3 Grants
Exploring reproductive decisions under threat of Zika in Piura, Peru
Iguiniz Romero, Ruth and Guerra Reyes, Lucia
Tropical Disease Research (Tdr) Program, Pan American Health Organization, $16,000USD, 01/01/2017 -- 12/31/2019
RAPID: Understanding Emergent Responses and Decision-making under the Threat of Zika
Guerra Reyes, Lucia
National Science Foundation (NSF), Direct For Social, Behav & Economic Scie, Division Of Behavioral and Cognitive Sci (ID: 1642729), $25,079USD, 06/15/2016 -- 10/31/2017
Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Culture, Policy, and Safe Motherhood
De Walt, Kathleen and Guerra Reyes, Lucia
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (ID: 0918030), $14,996USD, 09/15/2009 -- 08/31/2011