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Strain Differences in Vaginal Responses to the Xenoestrogen Bisphenol A
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A novel role for GM-CSF: Enhancement of pregnancy specific interferon production, ovine trophoblast protein-1.
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Influence of the embryo on intrauterine migration in sheep1
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Interrelationships between blastocyst development, maternal recognition of pregnancy and intrauterine migration in the ewe (Dissertation)
Nephew, Ken (1991).
Relationship between Variation in Conceptus Development and Differences in Estrous Cycle Duration in Ewes1
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Effects of in Vivo and in Vitro Administration of Prostaglandin F2α on Lipoprotein Utilization in Cultured Bovine Luteal Cells1
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A randomized phase 2 trial of epigenetic priming with guadecitabine and carboplatin in platinum-resistant, recurrent ovarian cancer
Oza, AmitMatulonis, UrsulaAlvarez Secord, AngelesNemunaitis, JohnRoman, LyndaBlagden, SarahBanerjee, SusanaMcGuire, WilliamGhamande, SharadBirrer, MichaelFleming, GiniMarkham, MerryHirte, HalProvencher, DianeBasu, BristiKristeleit, RebeccaArmstrong, DeborahSchwartz, BenjaminBraly, PatriciaHall, GeoffNephew, KennethJueliger, SimoneOganesian, AramNaim, SueHao, YongKeer, HaroldAzab, Mohammad and Matei, Daniela
. | Journal Article