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Radar probabilistic data association filter/DGPS fusion for target selection and relative range determination for a ground vehicle convoy
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Evaluation and Testing of Driver-Assistive Truck Platooning: Phase 2 Final Results
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Lane Change and Merge Maneuvers for Connected and Automated Vehicles: A Survey
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Interval observer design for LPV systems with parametric uncertainty
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Piezoelectric Polymer-Based Collision Detection Sensor for Robotic Applications
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Roll and Bank Estimation Using GPS/INS and Suspension Deflections
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A system for autonomous canine guidance
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Performance Comparison of Deep Integration and Tight Coupling
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A System for Tracking an Autonomously Controlled Canine
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Evaluation of fractal terrain model for vehicle dynamic simulations
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Fractal terrain generation for vehicle simulation
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An embedded system for real-time navigation and remote command of a trained canine
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Evaluation of 3D road geometry based heavy truck fuel optimisation
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Adaptive steering control of a farm tractor with varying yaw rate properties
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