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Mastery Goal Orientation and Performance Affect the Development of Leader Efficacy During Leader Development
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The role of transformational leadership in workplace bullying
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Sample Adequacy and Implications for Occupational Health Psychology Research
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The effects of student violence against school employees on employee burnout and work engagement: The roles of perceived school unsafety and transformational leadership
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Beyond Same-Sex Attraction: Gender-Variant-Based Victimization Is Associated with Suicidal Behavior and Substance Use for Other-Sex Attracted Adolescents.
Ioerger, MichaelHenry, Kimberly LChen, Peter YCigularov, Konstantin P and Tomazic, Rocco G
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Determinants of workplace violence against clinical physicians in hospitals
Wu, Jeng-ChengTung, Tao-HsinChen, Peter YChen, Ying-LinLin, Yu-Wen and Chen, Fu-Li
Journal of Occupational Health, 2015. | Journal Article
Roles of fatalism and parental support in the relationship between bullying victimization and bystander behaviors
Li, YiqiongChen, Peter YChen, Fu-Li and Wu, Wen-Chi
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Strengthening suicide prevention networks: Interorganizational collaboration and tie strength
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Sustaining the Effects of Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training
Shtivelband, AnnetteAloise-Young, Patricia A and Chen, Peter Y
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Feasibility of a Web‐based Gatekeeper Training: Implications for Suicide Prevention
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Injured workers in China
Zhu, YingChen, Peter Y and Zhao, Wei
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Interactive effects of leader justice and support for safety on safety performance
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Role of safety stressors and social support on safety performance
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The differential effects of transformational leadership facets on employee safety
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The potential role of meaning in life in the relationship between bullying victimization and suicidal ideation.
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The role of betel-quid chewing in smoking cessation among workers in Taiwan
Chen, Fu-LiChen, PeterTung, Tao-HsinHuang, Yu-Ching and Tsai, Min-Chien
BMC Public Health, vol. 14, pp. 755, 2014. | Journal Article
Construction workers' reasons for not reporting work-related injuries: an exploratory study.
Moore, Jeffery TCigularov, Konstantin PSampson, Julie MRosecrance, John C and Chen, Peter
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Measurement equivalence and mean comparisons of a safety climate measure across construction trades.
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Measurement equivalence of a safety climate measure among Hispanic and White Non-Hispanic construction workers
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A consensus method for updating psychosocial measures used in NIOSH health hazard evaluations.
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Comparative Analysis of Safety Culture Perceptions among HomeSafe Managers and Workers in Residential Construction
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Health Disparities among Occupations in Taiwan: A Population Study
Chen, Fu-Li and Chen, Peter Y
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A comparison of workplace safety perceptions among financial decision-makers of medium- vs. large-size companies
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