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Table STL3 from The Ratio of Toxic-to-Nontoxic miRNAs Predicts Platinum Sensitivity in Ovarian Cancer
A novel ALDH1A1 Inhibitor Blocks Platinum-Induced Senescence and Stemness in Ovarian Cancer
A Novel ALDH1A1 Inhibitor Blocks Platinum-Induced Senescence and Stemness in Ovarian Cancer. Cancers
Unintended Consequences of Antibiotic Therapy on the Microbiome Delivers a Gut Punch in Ovarian Cancer. Cancer Research
. | Journal Article
6mer Seed Toxicity and Platinum Resistance in Ovarian Cancer
How Epigenetic Therapy Beats Adverse Genetics in Monosomy Karyotype AML
Cancer Research. | Journal Article
Quality of Life and Adverse Events: Prognostic Relationships in Long-Term Ovarian Cancer Survival
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Targeting Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells by Dual Inhibition of HOTAIR and DNA Methylation
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. | Journal Article
The ratio of toxic-to-nontoxic microRNAs predicts platinum sensitivity in ovarian cancer
Cancer Research. | Journal Article
A Randomized Phase II Trial of Epigenetic Priming with Guadecitabine and Carboplatin in Platinum-resistant, Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
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Epigenetic Attire in Ovarian Cancer: The Emperor's New Clothes
Matei, Daniela and Nephew, Kenneth P
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EZH2-mediated Downregulation of the Tumor Suppressor DAB2IP Maintains Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells
Cancer Research. | Journal Article
Hyperglycemia cooperates with Tet2 heterozygosity to induce leukemia driven by pro-inflammatory cytokine induced lncRNA Morrbid
Cai, ZhigangLu, XiaoyuZhang, ChiNelanuthala, SaiAguilera, FabiolaHadley, AbigailRamdas, BaskarFang, FangNephew, Kenneth PKotzin, Jonathan JWilliams, AdamHenao-Mejia, JorgeHaneline, Laura S and Kapur, Reuben
Journal of Clinical Investigation. | Journal Article
Platinum-Induced Ubiquitination of Phosphorylated H2AX by RING1A is Mediated by Replication Protein A in Ovarian Cancer
Sriramkumar, ShruthiS, SriramkumarTD, MatthewsMatthews, Timothy D.AH, GhobashiGhobashi, Ahmed H.Miller, Samuel A.SA, MillerVanderVere-Carozza, Pamela S.PS, VanderVere-CarozzaKS, PawelczakPawelczak, Katherine S.Nephew, Kenneth P.KP, NephewJJ, TurchiTurchi, John JO’Hagan, Heather M. and HM, O’Hagan
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Profiling Cell-Matrix Adhesion Using Digitalized Acoustic Streaming
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Targeting Aldehyde Dehydrogenases to Eliminate Cancer Stem Cells in Gynecologic Malignancies
Muralikrishnan, VaishnaviHurley, Thomas D and Nephew, Kenneth P
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Turning Up the Heat on the Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment by Epigenetic Priming
Cancer Research. | Journal Article
Glutamine Metabolism Drives Growth in Advanced Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer
Demas, Diane MDemas, Diane MDemas, Diane MDemo, SusanDemo, SusanDemo, SusanFallah, YassiFallah, YassiFallah, YassiClarke, RobertClarke, RobertClarke, RobertNephew, Kenneth PNephew, Kenneth PNephew, Kenneth PAlthouse, SandraAlthouse, SandraAlthouse, SandraSandusky, GeorgeSandusky, GeorgeSandusky, GeorgeHe, WeiHe, WeiHe, WeiShajahan-Haq, Ayesha NShajahan-Haq, Ayesha N and Shajahan-Haq, Ayesha N
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High-throughput acoustofluidic fabrication of tumor spheroids
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High-throughput acoustofluidic fabrication of tumor spheroidsElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c9lc00135b
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Interferon-γ signaling is associated with BRCA1 loss-of-function mutations in high grade serous ovarian cancer
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MicroRNA-196a is regulated by ER and is a prognostic biomarker in ER+ breast cancer
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Poly-ADP-Ribosylation of Estrogen Receptor-Alpha by PARP1 Mediates Antiestrogen Resistance in Human Breast Cancer Cells
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The Tumor Microenvironment of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer
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Tonsoku-Like Protein Facilitates Chromatin Transcription Complex (TONSL-FACT): Illuminating Unsuspected Culprits in Breast Cancer Initiation
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