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Social support relationships for sexual minority women in Mumbai, India: a photo elicitation interview study
Bowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBartelt, ElizabethBartelt, ElizabethBartelt, ElizabethBartelt, ElizabethMengle, ShrutaMengle, ShrutaMengle, ShrutaMengle, ShrutaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaHensel, DevonHensel, DevonHensel, DevonHensel, DevonHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyAnand, VivekAnand, VivekAnand, Vivek and Anand, Vivek
Culture, Health & Sexuality, vol. 20, (no. 2), pp. 200, 2/1/2018. | Journal Article
A county-level cross-sectional analysis of positive deviance to assess multiple population health outcomes in Indiana
Hendryx, MichaelHendryx, MichaelHendryx, MichaelHendryx, MichaelHendryx, M.Guerra-Reyes, L.Guerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaHolland, Benjamin DHolland, Benjamin DHolland, Benjamin DHolland, B.D.Holland, Benjamin DMc Ginnis, Michael DeanMcGinnis, M.D.McGinnis, Michael DeanMcGinnis, Michael DeanMcGinnis, Michael DeanMeanwell, E.Meanwell, EmilyMeanwell, EmilyMeanwell, EmilyMeanwell, EmilyMiddlestadt, Susan EMiddlestadt, Susan EMiddlestadt, Susan EMiddlestadt, S.E.Middlestadt, Susan EYoder, Karen MYoder, Karen MYoder, K.M.Yoder, Karen M and Yoder, Karen M
BMJ Open, vol. 7, (no. 10), pp. e017370, 20171000. | Journal Article
Investigating the Suitability of the Asynchronous, Remote, Community-based Method for Pregnant and New Mothers
Prabhakar, A.S.Prabhakar, AnnuGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, L.Kleinschmidt, V.M.Kleinschmidt, VanessaJelen, B.Jelen, BenMacLeod, HaleyMacLeod, H.Connelly, KayConnelly, K.Siek, K.A. and Siek, Katie
In Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on human factors in computing systems (pp. 4924-4934). CHI Conference on human factors in computing systems. ACM. May 2, 2017. | Conference Proceeding
"Let me know if you need anything" support realities of new mothers
Prabhakar, AnnuPrabhakar, A.S.Guerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, L.Effron, AnneEffron, A.Kleinschmidt, VanessaKleinschmidt, V.M.Driscoll, M.Driscoll, MaggiePeters, C.Peters, CharlesPereira, V.Pereira, VanessaAlshehri, MajdahAlshehri, M.Ongwere, TomOngwere, T.Siek, Katie and Siek, K.A.
In Proceedings of the 11th EAI International Conference on pervasive computing technologies for healthcare (pp. 31-40). ACM. May 23, 2017. | Conference Proceeding
Racial disparities in birth care: Exploring the perceived role of African-American women providing midwifery care and birth support in the United States
Guerra Reyes, Lucia and Hamilton, Lydia J
Women and Birth, vol. 30, (no. 1), pp. e16, February 2017. | Journal Article
Sexual diversity in the United States: Results from a nationally representative probability sample of adult women and men
Herbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynFu, Tsung-Chieh JaneFu, Tsung-Chieh JaneFu, Tsung-Chieh JaneDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaSanders, StephanieSanders, Stephanie and Sanders, Stephanie
PloS one, vol. 12, (no. 7), pp. e0181198, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
Sexual Health and Language Dominance Among Hispanic/Latino Women and Men: Analysis of a Nationally Representative Sample
Guerra-reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaRush, BenjaminRush, BenjaminRush, BenjaminRush, BenjaminRush, BenjaminHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianReece, MichaelReece, MichaelReece, MichaelReece, MichaelReece, MichaelSchick, VanessaSchick, VanessaSchick, VanessaSchick, VanessaSchick, VanessaSanders, StephanieSanders, StephanieSanders, StephanieSanders, StephanieSanders, Stephanie AFortenberry, J DFortenberry, JFortenberry, JFortenberry, J and Fortenberry, J
Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, vol. 19, (no. 5), pp. 1072, 20171000. | Journal Article
Exploring Provider Perspectives as Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of Quality Family Planning Recommendations at Title X Clinics: A Qualitative Study
Simmons, MeganSimmons, MeganGuerra-Reyes, Lucia, PhDGuerra Reyes, LuciaMeyerson, Beth, PhDMeyerson, BethAdams, KristinAdams, Kristin, PhDSanders, Stephanie, PhD and Sanders, Stephanie
Women's Health Issues, vol. 26, (no. 6), pp. 628-633, 2016. | Journal Article
Implementing a culturally appropriate birthing policy: Ethnographic analysis of the experiences of skilled birth attendants in Peru
Guerra Reyes, Lucia
Journal of public health policy, vol. 37, (no. 3), pp. 368, 2016-08-00. | Journal Article
Mind the Gap: Assessing the Disconnect Between Postpartum Health Information Desired and Health Information Received
Guerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, L.Guerra Reyes, LuciaChristie, V.M.Christie, VanessaChristie, Vanessa MPrabhakar, A.Prabhakar, AnnuPrabhakar, Annu, MSSiek, Katie A., PhDSiek, Katie A and Siek, K.A.
Women's Health Issues, vol. 27, (no. 2), pp. 173, 2016. | Journal Article
Perceived health concerns among sexual minority women in Mumbai, India: an exploratory qualitative study
Bowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynBowling, JessamynDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianDodge, BrianBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataBanik, SwagataRodriguez, IsraelRodriguez, IsraelRodriguez, IsraelRodriguez, IsraelMengele, Shruta RawatMengele, Shruta RawatMengele, Shruta RawatMengele, Shruta RawatHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaSanders, StephanieSanders, StephanieSanders, StephanieSanders, StephanieDange, AlpanaDange, AlpanaDange, AlpanaDange, AlpanaAnand, VivekAnand, VivekAnand, Vivek and Anand, Vivek
Culture, Health & Sexuality, vol. 18, (no. 7), pp. 840, 7/2/2016. | Journal Article
Postpartum Health Information Seeking Using Mobile Phones: Experiences of Low-Income Mothers
Guerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaChristie, VanessaChristie, Vanessa MChristie, VanessaPrabhakar, AnnuPrabhakar, AnnuPrabhakar, AnnuHarris, AsiaHarris, AsiaHarris, Asia LSiek, KatieSiek, Katie A and Siek, Katie
Maternal and Child Health Journal, vol. 20, (no. S1), pp. 21, 20161100. | Journal Article
Implementing an Intercultural Birth Care Policy: The Role of Indigenous Identity in Peruvian Maternal Care
Guerra Reyes, Lucia
Anthropology News, vol. 50, (no. 3), pp. 14, March 2009. | Journal Article
Biología y uso de la fauna silvestre en Tambopata: un caso de estudio.
Loja Aleman, JuanGironda Mendoza, Aldo and Guerra Reyes, Lucia
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