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Are synchronous chats a silver lining of emergency remote instruction? Text-based chatting is disproportionately favored by women in a non-majors introductory biology course
Robnett, Rachael D.Robnett, Rachael DBallen, Cissy J.Ballen, Cissy JFagbodun, SherittaFagbodun, SherittaLane, KellyLane, KellyMcCoy, Sophie J.McCoy, Sophie JRobinson, LeciaRobinson, LeciaWeems, Ebony I.Weems, Ebony ICotner, Sehoya and Cotner, Sehoya
PLoS One, vol. 17, (no. 10), Oct 2022. | Journal Article
Students who prefer face-to-face tests outperform their online peers in organic chemistry
Beatty, A.E.Esco, A.Curtiss, A.B.C. and Ballen, C.J.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice, vol. 23, pp. 464-474. | Journal Article
Addressing the Unique Qualities of Upper-Level Biology Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences through the Integration of Skill-Building
Beatty, A.E.Ballen, C.J.Driessen, E.P.Schwartz, T.S. and Graze, R.M.
Integrative and Comparative Biology, vol. 61, pp. 981-991. | Journal Article
Context matters: Social psychological factors that underlie academic performance across seven institutions
Salehi, S.Berk, S.A.Brunelli, R.Cotner, S.Creech, C.Drake, A.G.Fagbodun, S.Hall, C.Hebert, S.Hewlett, J.James, A.C.Shuster, M.St. Juliana, J.R.Stovall, D.B.Whittington, R.Zhong, M. and Ballen, C.J.
CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 20. | Journal Article
Inclusive Instructional Practices: Course Design, Implementation, and Discourse
Salehi, ShimaSalehi, S.Ballen, C.J.Ballen, Cissy J.Trujillo, G.Trujillo, GlorianaWieman, Carl and Wieman, C.
Frontiers in Education, vol. 6. | Journal Article
Mediation analysis in discipline-based education research using structural equation modeling: Beyond ?what works? to understand how it works, and for whom
Ballen, Cissy JBallen, C.J.Salehi, S. and Salehi, Shima
Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education, vol. 22. | Journal Article
Meta-analysis of gender performance gaps in undergraduate natural science courses
Odom, S.Odom, SaraBoso, HalleBoso, H.Bowling, ScottBowling, S.Brownell, S.Brownell, SaraCotner, S.Cotner, SehoyaCreech, C.Creech, CatherineDrake, Abby GraceDrake, A.G.Eddy, SarahEddy, S.Fagbodun, S.Fagbodun, SherittaHebert, S.Hebert, SadieJames, Avis CJames, A.C.Just, JanJust, J.Juliana, J.R.S.St Juliana, Justin RShuster, M.Shuster, MicheleThompson, S.K.Thompson, Seth KWhittington, R.Whittington, RichardWills, Bill DWills, B.D.Wilson, A.E.Wilson, Alan EZamudio, K.R.Zamudio, Kelly RZhong, MinZhong, M.Ballen, Cissy J and Ballen, C.J.
CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 20. | Journal Article
Teaching between the Lines: Representation in Science Textbooks
Simpson, D.Y.Beatty, A.E. and Ballen, C.J.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution, vol. 36, pp. 4-8. | Journal Article
Teaching the tough topics: Fostering ideological awareness through the inclusion of societally impactful topics in introductory biology
Beatty, A.E.Driessen, E.P.Gusler, T.Ewell, S.Grilliot, A. and Ballen, C.J.
CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 20. | Journal Article
The Curious Construct of Active Learning
Lombardi, D.Shipley, T.F.Bailey, J.M.Bretones, P.S.Prather, E.E.Ballen, C.J.Knight, J.K.Smith, M.K.Stowe, R.L.Cooper, M.M.Prince, M.Atit, K.Uttal, D.H.LaDue, N.D.McNeal, P.M.Ryker, K.St. John, K.Hoeven Kraft, K.J. and Docktor, J.L.
Psychological Science in the Public Interest, vol. 22, pp. 8-43. | Journal Article
A call for data-driven networks to address equity in the context of undergraduate biology
Thompson, S.K.Thompson, Seth KHebert, SadieHebert, S.Berk, SaraBerk, S.Brunelli, R.Brunelli, RebeccaCreech, C.Creech, CatherineDrake, A.G.Drake, Abby GraceFagbodun, S.Fagbodun, SherittaGarcia-Ojeda, Marcos EGarcia-Ojeda, M.E.Hall, C.Hall, CarrieHarshman, J.Harshman, JordanLamb, T.Lamb, ToddRobnett, RachaelRobnett, R.Shuster, MichèleShuster, M.Cotner, SehoyaCotner, S.Ballen, Cissy J and Ballen, C.J.
CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 19, pp. 1-12. | Journal Article
A scientist like me: Demographic analysis of biology textbooks reveals both progress and long-term lags
Wood, S.Wood, SaraHenning, Jeremiah A.Henning, J.A.Chen, LuoyingChen, L.McKibben, TaylorMcKibben, TaylorSmith, M.L.Smith, Michael L.Weber, M.Weber, MarjorieZemenick, AshZemenick, A.Ballen, Cissy J. and Ballen, C.J.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, vol. 287. | Journal Article
Demystifying the meaning of active learning in postsecondary biology education
Driessen, E.P.Knight, J.K.Smith, M.K. and Ballen, C.J.
CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 19, pp. 1-9. | Journal Article
-Book chapter-
Ballen, Cissy J.
In Enhancing Diversity in College Science with Active Learning. (pp. 873–887). Springer International Publishing. 2020
Gender differences in student participation in an active-learning classroom
Aguillon, S.M.Aguillon, Stepfanie MSiegmund, Gregor-FaustoSiegmund, G.-F.Petipas, R.H.Petipas, Renee HDrake, Abby GraceDrake, A.G.Cotner, SehoyaCotner, S.Ballen, C.J. and Ballen, Cissy J
CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 19. | Journal Article
Guest commentary
Ballen, C.J.
American Biology Teacher, vol. 82, pp. 577. | Journal Article
How a classroom failure improved my teaching
The American Biology Teacher. | Journal Article
How a classroom failure improved my teaching. The American Biology Teacher
Learning principles of evolution during a crisis: An exploratory analysis of student barriers one week and one month into the COVID-19 pandemic
Driessen, E.Beatty, A.Stokes, A.Wood, S. and Ballen, C.
Ecology and Evolution, vol. 10, pp. 12431-12436. | Journal Article
Variation in Incoming Academic Preparation: Consequences for Minority and First-Generation Students
Salehi, S.Cotner, S. and Ballen, C.J.
Frontiers in Education, vol. 5. | Journal Article
Forensic Phylogenetics: Implementing Tree-thinking in a Court of Law
Ballen, Cissy JDrake, Abby Grace and Zamudio, Kelly R
CourseSource, vol. 6, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Gender Performance Gaps Across Different Assessment Methods and the Underlying Mechanisms: The Case of Incoming Preparation and Test Anxiety
Salehi, ShimaCotner, SehoyaAzarin, Samira MCarlson, Erin EDriessen, MichelleFerry, Vivian EHarcombe, WilliamMcGaugh, SuzanneWassenberg, DeenaYonas, Azariah and Ballen, Cissy J
Frontiers in Education, vol. 4, 2019-09-27. | Journal Article
Hidden Identities Shape Student Perceptions of Active Learning Environments
Henning, Jeremiah ABallen, Cissy JMolina, Sergio A and Cotner, Sehoya
Frontiers in Education, vol. 4, 2019-11-05. | Journal Article
Smaller Classes Promote Equitable Student Participation in STEM
Ballen, C.J.Ballen, Cissy JAguillon, S.M.Aguillon, Stepfanie MAwwad, AzzaAwwad, A.Bjune, A.E.Bjune, Anne EChallou, DanielChallou, D.Drake, A.G.Drake, Abby GraceDriessen, MichelleDriessen, M.Ellozy, A.Ellozy, AzizaFerry, Vivian EFerry, V.E.Goldberg, E.E.Goldberg, Emma EHarcombe, WilliamHarcombe, W.Jensen, SteveJensen, S.J?rgensen, C.Jørgensen, ChristianKoth, ZoeKoth, Z.McGaugh, S.McGaugh, SuzanneMitry, CarolineMitry, C.Mosher, B.Mosher, BryanMostafa, HodaMostafa, H.Petipas, R.H.Petipas, Renee HSoneral, Paula A GSoneral, P.A.G.Watters, ShanaWatters, S.Wassenberg, D.Wassenberg, DeenaWeiss, Stacey LWeiss, S.L.Yonas, AzariahYonas, A.Zamudio, Kelly RZamudio, K.R.Cotner, S. and Cotner, Sehoya
BioScience, vol. 69, (no. 8), pp. 680, 2019-08-01. | Journal Article
Structured learning environments are required to promote equitable participation
Neill, ConnorCotner, SehoyaDriessen, Michelle and Ballen, Cissy J
Chemistry Education Research and Practice, vol. 2, (no. 1), pp. 23, 20190109. | Journal Article