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Influence of allelic differences in Down syndrome
Roper, Randall JRoper, Randall JHawley, LauraHawley, LauraGoodlett, Charles R and Goodlett, Charles R
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Acute alcohol and cognition: Remembering what it causes us to forget
Van Skike, Candice EGoodlett, Charles and Matthews, Douglas B
Alcohol, vol. 79, pp. 125, September 2019. | Journal Article
Maternal choline supplementation mitigates alcohol-induced fetal cranio-facial abnormalities detected using an ultrasonographic examination in a sheep model
Sawant, OnkarBirch, SharlaGoodlett, CharlesCudd, Timothy and Washburn, Shannon
Alcohol, vol. 81, pp. 38, 2019. | Journal Article
Usage of and attitudes about green tea extract and Epigallocathechin-3-gallate (EGCG) as a therapy in individuals with Down syndrome
Long, RachelLong, RachelDrawbaugh, Montana LDrawbaugh, Montana LDavis, Charlene MDavis, Charlene MGoodlett, Charles RGoodlett, Charles RWilliams, Jane RWilliams, Jane RRoper, Randall J and Roper, Randall J
Complementary Therapies in Medicine, vol. 45, pp. 241, August 2019. | Journal Article
Evidence for a Long-Lasting Compulsive Alcohol Seeking Phenotype in Rats
Giuliano, ChiaraPeña-Oliver, YolandaGoodlett, Charles RCardinal, Rudolf NRobbins, Trevor WBullmore, Edward TBelin, David and Everitt, Barry J
Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, vol. 43, (no. 4), pp. 738, 2018-03-00. | Journal Article
Meta‐Analyses of Externalizing Disorders: Genetics or Prenatal Alcohol Exposure?
Wetherill, LeahWetherill, LeahWetherill, LeahForoud, TatianaForoud, TatianaForoud, TatianaGoodlett, CharlesGoodlett, Charles and Goodlett, Charles
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, vol. 42, (no. 1), pp. 172, January 2018. | Journal Article
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) consumption in the Ts65Dn model of down syndrome fails to improve behavioral deficits and is detrimental to skeletal phenotypes
Stringer, MeganStringer, M.Stringer, MeganAbeysekera, IrushiAbeysekera, I.Abeysekera, IrushiThomas, J.Thomas, JaredThomas, JaredLaCombe, J.LaCombe, JonathanLaCombe, JonathanStancombe, KaileyStancombe, KaileyStancombe, K.Stewart, RobertStewart, RobertStewart, R.J.Dria, K.J.Dria, KarlDria, KarlWallace, JosephWallace, J.M.Wallace, JosephGoodlett, CharlesGoodlett, CharlesGoodlett, C.R.Roper, RandallRoper, R.J. and Roper, Randall
Physiology & Behavior, vol. 177, pp. 241, 2017. | Journal Article
Targeting trisomic treatments: optimizing Dyrk1a inhibition to improve Down syndrome deficits
Stringer, MeganStringer, MeganGoodlett, Charles RGoodlett, Charles R.Roper, Randall J and Roper, Randall J.
Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine, vol. 5, (no. 5), pp. 465, September 2017. | Journal Article
Video-based data acquisition system for use in eye blink classical conditioning procedures in sheep
Nation, KelseyNation, KelseyBirge, AdamBirge, AdamLunde, EmilyLunde, EmilyCudd, TimothyCudd, TimothyGoodlett, CharlesGoodlett, CharlesWashburn, Shannon and Washburn, Shannon
Behavior Research Methods, vol. 49, (no. 5), pp. 1851, 20171000. | Journal Article
Maternal choline supplementation in a sheep model of first trimester binge alcohol fails to protect against brain volume reductions in peripubertal lambs
Birch, SharlaBirch, Sharla MLenox, MarkLenox, Mark WKornegay, JoeKornegay, Joe NPaniagua, BeatrizPaniagua, BeatrizStyner, Martin AStyner, MartinGoodlett, Charles RGoodlett, CharlesCudd, TimCudd, Tim AWashburn, Shannon E and Washburn, Shannon
Alcohol, vol. 55, pp. 8, 2016. | Journal Article
Alcohol-Preferring Rats Show Goal Oriented Behaviour to Food Incentives but Are Neither Sign-Trackers Nor Impulsive
Peña-Oliver, YolandaPeña-Oliver, YolandaGiuliano, ChiaraGiuliano, ChiaraEconomidou, DainaEconomidou, DainaGoodlett, Charles RGoodlett, Charles RRobbins, Trevor WRobbins, Trevor WDalley, Jeffrey WDalley, Jeffrey WEveritt, Barry J and Everitt, Barry J
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. e0131016, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Computed tomography assessment of peripubertal craniofacial morphology in a sheep model of binge alcohol drinking in the first trimester
Birch, SharlaBirch, SharlaBirch, SharlaLenox, MarkLenox, MarkLenox, MarkKornegay, JoeKornegay, JoeKornegay, JoeShen, LiShen, LiShen, LiAi, HuisiAi, HuisiAi, HuisiRen, XiaoweiRen, XiaoweiRen, XiaoweiGoodlett, CharlesGoodlett, CharlesGoodlett, CharlesCudd, TimCudd, TimCudd, TimWashburn, ShannonWashburn, Shannon and Washburn, Shannon
Alcohol, vol. 49, (no. 7), pp. 689, 2015. | Journal Article
Correction: Alcohol-Preferring Rats Show Goal Oriented Behaviour to Food Incentives but Are Neither Sign-Trackers Nor Impulsive
Peña-Oliver, YolandaGiuliano, ChiaraEconomidou, DainaGoodlett, Charles RRobbins, Trevor WDalley, Jeffrey W and Everitt, Barry J
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 7), pp. e0134198, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Low dose EGCG treatment beginning in adolescence does not improve cognitive impairment in a Down syndrome mouse model.
Stringer, MeganAbeysekera, IrushiDria, Karl JRoper, Randall J and Goodlett, Charles R
Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, vol. 138, pp. 70-79, November 2015. | Journal Article
The novel µ-opioid receptor antagonist GSK1521498 decreases both alcohol seeking and drinking: evidence from a new preclinical model of alcohol seeking
Giuliano, ChiaraGoodlett, CharlesEconomidou, DainaGarcía-Pardo, MariaBelin, DavidRobbins, TrevorBullmore, Edward and Everitt, Barry
2015-07-01. | Journal Article
The Novel μ-Opioid Receptor Antagonist GSK1521498 Decreases Both Alcohol Seeking and Drinking: Evidence from a New Preclinical Model of Alcohol Seeking.
Giuliano, ChiaraGoodlett, Charles REconomidou, DainaGarcía-Pardo, Maria PBelin, DavidRobbins, Trevor WBullmore, Edward T and Everitt, Barry J
Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, vol. 40, (no. 13), pp. 2981-2992, December 2015. | Journal Article
Arylsulfatase B modulates neurite outgrowth via astrocyte chondroitin‐4‐sulfate: Dysregulation by ethanol
Zhang, XiaoluBhattacharyya, SumitKusumo, HandojoGoodlett, Charles RTobacman, Joanne K and Guizzetti, Marina
Glia, vol. 62, (no. 2), pp. 271, February 2014. | Journal Article
Effects of one- and three-day binge alcohol exposure in neonatal C57BL/6 mice on spatial learning and memory in adolescence and adulthood
Wagner, JenniferWagner, Jennifer LZhou, FengZhou, Feng CGoodlett, Charles R and Goodlett, Charles
Alcohol, vol. 48, (no. 2), pp. 99-111, 2014. | Journal Article
Different patterns of regional Purkinje cell loss in the cerebellar vermis as a function of the timing of prenatal ethanol exposure in an ovine model.
Sawant, Onkar BLunde, Emilie RWashburn, Shannon EChen, WeijungGoodlett, Charles R and Cudd, Timothy A
Neurotoxicology and teratology, vol. 35, pp. 7-13, 2013 Jan-Feb. | Journal Article
Effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on bony craniofacial development: a mouse MicroCT study.
Shen, LiAi, HuisiLiang, YunRen, XiaoweiAnthony, Charles BGoodlett, CharlesWard, Richard and Zhou, Feng C
Alcohol (Fayetteville, N.Y.), vol. 47, (no. 5), pp. 405-15, 2013/Aug. | Journal Article
Progress and change: welcoming a new Editor-in-Chief.
Goodlett, Charles
Alcohol (Fayetteville, N.Y.), vol. 47, (no. 1), pp. 1, 2013/Feb. | Journal Article
Rehabilitation training using complex motor learning rescues deficits in eyeblink classical conditioning in female rats induced by binge-like neonatal alcohol exposure.
Wagner, Jennifer LKlintsova, Anna YGreenough, William T and Goodlett, Charles R
Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, vol. 37, (no. 9), pp. 1561-70, 2013/Sep. | Journal Article
Housing in environmental complexity following wheel running augments survival of newly generated hippocampal neurons in a rat model of binge alcohol exposure during the third trimester equivalent.
Hamilton, Gillian FBoschen, Karen EGoodlett, Charles RGreenough, William T and Klintsova, Anna Y
Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, vol. 36, (no. 7), pp. 1196-204, 2012/Jul. | Journal Article
T-maze learning in weanling lambs.
Johnson, Timothy BStanton, Mark EGoodlett, Charles and Cudd, Timothy A
Developmental psychobiology, vol. 54, (no. 8), pp. 785-97, 2012/Dec. | Journal Article
Alteration of gene expression by alcohol exposure at early neurulation.
Zhou, Feng CZhou, Feng CZhao, QianqianZhao, QianqianLiu, YunlongLiu, YunlongGoodlett, Charles RGoodlett, Charles RLiang, TiebingLiang, TiebingMcClintick, Jeanette NMcClintick, Jeanette NEdenberg, Howard JEdenberg, Howard JLi, Lang and Li, Lang
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