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Reproducibility of 7-T brain spectroscopy using an ultrashort echo time STimulated Echo Acquisition Mode sequence and automated voxel repositioning
Reid, Meredith A.Forloines, Martha R. and Salibi, Nouha
NMR in Biomedicine, vol. 35. | Journal Article
Glutamate and Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Abnormalities in Antipsychotic-Naïve Patients With Schizophrenia: Evidence From Empirical and Meta-analytic Studies Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Biological Psychiatry. | Journal Article
Neurophysiological Effects of Whole Coffee Cherry Extract in Older Adults with Subjective Cognitive Impairment: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Pilot Study
Robinson, Jennifer L.Robinson, Jennifer L.Yanes, Julio A.Yanes, Julio A.Reid, Meredith A.Reid, Meredith A.Murphy, Jerry E.Murphy, Jerry E.Busler, Jessica N.Busler, Jessica N.Mumford, Petey W.Mumford., Petey W.Young, Kaelin C.Young., Kaelin C.Pietrzkowski, Zbigniew J.Pietrzkowski, Zbigniew J.Nemzer, Boris V.Nemzer, Boris V.Hunter, John M.Hunter, John M.Beck, Darren T. and Beck, Darren T.
Antioxidants, vol. 10, pp. 144. | Journal Article
A multimodal magnetoencephalography 7 T fMRI and 7 T proton MR spectroscopy study in first episode psychosis
Gawne, Timothy JGawne, Timothy JGawne, Timothy JGawne, Timothy JOverbeek, Gregory JOverbeek, Gregory JOverbeek, Gregory JOverbeek, Gregory JKillen, Jeffery FKillen, Jeffery FKillen, Jeffery FKillen, Jeffery FReid, Meredith AReid, Meredith AReid, Meredith AReid, Meredith AKraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, Nina VDenney, Thomas SDenney, Thomas SDenney, Thomas SDenney, Thomas SEllis, Charles AEllis, Charles AEllis, Charles AEllis, Charles ALahti, Adrienne CLahti, Adrienne CLahti, Adrienne C and Lahti, Adrienne C
NPJ schizophrenia, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 23, Dec 2020. | Journal Article
Left, right, or bilateral amygdala activation? How effects of smoothing and motion correction on ultra-high field, high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data alter inferences
Murphy, Jerry E.Murphy, Jerry EYanes, Julio A.Yanes, Julio AKirby, Lauren A.JKirby, Lauren A.J.Reid, Meredith A.Reid, Meredith ARobinson, Jennifer L and Robinson, Jennifer L.
Neuroscience Research, vol. 150, pp. 51–59. | Journal Article
Neurometabolic correlates of 6 and 16 weeks of treatment with risperidone in medication-naive first-episode psychosis patients
Birur, BadariKraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, Nina VanessaKraguljac, Nina VVerHoef, LawrenceVerHoef, LawrenceVerHoef, LawrenceMorgan, Charity JMorgan, Charity J.Morgan, Charity JJindal, Ripu DJindal, Ripu DamanJindal, Ripu DReid, Meredith AmandaReid, Meredith AReid, Meredith ALuker, AustinLahti, Adrienne CLahti, Adrienne C and Lahti, Adrienne Carol
Translational Psychiatry, vol. 10. | Journal Article
Regular Cannabis Use Associated With Lower Pain Tolerance and Greater Pain-Related Interference: Results from Laboratory and Ecologically Relevant Assessments
Yanes, Julio AlejandroYanes, Julio AlejandroReid, Meredith A.Reid, Meredith A.Atlas, Lauren YvetteAtlas, Lauren YvetteYounger, Jarred W.Younger, Jarred W.Gonzalez, RaulGonzalez, RaulRobinson, Jennifer L. and Robinson, Jennifer L.
Center for Open Science
7T Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in First-Episode Schizophrenia
Reid, Meredith AReid, M.A.Salibi, N.Salibi, NouhaWhite, D.M.White, David MGawne, Timothy JGawne, T.J.Denney, Thomas SDenney, T.S.Lahti, A.C. and Lahti, Adrienne C
Schizophrenia bulletin, vol. 45, pp. 180-189. | Journal Article
A longitudinal magnetic resonance spectroscopy study investigating effects of risperidone in the anterior cingulate cortex and hippocampus in schizophrenia
Kraguljac, N.V.Morgan, C.J.Reid, M.A.White, D.M.Jindal, R.D.Sivaraman, S.Martinak, B.K. and Lahti, A.C.
Schizophrenia Research. | Journal Article
Differential functional patterns of the human posterior cingulate cortex during activation and deactivation: a meta-analytic connectivity model.
Busler, JessicaBusler, Jessica NBusler, JessicaYanes, JulioYanes, JulioYanes, Julio ABird, RyanBird, RyanBird, Ryan TReid, MeredithReid, Meredith AReid, MeredithRobinson, JenniferRobinson, Jennifer and Robinson, Jennifer L
Experimental brain research. | Journal Article
Effects of cannabinoid administration for pain: A meta-analysis and meta-regression.
Yanes, Julio AYanes, Julio AMcKinnell, Zach EMcKinnell, Zach EReid, Meredith AReid, Meredith ABusler, Jessica NBusler, Jessica NMichel, Jesse SMichel, Jesse SPangelinan, Melissa MPangelinan, Melissa MSutherland, Matthew TSutherland, Matthew TYounger, Jarred WYounger, Jarred WGonzalez, RaulGonzalez, RaulRobinson, Jennifer L and Robinson, Jennifer L
Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology. | Journal Article
Examining resting-state functional connectivity in first-episode schizophrenia with 7T fMRI and MEG.
Lottman, Kristin KGawne, Timothy JKraguljac, Nina VKillen, Jeffrey F and Lahti, Adrienne C
NeuroImage. Clinical. | Journal Article
Ketamine induced changes in regional cerebral blood flow, interregional connectivity patterns, and glutamate metabolism.
Bryant, James EFrölich, MichaelTran, SteveLahti, Adrienne C and Kraguljac, Nina V
Journal of psychiatric research. | Journal Article
Micro- and Macrostructural White Matter Integrity in Never-Treated and Currently Unmedicated Patients With Schizophrenia and Effects of Short-Term Antipsychotic Treatment.
Kraguljac, Nina VAnthony, ThomasSkidmore, Frank MMarstrander, JonMorgan, Charity JWhite, David MJindal, Ripu DMelas Skefos, Nicholas H and Lahti, Adrienne C
Biological psychiatry. Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging. | Journal Article
Relationship Between Cortical Excitation and Inhibition and Task-Induced Activation and Deactivation: A Combined Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study at 7T in First-Episode Psychosis
Overbeek, GregoryOverbeek, G.Gawne, Timothy JGawne, T.J.Reid, M.A.Reid, Meredith ASalibi, NouhaSalibi, N.Kraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, N.V.White, David MWhite, D.M.Lahti, A.C. and Lahti, Adrienne C
Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, vol. 4, pp. 121-130. | Journal Article
A Longitudinal Multimodal Neuroimaging Study to Examine Relationships Between Resting State Glutamate and Task Related BOLD Response in Schizophrenia
Cadena, Elyse JCadena, Elyse J.White, David MWhite, David M.Kraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, Nina V.Reid, Meredith AReid, Meredith A.Maximo, Jose OMaximo, Jose O.Nelson, Eric A.Nelson, Eric AGawronski, Brian AGawronski, Brian A.Lahti, Adrienne C. and Lahti, Adrienne C
Frontiers in Psychiatry, vol. 9. | Journal Article
Cognitive control network dysconnectivity and response to antipsychotic treatment in schizophrenia
Cadena, Elyse JCadena, E.J.White, David MWhite, D.M.Kraguljac, Nina VKraguljac, N.V.Reid, Meredith AReid, M.A.Jindal, R.Jindal, RipuPixley, Roland MatthewPixley, R.M.Lahti, Adrienne C and Lahti, A.C.
Schizophrenia Research. | Journal Article
Evaluation of fronto-striatal networks during cognitive control in unmedicated patients with schizophrenia and the effect of antipsychotic medication
Cadena, Elyse J.Cadena, Elyse JWhite, David M.White, David MKraguljac, Nina V.Kraguljac, Nina VReid, Meredith A.Reid, Meredith ALahti, Adrienne C and Lahti, Adrienne C.
npj Schizophrenia, vol. 4. | Journal Article
Four‐way multimodal fusion of 7  T imaging data using an m CCA +j ICA model in first‐episode schizophrenia
Lottman, Kristin KWhite, David MKraguljac, Nina VReid, Meredith ACalhoun, Vince DCatao, Fabio and Lahti, Adrienne C
Human Brain Mapping, vol. 39, (no. 4), pp. 1488, 2018-04-00. | Journal Article
Neurofunctional correlates of geometry and feature use in a virtual environment.
Forloines, Martha RReid, Meredith AThompkins, Andie MRobinson, Jennifer L and Katz, Jeffrey S
Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition. | Journal Article
Neuroimaging meta-analysis of cannabis use studies reveals convergent functional alterations in brain regions supporting cognitive control and reward processing
Yanes, Julio AYanes, Julio ARiedel, Michael CRiedel, Michael CRay, Kimberly LRay, Kimberly LKirkland, Anna EKirkland, Anna EBird, Ryan TBird, Ryan TBoeving, Emily RBoeving, Emily RReid, Meredith AReid, Meredith AGonzalez, RaulGonzalez, RaulRobinson, Jennifer LRobinson, Jennifer LLaird, Angela RLaird, Angela RSutherland, Matthew T and Sutherland, Matthew T
Journal of Psychopharmacology, vol. 32, pp. 283–295. | Journal Article
Glutamate/glutamine concentrations in the dorsal anterior cingulate vary with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms
Harnett, Nathaniel G.Wood, Kimberly H.Ference, Edward W.Reid, Meredith A.Lahti, Adrienne C.Knight, Amy J. and Knight, David C.
Journal of Psychiatric Research, vol. 91, pp. 169–176. | Journal Article
Ketamine modulates hippocampal neurochemistry and functional connectivity: A combined magnetic resonance spectroscopy and resting-state fMRI study in healthy volunteers
Kraguljac, N.V.Frölich, M.A.Tran, S.White, D.M.Nichols, N.Barton-Mcardle, A.Reid, M.A.Bolding, M.S. and Lahti, A.C.
Molecular Psychiatry, vol. 22, pp. 562-569. | Journal Article
A combined diffusion tensor imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of patients with schizophrenia
Reid, M.A.White, D.M.Kraguljac, N.V. and Lahti, A.C.
Schizophrenia Research, vol. 170, pp. 341-350. | Journal Article
Biochemistry of the cingulate cortex in autism: An MR spectroscopy study
Libero, Lauren E.Reid, Meredith A.White, David M.Salibi, NouhaLahti, Adrienne C. and Kana, Rajesh K.
Autism Research, vol. 9, pp. 643–657. | Journal Article