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Estimating Running Speed From Wrist- or Waist-Worn Wearable Accelerometer Data: A Machine Learning Approach. Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour
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Identifying Current Feelings of Mild and Moderate to High Depression in Young, Healthy Individuals Using Gait and Balance: An Exploratory Study. Sensors
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The “Impacts Cause Injury” Hypothesis: Running in Circles or Making New Strides? Journal of Biomechanics
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Using wearable technology data to explain recreational running injury: A prospective longitudinal feasibility study. Physical Therapy in Sport
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All devices are not created equal: Simultaneous data collection of three triaxial accelerometers sampling at different frequencies. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology
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Isolated effects of footwear structure and cushioning on running mechanics in habitual mid/forefoot runners. Sports Biomechanics
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Beetroot supplementation in women enjoying exercise together (BEE SWEET): Rationale, design and methods
Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications. | Journal Article
CARL: a running recognition algorithm for free-living accelerometer data
IV, John J DavisStraczkiewicz, MarcinHarezlak, Jaroslaw and Gruber, Allison H
Physiological Measurement. | Journal Article
Footstrike patterns and race performance in the 2017 IAAF World Championship men’s 10,000 m final
Sports Biomechanics. | Journal Article
Training and technique choices predict self-reported running injuries: An international study
Warne, Joe PWarne, Joe PGruber, Allison HGruber, Allison HCheung, RoyCheung, RoyBonacci, Jason and Bonacci, Jason
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Injured Runners Do Not Replace Lost Running Time with Other Physical Activity
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 52, (no. 5), pp. 1168, 2020-May. | Journal Article
Joint work is not shifted proximally after a long run in rearfoot strike runners
Journal of Sports Sciences. | Journal Article
Potential health effects of dietary nitrate supplementation in aging and chronic degenerative disease
Carter, Stephen JCarter, Stephen JCarter, Stephen JCarter, Stephen JGruber, Allison HGruber, Allison HGruber, Allison HGruber, Allison HRaglin, John SRaglin, John SRaglin, John SRaglin, John SBaranauskas, Marissa NBaranauskas, Marissa NBaranauskas, Marissa NBaranauskas, Marissa NCoggan, Andrew RCoggan, Andrew RCoggan, Andrew R and Coggan, Andrew R
Medical Hypotheses, vol. 141, pp. 109732, August 2020. | Journal Article
Segment coordination and variability among prospectively injured and uninjured runners
Journal of Sports Sciences. | Journal Article
Training and technique choices predict self-reported running injuries: an international study
Warne, Joe PGruber, Allison HCheung, Roy and Bonacci, Jason
Physical Therapy in Sport. | Journal Article
Kinematics and shock attenuation during a prolonged run on the athletic track as measured with inertial magnetic measurement units
Reenalda, JasperMaartens, ErikBuurke, Jaap H and Gruber, Allison H
Gait & Posture, vol. 68, pp. 160, February 2019. | Journal Article
Most marathon runners at the 2017 IAAF World Championships were rearfoot strikers, and most did not change footstrike pattern
Hanley, BrianBissas, AthanassiosMerlino, Stéphane and Gruber, Allison H
Journal of Biomechanics, vol. 92, pp. 60, 2019-07-19. | Journal Article
Quantifying exposure to running for meaningful insights into running-related injuries
Davis, John J and Gruber, Allison H
BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, vol. 5, (no. 1), 2019. | Journal Article
The Effects of Sampling Frequency on Studying Peak Tibial and Sacral Accelerations in Running: 2522 Board #186 May 31 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
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The Influence of Ankle Braces on Functional Performance Tests and Ankle Joint Range of Motion
Mann, BrittanyGruber, Allison HMurphy, Shane P and Docherty, Carrie L
Journal of sport rehabilitation, pp. 7, 2019-Mar-03. | Journal Article
Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio is a Better Predictor of Running Injury than Average Weekly Running Volume: 3161 Board #30 June 2 8: 00 AM - 9: 30 AM
Gruber, AllisonWagoner, EmilyVollmar, JacobNguyen, Ashley and Chomistek, Andrea
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 50, (no. 5S Suppl 1), pp. 776, 2018-May. | Journal Article
Do Selective Pressures on Pelvic Dimensions Influence Risk of Running Injury Development?: 243 Board #84 May 30 11: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM
Frankston, NaomiFrankston, NaomiFrankston, Naomi EHunt, KevinHunt, KevinHunt, KevinVollmar, JacobVollmar, JacobVollmar, Jacob ENguygen, AshleyNguygen, AshleyNguygen, Ashley BDavis, John JDavis, JohnDavis, JohnChomistek, Andrea KChomistek, AndreaChomistek, AndreaGruber, AllisonGruber, Allison and Gruber, Allison H
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, vol. 50, (no. 5S Suppl 1), pp. 43, 2018-May. | Journal Article
Inspiratory muscle training improves exercise capacity with thoracic load carriage
Shei, Ren‐JayShei, Ren‐JayShei, R.-J.Chapman, Robert FChapman, R.F.Chapman, Robert FGruber, Allison HGruber, Allison HGruber, A.H.Mickleborough, T.D.Mickleborough, Timothy D and Mickleborough, Timothy D
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Locomotor-respiratory coupling is maintained in simulated moderate altitude in trained distance runners
Fulton, Timothy JFulton, T.J.Fulton, Timothy J.Paris, Hunter L.Paris, H.L.Paris, Hunter LStickford, Abigail S. L.Stickford, A.S.L.Stickford, Abigail S LGruber, A.H.Gruber, Allison H.Gruber, Allison HMickleborough, Timothy DMickleborough, Timothy D.Mickleborough, T.D.Chapman, Robert FChapman, R.F. and Chapman, Robert F.
Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 125, pp. 1–7. | Journal Article
Muscle mechanics and energy expenditure of the triceps surae during rearfoot and forefoot running
Gruber, Allison H.Umberger, Brian R.Miller, Ross H. and Hamill, Joseph
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory