Our research group is focused on the interplay between RNA Polymerase II transcription and chromatin.

Using Multidimentional Protein Indentification Technology (MudPIT), we can study both protein-protein interaction networks and post-translational modifications that may alter transcription during different cellular states.

The major focus of our research is to study the role of the CTD phosphatase Rtr1 during the transcription cycle and to understand how alterations in the phosphorylation state of the CTD influence gene expression and mRNA processing.

Dr. Mosley's research is focused on  the regulation of RNA Polymerase II elongation and termination using systems level approaches including next-generation sequencing and protein mass spectrometry.


  • Hot off the press: Temperature sensitive Mutant Proteome Profiling (TeMPP)
  • Dial-In on how Phosphatase Rtr1 Fine Tunes Transcription Termination
  • Six degrees of RNA Polymerase II—Interaction Network Building using Mass Spectrometry
  • Transcription-Coupled RNA Quality Control: A lesson in how to check yourself before you wreck yourself

Research: Islet Function and Survival

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Oncology, Cellular Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry
PhD, University of Kentucky, Biochemistry, 2004
BS, East Tennessee State University, Biology, Philosophy, 1999