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Antiangiogenic Pterocarpan and Flavonoid Constituents of Erythrina lysistemon. Journal of Natural Products
. | Journal Article
Beyond VEGF: targeting inflammation and other pathways for treatment of retinal disease. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
. | Journal Article
Identification of Novel Pathways Regulated by APE1/Ref-1 in Human Retinal Endothelial Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
. | Journal Article
Long‐Acting Microparticle Formulation of Griseofulvin for Ocular Neovascularization Therapy. Small
. | Journal Article
An improved method for murine laser-induced choroidal neovascularization lesion quantification from optical coherence tomography images. MethodsX
Decreased Expression of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Suppresses Murine Choroidal Neovascularization. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Park, BominaSishtla, Kamakshi LHartman, Gabriella DQi, XiaopingBoulton, Michael ECorson, Timothy W and Corson, Timothy W
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Mouse Pharmacokinetics and In Vitro Metabolism of SH-11037 and SH-11008, Synthetic Homoisoflavonoids for Retinal Neovascularization. Pharmaceutics
Synthesis and Structure Revision of Naturally Occurring Homoisoflavane (+)-Dracaeconolide B. Journal of Natural Products
. | Journal Article
Building a virtual summer research experience in cancer for high school and early undergraduate students: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
Corson, Timothy WCorson, Timothy WHawkins, Shannon MHawkins, Shannon MSanders, ElmerSanders, ElmerByram, JessicaByram, JessicaCruz, Leigh-AnnCruz, Leigh-AnnOlson, JacobOlson, JacobSpeidell, EmilySpeidell, EmilySchnabel, RoseSchnabel, RoseBalaji, AdhityaOgbeide, OsasOgbeide, OsasDinh, JulieDinh, JulieHinshaw, AmyHinshaw, AmyCummings, LauraCummings, LauraBonds, VickiBonds, VickiNakshatri, Harikrishna and Nakshatri, Harikrishna
BMC Medical Education, vol. 21, pp. 1-12, 2021. | Journal Article
Inhibition of APE1/Ref-1 for Neovascular Eye Diseases: From Biology to Therapy
Hartman, Gabriella DLambert-Cheatham, Nathan AKelley, Mark RCorson, Timothy W and Corson, Timothy W
International Journal of Molecular Sciences. | Journal Article
Measurement of mitochondrial respiration in the murine retina using a Seahorse extracellular flux analyzer
STAR Protocols. | Journal Article
Modulating a summer ophthalmology research experience for medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Corson, Timothy W and Wallace, David K
International Journal of Medical Education, vol. 12, pp. 34-35, 2021. | Journal Article
Patient preferences in retinal drug delivery
Jacobs, BrandonJacobs, BrandonJacobs, BrandonPalmer, NicholasPalmer, NicholasPalmer, NicholasShetty, TruptiShetty, TruptiDimaras, HelenDimaras, HelenDimaras, HelenHajrasouliha, AmirHajrasouliha, AmirJusufbegovic, DenisJusufbegovic, DenisCorson, Timothy WCorson, Timothy W and Corson, Timothy W
Scientific Reports (Nature Publisher Group), vol. 11, (no. 1), 2021. | Journal Article
Bufadienolides and anti-angiogenic homoisoflavonoids from Rhodocodon cryptopodus, Rhodocodon rotundus and Rhodocodon cyathiformis
Whitmore, HannahWhitmore, HannahSishtla, KamakshiSishtla, KamakshiKnirsch, WalterKnirsch, WalterAndriantiana, Jacky LAndriantiana, Jacky LSchwikkard, SianneSchwikkard, SianneMas-Claret, EduardMas-Claret, EduardNassief, Sarah MNassief, Sarah MIsyaka, Sani MIsyaka, Sani MCorson, Timothy WCorson, Timothy WMulholland, Dulcie A and Mulholland, Dulcie A
Fitoterapia, vol. 141, pp. 104479, March 2020. | Journal Article
Building a virtual summer research experience in cancer for high school and early undergraduate students: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
Calcitriol and non-calcemic vitamin D analogue, 22-oxacalcitriol, attenuate developmental and pathological choroidal vasculature angiogenesis ex vivo and in vivo
Merrigan, Stephanie LPark, BominaAli, ZaheerJensen, Lasse DCorson, Timothy W and Kennedy, Breandán N
Oncotarget, vol. 11, (no. 5), pp. 509, 2020-Feb-04. | Journal Article
Cancer Research in the “Chemical Biology” Section of the Journal Molecules
Molecules. | Journal Article
Ferrochelatase regulates retinal neovascularization
Babu, Sardar Pasha Sheik PranWhite, Darcy and Corson, Timothy W
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Ferrochelatase regulates retinal neovascularization
The FASEB Journal. | Journal Article
Global Retinoblastoma Presentation and Analysis by National Income Level
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H.Jenkinson, H.Jenkinson, H.Ji, X.Ji, X.Ji, X.Ji, X.Jo, D.H.Jo, D.H.Jo, D.H.Jo, D.H.Johnson, K.P.Johnson, K.P.Johnson, K.P.Johnson, K.P.Johnson, W.J.Johnson, W.J.Johnson, W.J.Johnson, W.J.Jones, M.M.Jones, M.M.Jones, M.M.Jones, M.M.Kabesha, T.B.A.Kabesha, T.B.A.Kabesha, T.B.A.Kabesha, T.B.A.Kabore, R.L.Kabore, R.L.Kabore, R.L.Kabore, R.L.Kaliki, S.Kaliki, S.Kaliki, S.Kaliki, S.Kalinaki, A.Kalinaki, A.Kalinaki, A.Kalinaki, A.Kantar, M.Kantar, M.Kantar, M.Kantar, M.Kao, L.-Y.Kao, L.-Y.Kao, L.-Y.Kao, L.-Y.Kardava, T.Kardava, T.Kardava, T.Kardava, T.Kebudi, R.Kebudi, R.Kebudi, R.Kebudi, R.Kepak, T.Kepak, T.Kepak, T.Kepak, T.Keren-Froim, N.Keren-Froim, N.Keren-Froim, N.Keren-Froim, N.Khan, Z.J.Khan, Z.J.Khan, Z.J.Khan, Z.J.Khaqan, H.A.Khaqan, H.A.Khaqan, H.A.Khaqan, H.A.Khauv, P.Khauv, P.Khauv, P.Khauv, P.Kheir, W.J.Kheir, W.J.Kheir, W.J.Kheir, W.J.Khetan, V.Khetan, V.Khetan, V.Khetan, V.Khodabande, A.Khodabande, A.Khodabande, A.Khodabande, A.Khotenashvili, Z.Khotenashvili, Z.Khotenashvili, Z.Khotenashvili, Z.Kim, J.W.Kim, J.W.Kim, J.W.Kim, J.W.Kim, J.H.Kim, J.H.Kim, J.H.Kim, J.H.Kiratli, H.Kiratli, H.Kiratli, H.Kiratli, H.Kivelä, T.T.Kivelä, T.T.Kivelä, T.T.Kivelä, T.T.Klett, A.Klett, A.Klett, A.Klett, A.Komba Palet, J.E.K.Komba Palet, J.E.K.Komba Palet, J.E.K.Komba Palet, J.E.K.Krivaitiene, D.Krivaitiene, D.Krivaitiene, D.Krivaitiene, D.Kruger, M.Kruger, M.Kruger, M.Kruger, M.Kulvichit, K.Kulvichit, K.Kulvichit, K.Kulvichit, K.Kuntorini, M.W.Kuntorini, M.W.Kuntorini, M.W.Kuntorini, M.W.Kyara, A.Kyara, A.Kyara, A.Kyara, A.Lachmann, E.S.Lachmann, E.S.Lachmann, E.S.Lachmann, E.S.Lam, C.P.S.Lam, C.P.S.Lam, C.P.S.Lam, C.P.S.Lam, G.C.Lam, G.C.Lam, G.C.Lam, G.C.Larson, S.A.Larson, S.A.Larson, S.A.Larson, S.A.Latinovi?, S.Latinovi?, S.Latinovi?, S.Latinovi?, S.Laurenti, K.D.Laurenti, K.D.Laurenti, K.D.Laurenti, K.D.Le, B.H.A.Le, B.H.A.Le, B.H.A.Le, B.H.A.Lecuona, K.Lecuona, K.Lecuona, K.Lecuona, K.Leverant, A.A.Leverant, A.A.Leverant, A.A.Leverant, A.A.Li, C.Li, C.Li, C.Li, C.Limbu, B.Limbu, B.Limbu, B.Limbu, B.Long, Q.B.Long, Q.B.Long, Q.B.Long, Q.B.López, J.P.López, J.P.López, J.P.López, J.P.Lukamba, R.M.Lukamba, R.M.Lukamba, R.M.Lukamba, R.M.Lumbroso, L.Lumbroso, L.Lumbroso, L.Lumbroso, L.Luna-Fineman, S.Luna-Fineman, S.Luna-Fineman, S.Luna-Fineman, S.Lutfi, D.Lutfi, D.Lutfi, D.Lutfi, D.Lysytsia, L.Lysytsia, L.Lysytsia, L.Lysytsia, L.Magrath, G.N.Magrath, G.N.Magrath, G.N.Magrath, G.N.Mahajan, A.Mahajan, A.Mahajan, A.Mahajan, A.Majeed, A.R.Majeed, A.R.Majeed, A.R.Majeed, A.R.Maka, E.Maka, E.Maka, E.Maka, E.Makan, M.Makan, M.Makan, M.Makan, M.Makimbetov, E.K.Makimbetov, E.K.Makimbetov, E.K.Makimbetov, E.K.Manda, C.Manda, C.Manda, C.Manda, C.Martín Begue, N.Martín Begue, N.Martín Begue, N.Martín Begue, N.Mason, L.Mason, L.Mason, L.Mason, L.Mason, J.O.Mason, J.O.Mason, J.O.Mason, J.O.Matende, I.O.Matende, I.O.Matende, I.O.Matende, I.O.Materin, M.Materin, M.Materin, M.Materin, M.Mattosinho, C.C.D.S.Mattosinho, C.C.D.S.Mattosinho, C.C.D.S.Mattosinho, C.C.D.S.Matua, M.Matua, M.Matua, M.Matua, M.Mayet, I.Mayet, I.Mayet, I.Mayet, I.Mbumba, F.B.Mbumba, F.B.Mbumba, F.B.Mbumba, F.B.McKenzie, J.D.McKenzie, J.D.McKenzie, J.D.McKenzie, J.D.Medina-Sanson, A.Medina-Sanson, A.Medina-Sanson, A.Medina-Sanson, A.Mehrvar, A.Mehrvar, A.Mehrvar, A.Mehrvar, A.Mengesha, A.A.Mengesha, A.A.Mengesha, A.A.Mengesha, A.A.Menon, V.Menon, V.Menon, V.Menon, V.Mercado, G.J.V.D.Mercado, G.J.V.D.Mercado, G.J.V.D.Mercado, G.J.V.D.Mets, M.B.Mets, M.B.Mets, M.B.Mets, M.B.Midena, E.Midena, E.Midena, E.Midena, E.Mishra, D.K.C.Mishra, D.K.C.Mishra, D.K.C.Mishra, D.K.C.Mndeme, F.G.Mndeme, F.G.Mndeme, F.G.Mndeme, F.G.Mohamedani, A.A.Mohamedani, A.A.Mohamedani, A.A.Mohamedani, A.A.Mohammad, M.T.Mohammad, M.T.Mohammad, M.T.Mohammad, M.T.Moll, A.C.Moll, A.C.Moll, A.C.Moll, A.C.Montero, M.M.Montero, M.M.Montero, M.M.Montero, M.M.Morales, R.A.Morales, R.A.Morales, R.A.Morales, R.A.Moreira, C.Moreira, C.Moreira, C.Moreira, C.Mruthyunjaya, P.Mruthyunjaya, P.Mruthyunjaya, P.Mruthyunjaya, P.Msina, M.S.Msina, M.S.Msina, M.S.Msina, M.S.Msukwa, G.Msukwa, G.Msukwa, G.Msukwa, G.Mudaliar, S.S.Mudaliar, S.S.Mudaliar, S.S.Mudaliar, S.S.Muma, K.I.Muma, K.I.Muma, K.I.Muma, K.I.Munier, F.L.Munier, F.L.Munier, F.L.Munier, F.L.Murgoi, G.Murgoi, G.Murgoi, G.Murgoi, G.Murray, T.G.Murray, T.G.Murray, T.G.Murray, T.G.Musa, K.O.Musa, K.O.Musa, K.O.Musa, K.O.Mushtaq, A.Mushtaq, A.Mushtaq, A.Mushtaq, A.Mustak, H.Mustak, H.Mustak, H.Mustak, H.Muyen, O.M.Muyen, O.M.Muyen, O.M.Muyen, O.M.Naidu, G.Naidu, G.Naidu, G.Naidu, G.Nair, A.G.Nair, A.G.Nair, A.G.Nair, A.G.Naumenko, L.Naumenko, L.Naumenko, L.Naumenko, L.Ndoye Roth, P.A.Ndoye Roth, P.A.Ndoye Roth, P.A.Ndoye Roth, P.A.Nency, Y.M.Nency, Y.M.Nency, Y.M.Nency, Y.M.Neroev, V.Neroev, V.Neroev, V.Neroev, V.Ngo, H.Ngo, H.Ngo, H.Ngo, H.Nieves, R.M.Nieves, R.M.Nieves, R.M.Nieves, R.M.Nikitovic, M.Nikitovic, M.Nikitovic, M.Nikitovic, M.Nkanga, E.D.Nkanga, E.D.Nkanga, E.D.Nkanga, E.D.Nkumbe, H.Nkumbe, H.Nkumbe, H.Nkumbe, H.Nuruddin, M.Nuruddin, M.Nuruddin, M.Nuruddin, M.Nyaywa, M.Nyaywa, M.Nyaywa, M.Nyaywa, M.Obono-Obiang, G.Obono-Obiang, G.Obono-Obiang, G.Obono-Obiang, G.Oguego, N.C.Oguego, N.C.Oguego, N.C.Oguego, N.C.Olechowski, A.Olechowski, A.Olechowski, A.Olechowski, A.Oliver, S.C.N.Oliver, S.C.N.Oliver, S.C.N.Oliver, S.C.N.Osei-Bonsu, P.Osei-Bonsu, P.Osei-Bonsu, P.Osei-Bonsu, P.Ossandon, D.Ossandon, D.Ossandon, D.Ossandon, D.Paez-Escamilla, M.A.Paez-Escamilla, M.A.Paez-Escamilla, M.A.Paez-Escamilla, M.A.Pagarra, H.Pagarra, H.Pagarra, H.Pagarra, H.Painter, S.L.Painter, S.L.Painter, S.L.Painter, S.L.Paintsil, V.Paintsil, V.Paintsil, V.Paintsil, V.Paiva, L.Paiva, L.Paiva, L.Paiva, L.Pal, B.P.Pal, B.P.Pal, B.P.Pal, B.P.Palanivelu, M.S.Palanivelu, M.S.Palanivelu, M.S.Palanivelu, M.S.Papyan, R.Papyan, R.Papyan, R.Papyan, R.Parrozzani, R.Parrozzani, R.Parrozzani, R.Parrozzani, R.Parulekar, M.Parulekar, M.Parulekar, M.Parulekar, M.Pascual Morales, C.R.Pascual Morales, C.R.Pascual Morales, C.R.Pascual Morales, C.R.Paton, K.E.Paton, K.E.Paton, K.E.Paton, K.E.Pawinska-Wasikowska, K.Pawinska-Wasikowska, K.Pawinska-Wasikowska, K.Pawinska-Wasikowska, K.Pe’Er, J.Pe’Er, J.Pe’Er, J.Pe’Er, J.Peña, A.Peña, A.Peña, A.Peña, A.Peri?, S.Peri?, S.Peri?, S.Peri?, S.Pham, C.T.M.Pham, C.T.M.Pham, C.T.M.Pham, C.T.M.Philbert, R.Philbert, R.Philbert, R.Philbert, R.Plager, D.A.Plager, D.A.Plager, D.A.Plager, D.A.Pochop, P.Pochop, P.Pochop, P.Pochop, P.Polania, R.A.Polania, R.A.Polania, R.A.Polania, R.A.Polyakov, V.G.Polyakov, V.G.Polyakov, V.G.Polyakov, V.G.Pompe, M.T.Pompe, M.T.Pompe, M.T.Pompe, M.T.Pons, J.J.Pons, J.J.Pons, J.J.Pons, J.J.Prat, D.Prat, D.Prat, D.Prat, D.Prom, V.Prom, V.Prom, V.Prom, V.Purwanto, I.Purwanto, I.Purwanto, I.Purwanto, I.Qadir, A.O.Qadir, A.O.Qadir, A.O.Qadir, A.O.Qayyum, S.Qayyum, S.Qayyum, S.Qayyum, S.Qian, J.Qian, J.Qian, J.Qian, J.Rahman, A.Rahman, A.Rahman, A.Rahman, A.Rahman, S.Rahman, S.Rahman, S.Rahman, S.Rahmat, J.Rahmat, J.Rahmat, J.Rahmat, J.Rajkarnikar, P.Rajkarnikar, P.Rajkarnikar, P.Rajkarnikar, P.Ramanjulu, R.Ramanjulu, R.Ramanjulu, R.Ramanjulu, R.Ramasubramanian, A.Ramasubramanian, A.Ramasubramanian, A.Ramasubramanian, A.Ramirez-Ortiz, M.A.Ramirez-Ortiz, M.A.Ramirez-Ortiz, M.A.Ramirez-Ortiz, M.A.Raobela, L.Raobela, L.Raobela, L.Raobela, L.Rashid, R.Rashid, R.Rashid, R.Rashid, R.Reddy, M.A.Reddy, M.A.Reddy, M.A.Reddy, M.A.Reich, E.Reich, E.Reich, E.Reich, E.Renner, L.A.Renner, L.A.Renner, L.A.Renner, L.A.Reynders, D.Reynders, D.Reynders, D.Reynders, D.Ribadu, D.Ribadu, D.Ribadu, D.Ribadu, D.Riheia, M.M.Riheia, M.M.Riheia, M.M.Riheia, M.M.Ritter-Sovinz, P.Ritter-Sovinz, P.Ritter-Sovinz, P.Ritter-Sovinz, P.Rojanaporn, D.Rojanaporn, D.Rojanaporn, D.Rojanaporn, D.Romero, L.Romero, L.Romero, L.Romero, L.Roy, S.R.Roy, S.R.Roy, S.R.Roy, S.R.Saab, R.H.Saab, R.H.Saab, R.H.Saab, R.H.Saakyan, S.Saakyan, S.Saakyan, S.Saakyan, S.Sabhan, A.H.Sabhan, A.H.Sabhan, A.H.Sabhan, A.H.Sagoo, M.S.Sagoo, M.S.Sagoo, M.S.Sagoo, M.S.Said, A.M.A.Said, A.M.A.Said, A.M.A.Said, A.M.A.Saiju, R.Saiju, R.Saiju, R.Saiju, R.Salas, B.Salas, B.Salas, B.Salas, B.San Román Pacheco, S.San Román Pacheco, S.San Román Pacheco, S.San Román Pacheco, S.Sánchez, G.L.Sánchez, G.L.Sánchez, G.L.Sánchez, G.L.Sayalith, P.Sayalith, P.Sayalith, P.Sayalith, P.Scanlan, T.A.Scanlan, T.A.Scanlan, T.A.Scanlan, T.A.Schefler, A.C.Schefler, A.C.Schefler, A.C.Schefler, A.C.Schoeman, J.Schoeman, J.Schoeman, J.Schoeman, J.Sedaghat, A.Sedaghat, A.Sedaghat, A.Sedaghat, A.Seregard, S.Seregard, S.Seregard, S.Seregard, S.Seth, R.Seth, R.Seth, R.Seth, R.Shah, A.S.Shah, A.S.Shah, A.S.Shah, A.S.Shakoor, S.A.Shakoor, S.A.Shakoor, S.A.Shakoor, S.A.Sharma, M.K.Sharma, M.K.Sharma, M.K.Sharma, M.K.Sherief, S.T.Sherief, S.T.Sherief, S.T.Sherief, S.T.Shetye, N.G.Shetye, N.G.Shetye, N.G.Shetye, N.G.Shields, C.L.Shields, C.L.Shields, C.L.Shields, C.L.Siddiqui, S.N.Siddiqui, S.N.Siddiqui, S.N.Siddiqui, S.N.Sidi Cheikh, S.Sidi Cheikh, S.Sidi Cheikh, S.Sidi Cheikh, S.Silva, S.Silva, S.Silva, S.Silva, S.Singh, A.D.Singh, A.D.Singh, A.D.Singh, A.D.Singh, N.Singh, N.Singh, N.Singh, N.Singh, U.Singh, U.Singh, U.Singh, U.Singha, P.Singha, P.Singha, P.Singha, P.Sitorus, R.S.Sitorus, R.S.Sitorus, R.S.Sitorus, R.S.Skalet, A.H.Skalet, A.H.Skalet, A.H.Skalet, A.H.Soebagjo, H.D.Soebagjo, H.D.Soebagjo, H.D.Soebagjo, H.D.Sorochynska, T.Sorochynska, T.Sorochynska, T.Sorochynska, T.Ssali, G.Ssali, G.Ssali, G.Ssali, G.Stacey, A.W.Stacey, A.W.Stacey, A.W.Stacey, A.W.Staffieri, S.E.Staffieri, S.E.Staffieri, S.E.Staffieri, S.E.Stahl, E.D.Stahl, E.D.Stahl, E.D.Stahl, E.D.Stathopoulos, C.Stathopoulos, C.Stathopoulos, C.Stathopoulos, C.Stirn Kranjc, B.Stirn Kranjc, B.Stirn Kranjc, B.Stirn Kranjc, B.Stones, D.K.Stones, D.K.Stones, D.K.Stones, D.K.Strahlendorf, C.Strahlendorf, C.Strahlendorf, C.Strahlendorf, C.Suarez, M.E.C.Suarez, M.E.C.Suarez, M.E.C.Suarez, M.E.C.Sultana, S.Sultana, S.Sultana, S.Sultana, S.Sun, X.Sun, X.Sun, X.Sun, X.Sundy, M.Sundy, M.Sundy, M.Sundy, M.Superstein, R.Superstein, 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