Additional research interests address regional watershed and water quality issues. Dr. Tedesco is working with the Pervasive Technology Labs and CEES staff to develop an autonomous environmental monitoring network measuring water quality throughout central Indiana. Environmental education based on restoration research and environmental monitoring is an important part of her research interest. wetland and estuarine restoration, environmental education, and sedimentology.
Coastal Processes, Extra Tropical Storms, Geology, Geology, Coastal, Geology, Marine, Nearshore Processes, Oceanography, Petrology, Sediment, Sedimentary Geochemistry, Sedimentology
PhD, University of Miami, Marine Geology and Geophysics, 1991
BA, Boston University, Geology, 1984
geology coastal geology marine geology petrology sedimentology sedimentary geochemistry coastal processes oceanography extra tropical storms nearshore processes sediment