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" A Hot Rod Ford and a Two Dollar Bill : Cars and Country Music"
International Country Music Journal 2019. | Journal Article
Fifty Years Ago: The Apollo 11 Moon Landing" GODORT Connection
" I ll Be Locked Here in this Cell til my Body s Just a Shell : Hank Williams on Crime and Punishment" International Country Music Conference. | Conference Proceeding
"One Hundred Years Ago: The Volstead Act is Passed, Leads to Prohibition" GODORT Connection
Reliable Factual Country Information: The World Factbook and State Department Travel Advisories
Rhythm and Blues Goes Calypso. Lexington Books
Seventy-Five Years Ago: D-Day. GODORT Connection
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Data and Personal Privacy. Intellectual Freedom Chronicle
Data and Personal Privacy. Intelletual Freedom Chronicle
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Moon Mullican: Country Piano from Western Swing to Rock n Roll. International Country Music Journal 2018. | Conference Proceeding
Net Neutrality and Government Documents. GODORT Connection
Net Neutrality Update. Intellectual Freedom Chronicle
Social Media and Privacy Concerns. Intellectual Freedom Chronicle
The Federal Election Commission: Beleaguered Defender of Election Integrity. GODORT Connection
United States Department of State: A Department Too Important to Fail. GODORT Connection
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Library of Congress National Jukebox. GODORT Connection
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