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The message matters: Advertisement framing and college women’s beliefs toward exercise. Journal of American College Health
. | Journal Article
Meanings of Rough Sex across Gender, Sexual Identity, and Political Ideology: A Conditional Covariance Approach
Valdivia, Dubravka SvetinaValdivia, Dubravka SvetinaValdivia, Dubravka SvetinaHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyFu, Tsung-chiehFu, Tsung-chiehFu, Tsung ChiehEastman-Mueller, HeatherEastman-Mueller, HeatherEastman-Mueller, HeatherGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, Molly and Rosenberg, Molly
Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, pp. 1–14. | Journal Article
Meanings of Rough Sex across Gender, Sexual Identity, and Political Ideology: A Conditional Covariance Approach. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy
Sex and Relationships Pre- and Early- COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from a Probability Sample of U.S. Undergraduate Students
Herbenick, D.Hensel, D.J.Eastman-Mueller, H.Beckmeyer, J.Fu, T.-C.Guerra Reyes, L. and Rosenberg, M.
Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol. 51, pp. 183-195. | Journal Article
Diverse Sexual Behaviors in Undergraduate Students: Findings From a Campus Probability Survey
Herbenick, D.Patterson, C.Beckmeyer, J.Gonzalez, Y.R.R.Luetke, M.Guerra Reyes, L.Eastman-Mueller, H.Valdivia, D.S. and Rosenberg, M.
Journal of Sexual Medicine, vol. 18, pp. 1024-1041. | Journal Article
?If Their Face Starts Turning Purple, You Are Probably Doing Something Wrong?: Young Men?s Experiences with Choking During Sex
Herbenick, D.Guerra Reyes, L.Patterson, C.Rosenstock Gonzalez, Y.R.Wagner, C. and Zounlome, N.O.O.
Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. | Journal Article
?It Was Scary, But Then It Was Kind of Exciting?: Young Women?s Experiences with Choking During Sex
Herbenick, D.Guerra Reyes, L.Patterson, C.Rosenstock Gonzalez, Y.R.Wagner, C. and Zounlome, N.
Archives of Sexual Behavior. | Journal Article
Managing Precarity: Understanding Latinas’ Sexual and Reproductive Care-Seeking in a Midwest Emergent Latino Community
Guerra Reyes, LuciaPalacios, Iris and Ferstead, Amanda
Qualitative Health Research, pp. 104973232098443. | Journal Article
Non-Fatal Strangulation/Choking During Sex and Its Associations with Mental Health: Findings from an Undergraduate Probability Survey
Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. | Journal Article
Prevalence and characteristics of choking/strangulation during sex: Findings from a probability survey of undergraduate students
Herbenick, D.Fu, T.-C.Patterson, C.Rosenstock Gonzalez, Y.R.Luetke, M.Svetina Valdivia, D.Eastman-Mueller, H.Guerra-Reyes, L. and Rosenberg, M.
Journal of American College Health. | Journal Article
Wearable alcohol monitors for alcohol use data collection among college students: feasibility and acceptability in a pilot study
Rosenberg, MollyLudema, ChristinaKianersi, SinaLuetke, MayaJozkowski, KristenGuerra Reyes, LuciaShih, Patrick C. and Finn, Peter
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
What Is Rough Sex, Who Does It, and Who Likes It? Findings from a Probability Sample of U.S. Undergraduate Students
Herbenick, D.Fu, T.-C.Valdivia, D.S.Patterson, C.Gonzalez, Y.R.Guerra Reyes, L.Eastman-Mueller, H.Beckmeyer, J. and Rosenberg, M.
Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol. 50, pp. 1183-1195. | Journal Article
Inequitable Experiences Between Black and White Women Discussing Sexual Health With Healthcare Providers: Findings From a U.S. Probability Sample
Townes, AshleyRosenberg, MollyGuerra Reyes, LuciaMurray, Maresa and Herbenick, Debby
Journal of sexual medicine, vol. 17, (no. 8), pp. 1520-1528, Aug 2020. | Journal Article
On the front line: Health professionals and system preparedness for Zika virus in Peru
Iguiñiz‐Romero, Ruth and Guerra‐Reyes, Lucia
International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, vol. 148, (no. S2), pp. 45-54, Jan 2020. | Journal Article
'Somebody that looks like me' matters: a qualitative study of black women's preferences for receiving sexual health services in the USA
Townes, AshleyTownes, AshleyGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaMurray, MaresaMurray, MaresaRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyWright, BrittanniWright, BrittanniLong, LaurenLong, LaurenHerbenick, Debby and Herbenick, Debby
Culture, health & sexuality, vol. ahead-of-print, (no. ahead-of-print), pp. 1-15, September 30, 2020. | Journal Article
What to expect when you are no longer expecting: Information needs of women who experienced a miscarriage
Cassie Kresnye, K.Alqassim, M.Y.Hollins, B.Guerra Reyes, L.Wolters, M.K. and Siek, K.A.
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, pp. 85-96. | Conference Proceeding
Changing Birth in the Andes
Guerra Reyes, Lucia
Vanderbilt University Press
Changing Birth in the Andes: Culture, Policy and Safe Motherhood in Peru
Lucia Guerra-Reyes
Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press. 2019. | Book
Numbers that Matter: Right to Health and Peruvian Maternal Strategies
Guerra Reyes, Lucia
Medical anthropology, pp. 15, 2019-Jan-18. | Journal Article
Performing purity: reproductive decision-making and implications for a community under threat of zika in iquitos, Peru
Guerra Reyes, Lucia and Iguiñiz-Romero, Ruth A
Culture, Health & Sexuality, vol. 21, (no. 3), pp. 322, 3/4/2019. | Journal Article
Pushing in Silence: Modernizing Puerto Rico and the Medicalization of Childbirth. Isabel M. Córdova. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2017. 234 pp
Guerra‐Reyes, Lucia
The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. (pp. 990-992). Dec 2019. | Book Review
A multi-method study of health behaviours and perceived concerns of sexual minority females in Mumbai, India
Bowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBartelt, ElizabethBartelt, ElizabethBartelt, ElizabethBartelt, ElizabethRawat, ShrutaRawat, ShrutaRawat, ShrutaRawat, ShrutaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaHensel, DevonHensel, DevonHensel, DevonHensel, DevonHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyAnand, VivekAnand, VivekAnand, Vivek and Anand, Vivek
Sexual health, vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. 38, 2018-Feb. | Journal Article
Knowledge of Zika and perception of risk among sexually-active adults in the United States of America: results from a nationally representative sample
Guerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaFu, Tsung-chieh JaneFu, Tsung-chieh JaneFu, Tsung-chieh JaneFu, Tsung-chieh JaneWilliams, DeanaWilliams, DeanaWilliams, DeanaWilliams, DeanaHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianReece, MichaelReece, MichaelReece, MichaelReece, MichaelFortenberry, J. DennisFortenberry, J. DennisFortenberry, J. Dennis and Fortenberry, J. Dennis
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública, vol. 42, 20180601. | Journal Article
Sexual behaviors, experiences of sexual violence, and substance use among women who inject drugs: Accessing health and prevention services in Puerto Rico
Collazo-Vargas, E.M.Dodge, B.Herbenick, D.Guerra Reyes, L.Mowatt, R.Otero-Cruz, I.M. and Rodríguez-Díaz, C.E.
(pp. 88-97)
Sexual Behaviors, Experiences of Sexual Violence, and Substance Use among Women Who inject Drugs: Accessing Health and Prevention Services in Puerto Rico
Collazo-Vargas, Erika MCollazo-Vargas, Erika MCollazo-Vargas, Erika MCollazo-Vargas, Erika MDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaMowatt, RasulMowatt, RasulMowatt, RasulMowatt, RasulOtero-Cruz, Ilia MOtero-Cruz, Ilia MOtero-Cruz, Ilia MOtero-Cruz, Ilia MRodríguez-Díaz, CarlosRodríguez-Díaz, CarlosRodríguez-Díaz, Carlos and Rodríguez-Díaz, Carlos
Puerto Rico health sciences journal, vol. 37, (no. 2), pp. 97, 2018-06-00. | Journal Article