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Glycogenin is Dispensable for Glycogen Synthesis in Human Muscle, and Glycogenin Deficiency Causes Polyglucosan Storage
Visuttijai, KittichateHedberg-Oldfors, CarolaThomsen, ChristerGlamuzina, EmmaKornblum, CorneliaTasca, GiorgioHernandez-Lain, AurelioSandstedt, JoakimDellgren, GöranRoach, Peter and Oldfors, Anders
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol. 105, (no. 2), pp. 557-566, Feb 2020. | Journal Article
Glycogen Dynamics Drives Lipid Droplet Biogenesis during Brown Adipocyte Differentiation
Mayeuf-Louchart, AliciaLancel, SteveSebti, YasminePourcet, BenoitLoyens, AnneDelhaye, StéphaneDuhem, ChristianBeauchamp, JustineFerri, LiseThorel, QuentinBoulinguiez, AlexisZecchin, MathildeDubois-Chevalier, JulieEeckhoute, JérômeVaughn, Logan TRoach, Peter JDani, ChristianPederson, Bartholomew AVincent, Stéphane DStaels, Bart and Duez, Hélène
Cell Reports, vol. 29, (no. 6), pp. 1418.e6, 2019-11-05. | Journal Article
Targeting Pathogenic Lafora Bodies in Lafora Disease Using an Antibody-Enzyme Fusion
Brewer, M. KathrynUittenbogaard, AnnetteAustin, Grant LSegvich, Dyann MDePaoli-Roach, AnnaRoach, Peter JMcCarthy, John JSimmons, Zoe RBrandon, Jason AZhou, ZhengqiuZeller, JillYoung, Lyndsay E.ASun, Ramon CPauly, James RAziz, Nadine MHodges, Bradley LMcKnight, Tracy RArmstrong, Dustin D and Gentry, Matthew S
Cell Metabolism, vol. 30, (no. 4), pp. 705.e6, 2019-10-01. | Journal Article
Glycogen Enhancement Augments Overload-Induced Protein Synthesis, Growth, and Myogenesis in Aged Skeletal Muscle.: 2007 Board #268 May 31 2: 00 PM - 3: 30 PM
Lawrence, MarcusLawrence, MarcusHuot, JoshHuot, JoshPeck, BaileyPeck, BaileyWen, YuanWen, YuanShields, MichaelShields, MichaelMadhiwala, RaahilMadhiwala, RaahilSkurat, AlexanderSkurat, AlexanderRoach, PeterRoach, PeterKane, EricKane, EricReitzel, AdamReitzel, AdamMiller, BenjaminMiller, BenjaminHamilton, KarynHamilton, KarynArthur, SusanArthur, SusanGordon, Scott and Gordon, Scott
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 50, (no. 5S Suppl 1), pp. 488, 2018-May. | Journal Article
Lafora disease offers a unique window into neuronal glycogen metabolism
Gentry, Matthew SGuinovart, Joan JMinassian, Berge ARoach, Peter J and Serratosa, Jose M
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 293, (no. 19), pp. 7125, 2018-05-11. | Journal Article
Lack of liver glycogen causes hepatic insulin resistance and steatosis in mice
Irimia, Jose MIrimia, Jose MMeyer, Catalina MMeyer, Catalina MSegvich, Dyann MSegvich, Dyann MSurendran, SnehaSurendran, SnehaDePaoli-Roach, Anna ADePaoli-Roach, Anna AMorral, NuriaMorral, NuriaRoach, Peter J and Roach, Peter J
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 292, (no. 25), pp. 10464, 2017-06-23. | Journal Article
Redox Switch for the Inhibited State of Yeast Glycogen Synthase Mimics Regulation by Phosphorylation
Mahalingan, Krishna KMahalingan, Krishna KBaskaran, SulochanadeviBaskaran, SulochanadeviDePaoli-Roach, Anna ADePaoli-Roach, Anna ARoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JHurley, Thomas D and Hurley, Thomas D
Biochemistry, vol. 56, (no. 1), pp. 188, 20170110. | Journal Article
Gain of function AMP-activated protein kinase gamma 3 mutation (AMPK gamma 3(R200Q)) in pig muscle increases glycogen storage regardless of AMPK activation
Scheffler, TracyPark, SungkwonRoach, Peter and Gerrard, David
2016-06. | Journal Article
Gain of function AMP-activated protein kinase γ 3 mutation (AMPKγ 3R200Q ) in pig muscle increases glycogen storage regardless of AMPK activation
Scheffler, Tracy LScheffler, Tracy LPark, SungkwonPark, SungkwonRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JGerrard, David E and Gerrard, David E
Physiological Reports, vol. 4, (no. 11), pp. np, 2016-06-00. | Journal Article
Incorporation of phosphate into glycogen by glycogen synthase
Contreras, Christopher JContreras, Christopher JSegvich, Dyann MSegvich, Dyann MMahalingan, KrishnaMahalingan, KrishnaChikwana, Vimbai MChikwana, Vimbai MKirley, Terence LKirley, Terence LHurley, Thomas DHurley, Thomas DDePaoli-Roach, Anna ADePaoli-Roach, Anna ARoach, Peter J and Roach, Peter J
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, vol. 597, pp. 29, 2016-05-01. | Journal Article
Glycogen Phosphomonoester Distribution in Mouse Models of the Progressive Myoclonic Epilepsy, Lafora Disease
DePaoli-Roach, Anna AContreras, Christopher JSegvich, Dyann MHeiss, ChristianIshihara, MayumiAzadi, Parastoo and Roach, Peter J
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 290, (no. 2), pp. 850, 2015-Jan-09. | Journal Article
Glycogen phosphorylation and Lafora disease.
Roach, Peter J
Molecular aspects of medicine, vol. 46, pp. 78-84, December 2015. | Journal Article
Muscle Glycogen Remodeling and Glycogen Phosphate Metabolism following Exhaustive Exercise of Wild Type and Laforin Knockout Mice
Irimia, Jose MTagliabracci, Vincent SMeyer, Catalina MSegvich, Dyann MDePaoli-Roach, Anna A and Roach, Peter J
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 290, (no. 37), pp. 22698, 2015-Sep-11. | Journal Article
Sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1 (SREBP-1) is required to regulate glycogen synthesis and gluconeogenic gene expression in mouse liver.
Ruiz, RafaelaRuiz, RafaelaRuiz, R.Jideonwo, VictoriaJideonwo, VictoriaJideonwo, V.Ahn, MiwonAhn, MiwonAhn, M.Surendran, S.Surendran, SnehaSurendran, SnehaTagliabracci, Vincent STagliabracci, Vincent STagliabracci, V.S.Hou, YongyongHou, Y.Hou, YongyongGamble, AishaGamble, AishaGamble, A.Kerner, J.Kerner, JanosKerner, JanosIrimia-Dominguez, J.M.Irimia-Dominguez, José MIrimia-Dominguez, José MPuchowicz, M.A.Puchowicz, Michelle APuchowicz, Michelle ADePaoli-Roach, A.Depaoli-Roach, AnnaDePaoli-Roach, AnnaDePaoli-Roach, AnnaHoppel, CharlesHoppel, C.Hoppel, CharlesRoach, P.Roach, PeterRoach, PeterMorral, NúriaMorral, Nuria and Morral, N.
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 289, (no. 9), pp. 5510-5517, February 28, 2014. | Journal Article
Hepatic Glucose Metabolism in Late Pregnancy: Normal Versus High-Fat and -Fructose Diet
Coate, Katie CCoate, Katie CSmith, Marta SSmith, Marta SShiota, MasakazuShiota, MasakazuIrimia, Jose MIrimia, Jose MRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JFarmer, BenFarmer, BenWilliams, Phillip EWilliams, Phillip EMoore, Mary C and Moore, Mary Courtney
Diabetes, vol. 62, (no. 3), pp. 761, 2013-Mar. | Journal Article
Inhibiting glycogen synthesis prevents lafora disease in a mouse model
Pederson, Bartholomew APederson, Bartholomew ATurnbull, JulieTurnbull, JulieEpp, Jonathan REpp, Jonathan RWeaver, Staci AWeaver, Staci AZhao, XiaochuZhao, XiaochuPencea, NelaPencea, NelaRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JFrankland, Paul WFrankland, Paul WAckerley, Cameron AAckerley, Cameron AMinassian, Berge A and Minassian, Berge
Annals of Neurology, vol. 74, (no. 2), pp. 300, August 2013. | Journal Article
Liver Glycogen Loading Dampens Glycogen Synthesis Seen in Response to Either Hyperinsulinemia or Intraportal Glucose Infusion
Winnick, Jason JWinnick, JasonAn, ZhiboAn, ZhiboKraft, GuillaumeKraft, GuillaumeRamnanan, Christopher JRamnanan, Christopher JIrimia, Jose MIrimia, Jose MSmith, MartaSmith, MartaLautz, MargaretLautz, MargaretRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JCherrington, Alan D and Cherrington, Alan D
Diabetes, vol. 62, (no. 1), pp. 101, 2013-Jan. | Journal Article
Portal Vein Glucose Entry Triggers a Coordinated Cellular Response That Potentiates Hepatic Glucose Uptake and Storage in Normal but Not High-Fat/High-Fructose-Fed Dogs
Coate, Katie CCoate, Katie CKraft, GuillaumeKraft, GuillaumeIrimia, Jose MIrimia, Jose MSmith, Marta SSmith, Marta SFarmer, BenFarmer, BenNeal, Doss WNeal, Doss WRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JShiota, MasakazuShiota, MasakazuCherrington, Alan D and Cherrington, Alan D
Diabetes, vol. 62, (no. 2), pp. 400, 2013-Feb. | Journal Article
Structural basis for 2′-phosphate incorporation into glycogen by glycogen synthase
Chikwana, Vimbai MChikwana, VimbaiKhanna, MayKhanna, MayBaskaran, SulochanadeviBaskaran, SulochanadeviTagliabracci, Vincent STagliabracci, VincentContreras, Christopher JContreras, ChristopherDePaoli-Roach, AnnaDepaoli Roach, Anna ADePaoli-Roach, AnnaRoach, PeterRoach, Peter JHurley, Thomas D and Hurley, Thomas
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 110, (no. 52), pp. 20981, 20131224. | Journal Article
A Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate-Dependent Pathway Can Regulate Net Hepatic Glucose Uptake in Vivo
An, ZhiboAn, ZhiboWinnick, Jason JWinnick, Jason JMoore, Mary CMoore, Mary CFarmer, BenFarmer, BenSmith, MartaSmith, MartaIrimia, Jose MIrimia, Jose MRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JCherrington, Alan D and Cherrington, Alan D
Diabetes, vol. 61, (no. 10), pp. 2441, 2012-Oct. | Journal Article
Glycogen and its metabolism: some new developments and old themes
Roach, Peter JRoach, Peter JDepaoli-Roach, Anna ADepaoli Roach, Anna AHurley, Thomas DHurley, Thomas DTagliabracci, Vincent S and Tagliabracci, Vincent S
The Biochemical journal, vol. 441, (no. 3), pp. 787, 2012-Feb-01. | Journal Article
Laforin and malin knockout mice have normal glucose disposal and insulin sensitivity
Depaoli Roach, Anna ADePaoli-Roach, Anna ADePaoli-Roach, Anna ASegvich, Dyann MSegvich, Dyann MMeyer, Catalina MMeyer, Catalina MRahimi, YasmeenRahimi, YasmeenWorby, Carolyn AWorby, Carolyn AGentry, MatthewGentry, Matthew SRoach, Peter J and Roach, Peter J
Human Molecular Genetics, vol. 21, (no. 7), pp. 1610, 20120401. | Journal Article
AMPK -> ULK1 -> autophagy.
Roach, Peter J
Molecular and cellular biology, vol. 31, (no. 15), pp. 3082-4, 2011/Aug. | Journal Article
Are there errors in glycogen biosynthesis and is laforin a repair enzyme?
Roach, Peter J and Roach, Peter J
FEBS Letters, vol. 585, (no. 20), pp. 3218, 2011-10-20. | Journal Article
Hepatic Glycogen Supercompensation Activates AMP-Activated Protein Kinase, Impairs Insulin Signaling, and Reduces Glycogen Deposition in the Liver
Winnick, Jason JWinnick, Jason JAn, ZhiboAn, ZhiboRamnanan, Christopher JRamnanan, Christopher JSmith, MartaSmith, MartaIrimia, Jose MIrimia, Jose MNeal, Doss WNeal, Doss WMoore, Mary CourtneyMoore, Mary CRoach, Peter JRoach, Peter JCherrington, Alan D and Cherrington, Alan D
Diabetes, vol. 60, (no. 2), pp. 407, 2011-Feb. | Journal Article