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A biomarker signature to predict complete response to itacitinib and corticosteroids in acute graft‐versus‐host disease
British Journal of Haematology. | Journal Article
A core group of structurally similar HLA-DPB1 alleles drives permissiveness after hematopoietic cell transplantation
Blood. | Journal Article
An IL-9-pulmonary macrophage axis defines the allergic lung inflammatory environment.
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Current Definitions and Clinical Implications of Biomarkers in Graft Versus Host Disease. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
HLA-DQ + CD4 help = graft-versus-tumor effect
Blood. | Journal Article
Regenerating Islet-Derived 3-alpha is a Prognostic Biomarker for Gastrointestinal Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease
Blood Advances. | Journal Article
Blueprint for the discovery of biomarkers of toxicity and efficacy for CAR T cells and T-cell engagers
Paczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophiePasquini, Marcelo C.Pasquini, Marcelo CPavletic, Steven Z.Pavletic, Steven ZAgarwal, AmitAgarwal, AmitSpellman, StephenSpellman, StephenKean, LeslieKean, LeslieBernatchez, ChantaleBernatchez, ChantaleGust, JulianeGust, JulianeStaedtke, VerenaStaedtke, VerenaPerales, Miguel-Angel and Perales, Miguel-Angel
Blood Advances, vol. 5, pp. 2519–2522. | Journal Article
Contributions of immigrants to biomedical research in the US: a personal reflection
Journal of Clinical Investigation. | Journal Article
A Machine Learning Approach Deciphers the Effects of Immune Parameters on Clinical Outcomes after HLA-Haploidentical and HLA-Matched Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation with Posttransplant Cyclophosphamide
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Assessment of ST2 for risk of death following graft-versus-host disease in pediatric and adult age groups
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Blood, vol. 135, (no. 17), pp. 1437, 2020-Apr-23. | Journal Article
Bcl6 and Blimp1 reciprocally regulate ST2+ Treg–cell development in the context of allergic airway inflammation
Koh, ByungheeKoh, ByungheeKoh, ByungheeKoh, ByungheeKoh, ByungheeKoh, ByungheeUlrich, Benjamin JUlrich, Benjamin JUlrich, Benjamin JUlrich, Benjamin JUlrich, Benjamin JUlrich, Benjamin JNelson, Andrew SNelson, Andrew SNelson, Andrew SNelson, Andrew SNelson, Andrew SNelson, Andrew SPanangipalli, GayathriPanangipalli, GayathriPanangipalli, GayathriPanangipalli, GayathriPanangipalli, GayathriPanangipalli, GayathriKharwadkar, RakshinKharwadkar, RakshinKharwadkar, RakshinKharwadkar, RakshinKharwadkar, RakshinKharwadkar, RakshinWu, WentingWu, WentingWu, WentingWu, WentingWu, WentingWu, WentingXie, Markus MXie, Markus MXie, Markus MXie, Markus MXie, Markus MXie, Markus MFu, YongyaoFu, YongyaoFu, YongyaoFu, YongyaoFu, YongyaoFu, YongyaoTurner, Matthew JTurner, Matthew JTurner, Matthew JTurner, Matthew JTurner, Matthew JTurner, Matthew JPaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophieJanga, Sarath ChandraJanga, Sarath ChandraJanga, Sarath ChandraJanga, Sarath ChandraJanga, Sarath ChandraJanga, Sarath ChandraDent, Alexander LDent, Alexander LDent, Alexander LDent, Alexander LDent, Alexander LDent, Alexander LKaplan, Mark HKaplan, Mark HKaplan, Mark HKaplan, Mark HKaplan, Mark H and Kaplan, Mark H
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2020-Mar-13. | Journal Article
Biomarkers for Allogeneic HCT Outcomes
Adom, DjamilatouRowan, CourtneyAdeniyan, TitilayoYang, Jinfeng and Paczesny, Sophie
Frontiers in immunology, vol. 11, pp. 673, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Early high plasma ST2, the decoy IL-33 receptor, in children undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation is associated with the development of post-transplant diabetes mellitus
Rowan, Courtney MRowan, Courtney MTeagarden, Alicia MTeagarden, Alicia MCater, Daniel TCater, Daniel TMoser, Elizabeth A SMoser, Elizabeth A SBaykoyannis, GiorgosBaykoyannis, GiorgosPaczesny, Sophie and Paczesny, Sophie
Haematologica, vol. 105, (no. 5), pp. e252, 2020-May. | Journal Article
Ex vivo culture of mouse skin activates an interleukin 1 alpha‐dependent inflammatory response
Slominski, Radomir MSeymour, Leroy JBell, Maria CDave, PriyaAtumonye, JosephWright, WilliamDawes, AveryGriesenauer, BradPaczesny, SophieKaplan, Mark HSpandau, Dan F and Turner, Matthew J
Experimental Dermatology, vol. 29, (no. 1), pp. 102-106, Jan 2020. | Journal Article
Granzyme A-producing T helper cells are critical for acute graft-versus-host disease
Park, S.Park, SungtaeGriesenauer, B.Griesenauer, BradJiang, H.Jiang, HuaAdom, D.Adom, DjamilatouMehrpouya-Bahrami, PegahMehrpouya-Bahrami, P.Chakravorty, SrishtiChakravorty, S.Kazemian, M.Kazemian, MajidImam, T.Imam, TanbeenaSrivastava, R.Srivastava, RajneeshHayes, Tristan AHayes, T.A.Pardo, J.Pardo, JulianJanga, Sarath ChandraJanga, S.C.Paczesny, SophiePaczesny, S.Kaplan, M.H.Kaplan, Mark HOlson, Matthew R and Olson, M.R.
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GVHD risk assessment beyond current HLA evaluation
Paczesny, Sophie
The Lancet Haematology, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. e9, January 2020. | Journal Article
HLA-B leads survival after HCT
Paczesny, S.
Blood, vol. 136, pp. 267-268. | Journal Article
HLA Genotyping Does Not Predict Outcomes in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (alloHCT)
Story, CharlotteKuxhausen, MichelleSpellman, Stephen RLee, StephaniePaczesny, SophieArmistead, Paul M and Riches, Marcie L
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, vol. 26, (no. 3), pp. S74, March 2020. | Journal Article
ICOSL+ plasmacytoid dendritic cells as inducer of graft-versus-host disease, responsive to a dual ICOS/CD28 antagonist
Adom, D.Pierce, Carl APierce, Carl APierce, Carl APreston-Hurlburt, PaulaPreston-Hurlburt, PaulaDillon, S.R.Preston-Hurlburt, PaulaDai, YileYang, J.Dai, YileDai, YileAschner, Clare BurnAschner, Clare BurnLiu, H.Aschner, Clare BCheshenko, NataliaRamadan, A.Cheshenko, NataliaCheshenko, NataliaGalen, BenjaminGalen, BenjaminKushekhar, K.Galen, BenjaminGarforth, Scott JGarforth, Scott JGarforth, Scott JHund, S.Herrera, Natalia GHerrera, Natalia GHerrera, Natalia GAlbright, A.Jangra, Rohit KJangra, Rohit KKirksey, M.Jangra, Rohit KMorano, Nicholas CAdeniyan, T.Morano, Nicholas CMorano, Nicholas COrner, ErikaOrner, ErikaLewis, K.E.Orner, ErikaEvans, L.Sy, SharleneSy, SharleneSy, SharleneWu, R.Chandran, KartikChandran, KartikChandran, KartikLevin, S.D.Dziura, JamesDziura, JamesDziura, JamesMudri, S.Almo, Steven CAlmo, Steven CAlmo, Steven CRing, AaronYang, J.Ring, AaronRing, AaronKeller, Marla JKeller, Marla JRickel, E.Keller, Marla JSeaberg, M.Herold, Kevan CHerold, Kevan CHerold, Kevan CHenderson, K.Herold, Betsy CHerold, Betsy CHerold, Betsy CGudgeon, C.J.Wolfson, M.F.Swanson, R.M.Swiderek, K.M.Peng, S.L.Hippen, K.L.Blazar, B.R. and Paczesny, S.
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Investigation of donor KIR content and matching in children undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation for acute leukemia
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Post-haematopoietic cell transplantation outcomes: why ST2 became a 'golden nugget' biomarker
Paczesny, Sophie
British journal of haematology, 2020-Feb-10. | Journal Article
Preventing Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus Via Orchestration of the IL-33/ST2 Axis in Pancreatic Islets
Jiang, HuaJiang, HuaGriesenauer, BradGriesenauer, BradTersey, Sarah ATersey, Sarah AOrr, KaraOrr, KaraEvans Molina, CarmellaEvans-Molina, CarmellaPaczesny, Sophie and Paczesny, Sophie
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, vol. 26, (no. 3), pp. S169, March 2020. | Journal Article
Specific Class I HLA Supertypes but Not HLA Zygosity or Expression Are Associated with Outcomes following HLA-Matched Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant: HLA Supertypes Impact Allogeneic HCT Outcomes
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Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. | Journal Article
ST2 as checkpoint target for colorectal cancer immunotherapy
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JCI insight, vol. 5, (no. 9), 2020-May-07. | Journal Article
The IL-33 Receptor/ST2 acts as a positive regulator of functional mouse bone marrow hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells
Capitano, Maegan LCapitano, Maegan LCapitano, Maegan LGriesenauer, BradGriesenauer, BradGriesenauer, BradGuo, BinGuo, BinGuo, BinCooper, ScottCooper, ScottCooper, ScottPaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophieBroxmeyer, Hal EBroxmeyer, Hal E and Broxmeyer, Hal E
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