• Pediatric hematology/oncology, particularly in HSCT, with my focus on translational research science and with the goal of converting bench discoveries to the bedside.

A Professor of Pediatrics and Immunology with research interest in Blood Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Subject Areas:

  • Infectious Diseases Global Health


  • Transplantation Immunology, Biomarkers, Proteomics
Oncology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Pediatrics, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology
PhD, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France, Tumor Immunology, 2004
MS, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France, Cell Therapy and Hematopoietic Cells, 1999
MD, University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France, Medicine, 1995
BS, Academy of Nancy-Metz, Nancy, France, Mathematics and Life Sciences, 1989