52 Publications (Page 2 of 3)
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Good Intentions, Disappointing Results: History of the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women
The Alabama Review. | Journal Article
"The Alabama Library Association" in The Encyclopedia of Alabama
Handling Intellectual Freedom Challenges from a State Legislator
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Foreign Language Use in Federal Government Documents
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State Convict Road Gangs in Alabama
The Alabama Review. | Journal Article
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Of Unlike Mind: Auburn & the State. Auburn Magazine
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Criminal Justice Web Sites.
RSR: Reference Services Review. | Journal Article
Information on Child Abuse: A Selected Bibliography of Federal Government Publications
Information on the Homeless and Homelessness: A Selected Bibliography of Federal Government Publications
From Spirituals to Gospel Rap: Gospel Music Periodicals
Serials Review. | Journal Article
U.S. Department of Commerce CD-ROM Serial Databases
Serials Review. | Journal Article
Crime and Punishment in New Hampshire, 1812-1914
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Poor Relief in Durham, Lee, and Madbury, New Hampshire, 1732-1891
State and Local Documents News: Alabama. Documents to the People
A Preliminary Checklist of Alabama Library Association Publications, 1904-1994
Hard Labor in the New Hampshire State Prison, 1812-1932
Historical New Hampshire. | Journal Article
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