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A Skills Assessment Pathways-Based Program Assessment Approach in Multidisciplinary Graduate Health Informatics
Patterns of red blood cell utilization: Harnessing electronic health records data from the Information Standard for Blood and Transplant (ISBT) 128 system within the Biologics Effectiveness and Safety (BEST) initiative. Transfusion
. | Journal Article
Synthetically enhanced: unveiling synthetic data s potential in medical imaging research. eBioMedicine
. | Journal Article
Theory of radiologist interaction with instant messaging decision support tools: A sequential-explanatory study. PLOS Digital Health
. | Journal Article
Ability of artificial intelligence to identify self-reported race in chest x-ray using pixel intensity counts.
Burns, John LeeZaiman, ZacharyVanschaik, JackLuo, GaoxiangPeng, LePrice, BrandonMathias, GarricMittal, VijaySagane, AkshayTignanelli, ChristopherChakraborty, SunandanGichoya, Judy Wawira and Purkayastha, Saptarshi
Journal of medical imaging (Bellingham, Wash.), vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. 061106, November 2023. | Journal Article
A general-purpose AI assistant embedded in an open-source radiology information system
Purkayastha, S.Isaac, R.Anthony, S.Shukla, S.Krupinski, E.A.Danish, J.A. and Gichoya, J.W.
A General-Purpose AI Assistant Embedded in an Open-Source Radiology Information System
Purkayastha, S.Isaac, R.Anthony, S.Shukla, S.Krupinski, E.A.Danish, J.A. and Gichoya, J.W.
(pp. 373-377)
AI pitfalls and what not to do: Mitigating bias in AI. The British Journal of Radiology
. | Journal Article
Artificial Intelligence Education for Fourth-Year Medical Students: Two-Year Experience of a Virtual, Self-Guided Curriculum (Preprint) JMIR Medical Education
. | Journal Article
Ethics of large language models in medicine and medical research
Li, H.Moon, J.T.Purkayastha, S.Celi, L.A.Trivedi, H. and Gichoya, J.W.
The Lancet Digital Health, vol. 5, pp. e333-e335. | Journal Article
Foundational domains and competencies for baccalaureate health informatics education.
Khairat, SaifKhairat, SaifFeldman, Sue SFeldman, Sue SRana, ArifRana, ArifFaysel, MohammadFaysel, MohammadPurkayastha, SaptarshiPurkayastha, SaptarshiScotch, MatthewScotch, MatthewEldredge, Christina and Eldredge, Christina
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA, August 10, 2023. | Journal Article
From Seeing to Knowing with Artificial Intelligence: A Scoping Review of Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Low-Resource Settings. Applied Sciences
. | Journal Article
Identifying and Improving the ’Ground Truth’ of Race in Disparities Research Through Improved EMR Data Reporting. A Systematic Review
Owosela, B.O.Steinberg, R.S.Leslie, S.L.Celi, L.A.Purkayastha, S.Shiradkar, R.Newsome, J.M. and Gichoya, J.W.
Identifying and improving the “ground truth” of race in disparities research through improved EMR data reporting. A systematic review. International Journal of Medical Informatics
. | Journal Article
MedShift: Automated Identification of Shift Data for Medical Image Dataset Curation. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Guo, XiaoyuanGichoya, Judy WawiraTrivedi, HariPurkayastha, Saptarshi and Banerjee, Imon
. | Journal Article
“Shortcuts” causing bias in radiology artificial intelligence: causes, evaluation and mitigation. Journal of the American College of Radiology
. | Journal Article
The NeoRoo mobile app: Initial design and prototyping of an Android-based digital health tool to support Kangaroo Mother Care in low/middle-income countries (LMICs) PLOS Digital Health
. | Journal Article
Theory of radiologist interaction with instant messaging decision support tools: a sequential-explanatory study
Burns, J.L.Gichoya, J.W.Kohli, M.D.Jones, J. and Purkayastha, S.
The Telehealth Dilemma—Health-Care Deserts Meet the Internet’s Remote Regions. Computer
. | Journal Article
Two Year Experience of a Virtual, Self-Guided Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Fourth-Year Medical Students (Preprint)
AI recognition of patient race in medical imaging: a modelling study
Gichoya, Judy WawiraGichoya, Judy WawiraJW, GichoyaGichoya, J.W.Banerjee, ImonBanerjee, I.I, BanerjeeBanerjee, ImonAR, BhimireddyBhimireddy, Ananth ReddyBhimireddy, A.R.Bhimireddy, Ananth ReddyJL, BurnsBurns, John LBurns, John LBurns, J.L.Celi, Leo AnthonyCeli, L.A.Celi, Leo AnthonyLA, CeliChen, Li-ChingLC, ChenChen, Li-ChingChen, L.-C.Correa, RamonCorrea, R.R, CorreaCorrea, RamonDullerud, NatalieN, DullerudDullerud, NatalieDullerud, N.Ghassemi, MarzyehM, GhassemiGhassemi, MarzyehGhassemi, M.Huang, Shih-ChengSC, HuangHuang, S.-C.Huang, Shih-ChengKuo, Po-ChihPC, KuoothersKuo, P.-C.MP, LungrenLungren, Matthew PLungren, M.P.Palmer, L.J.Palmer, Lyle JLJ, PalmerPrice, Brandon JPrice, B.J.H, ZhangPurkayastha, S.Purkayastha, SaptarshiPyrros, Ayis TPyrros, A.T.Oakden-Rayner, LaurenOakden-Rayner, L.Okechukwu, ChimaOkechukwu, C.Seyyed-Kalantari, LalehSeyyed-Kalantari, L.Trivedi, HariTrivedi, H.Wang, R.Wang, RyanZaiman, ZacharyZaiman, Z.Zhang, H. and Zhang, Haoran
The Lancet Digital Health, vol. 4, pp. e406-e414. | Journal Article
CVAD: An Anomaly Detector for Medical Images Based on Cascade VAE
Guo, X.Gichoya, J.W.Purkayastha, S. and Banerjee, I.
(pp. 187-196)
CVAD - An unsupervised image anomaly detector[Formula presented]
Guo, X.Gichoya, J.W.Purkayastha, S. and Banerjee, I.
Software Impacts, vol. 11. | Journal Article
Few-Shot Transfer Learning to improve Chest X-Ray pathology Detection using limited triplets
Bhimireddy, A.R.Lee Burns, J.Purkayastha, S. and Gichoya, J.W.
Leapfrogging Medical AI in Low-Resource Contexts Using Edge Tensor Processing Unit
Sinha, P.Gichoya, J.W. and Purkayastha, S.
(pp. 67-70)