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Context-dependence of fungal community responses to dominant tree mycorrhizal types in Northern hardwood forests
Eagar, A.C.Smemo, K.A.Phillips, R.P. and Blackwood, C.B.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, vol. 178. | Journal Article
Refining the role of nitrogen mineralization in mycorrhizal nutrient syndromes
Seyfried, G.Midgley, M.G.Phillips, R.P. and Yang, W.H.
Afterlife Effects of Root Traits on Soil Organic Matter Dynamics Depend on Decay Stage and Root Branching Order
Beidler, K.V.Benson, M.C.Craig, M.E.Oh, Y. and Phillips, R.P.
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Tree Communities Have Greater Soil Fungal Diversity and Relative Abundances of Saprotrophs and Pathogens than Ectomycorrhizal Tree Communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology
. | Journal Article
Coupling of plant and mycorrhizal fungal diversity: its occurrence, relevance, and possible implications under global change
Fei, S.Fei, SonglinKivlin, Stephanie NKivlin, S.N.Domke, Grant MDomke, G.M.Jo, I.Jo, InsuLaRue, Elizabeth ALaRue, E.A.Phillips, R.P. and Phillips, Richard P
New Phytologist, vol. 234, pp. 1960-1966. | Journal Article
Coupling of plant and mycorrhizal fungal diversity: its occurrence, relevance, and possible implications under global change. New Phytologist
. | Journal Article
Fast-decaying plant litter enhances soil carbon in temperate forests but not through microbial physiological traits. Nature Communications
. | Journal Article
Global pattern of soil priming effect intensity and its environmental drivers. Ecology
. | Journal Article
Modeling Global Carbon Costs of Plant Nitrogen and Phosphorus Acquisition. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
Braghiere, R. K.Fisher, J. B.Allen, K.Brzostek, E.Shi, M.Yang, X.Ricciuto, D. M.Fisher, R. A.Zhu, Q. and Phillips, R. P.
. | Journal Article
Mycorrhizal associations of tree species influence soil nitrogen dynamics via effects on soil acid-base chemistry. Global Ecology and Biogeography
. | Journal Article
Stable isotopes reveal that fungal residues contribute more to mineral-associated organic matter pools than plant residues
Klink, S.Keller, A.B.Wild, A.J.Baumert, V.L.Gube, M.Lehndorff, E.Meyer, N.Mueller, C.W.Phillips, R.P. and Pausch, J.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, vol. 168. | Journal Article
The Drought Response of Eastern US Oaks in the Context of Their Declining Abundance
Novick, KimberlyNovick, K.Novick, KimberlyJo, I.Jo, InsuJo, InsuD'Orangeville, LoïcD’Orangeville, LoïcD’Orangeville, L.Benson, MichaelBenson, MichaelBenson, M.Au, T.F.Au, Tsun FungAu, Tsun FungBarnes, MalloryBarnes, MalloryBarnes, M.Denham, S.Denham, SanderDenham, SanderFei, SonglinFei, SonglinFei, S.Heilman, KellyHeilman, KellyHeilman, K.Hwang, T.Hwang, TaeheeHwang, TaeheeKeyser, T.Keyser, TaraKeyser, TaraMaxwell, JustinMaxwell, J.Maxwell, JustinMiniat, ChelcyMiniat, C.Miniat, ChelcyMcLachlan, JasonMcLachlan, J.McLachlan, JasonPederson, NeilPederson, NeilPederson, N.Wang, LixinWang, L.Wang, LixinWood, J.D.Wood, Jeffrey DWood, Jeffrey DPhillips, Richard PPhillips, R.P. and Phillips, Richard P
BioScience, vol. 72, pp. 333-346. | Journal Article
The Drought Response of Eastern US Oaks in the Context of Their Declining Abundance. BioScience
. | Journal Article
The xylem of anisohydric Quercus alba L. is more vulnerable to embolism than isohydric codominants. Plant, Cell & Environment
Benson, Michael C.Miniat, Chelcy F.Oishi, Andrew C.Denham, Sander O.Domec, Jean‐ChristopheJohnson, Daniel M.Missik, Justine E.Phillips, Richard P.Wood, Jeffrey D. and Novick, Kimberly A.
. | Journal Article
Arbuscular mycorrhizal trees cause a higher carbon to nitrogen ratio of soil organic matter decomposition via rhizosphere priming than ectomycorrhizal trees. Soil Biology and Biochemistry
. | Journal Article
A trade-off between plant and soil carbon storage under elevated CO2. Nature
. | Journal Article
A trade-off between plant and soil carbon storage under elevated CO2
Terrer, C.Terrer, C.Terrer, C.Phillips, R.P.Hungate, B.A.Rosende, J.Pett-Ridge, J.Craig, M.E.Groenigen, K.J.Keenan, T.F.Sulman, B.N.Stocker, B.D.Reich, P.B.Pellegrini, A.F.A.Pendall, E.Zhang, H.Evans, R.D.Carrillo, Y.Fisher, J.B.Van Sundert, K.Vicca, S. and Jackson, R.B.
Nature, vol. 591, pp. 599-603. | Journal Article
Author Correction: The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline for eddy covariance data (Scientific Data, (2020), 7, 1, (225), 10.1038/s41597-020-0534-3)
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M.Gharun, ManaGharun, M.Gharun, M.Gharun, M.Gharun, M.Gharun, M.Gharun, ManaGharun, ManaGharun, M.Gianelle, DamianoGianelle, D.Gianelle, D.Gianelle, D.Gianelle, D.Gianelle, D.Gianelle, D.Gianelle, DamianoGielen, B.Gielen, B.Gielen, B.Gielen, BertGielen, B.Gielen, B.Gielen, B.Gielen, BertGioli, B.Gioli, B.Gioli, B.Gioli, BeniaminoGioli, B.Gioli, B.Gioli, B.Gioli, BeniaminoGitelson, A.Gitelson, A.Gitelson, AnatolyGitelson, A.Gitelson, A.Gitelson, AnatolyGitelson, A.Gitelson, A.Goded, I.Goded, I.Goded, I.Goded, I.Goded, I.Goded, I.Goded, IgnacioGoded, IgnacioGoeckede, M.Goeckede, M.Goeckede, MathiasGoeckede, M.Goeckede, MathiasGoeckede, M.Goeckede, M.Goeckede, M.Goldstein, A.H.Goldstein, A.H.Goldstein, A.H.Goldstein, Allen H.Goldstein, A.H.Goldstein, A.H.Goldstein, A.H.Goldstein, Allen H.Gough, C.M.Gough, C.M.Gough, C.M.Gough, Christopher M.Gough, C.M.Gough, C.M.Gough, Christopher M.Gough, C.M.Goulden, M.L.Goulden, M.L.Goulden, Michael L.Goulden, M.L.Goulden, M.L.Goulden, M.L.Goulden, M.L.Goulden, Michael L.Graf, A.Graf, A.Graf, A.Graf, AlexanderGraf, A.Graf, AlexanderGraf, A.Graf, A.Griebel, AnneGriebel, A.Griebel, A.Griebel, A.Griebel, A.Griebel, A.Griebel, AnneGriebel, A.Gruening, CarstenGruening, C.Gruening, C.Gruening, C.Gruening, CarstenGruening, C.Gruening, C.Gruening, C.Grünwald, T.Grünwald, ThomasGrünwald, ThomasGrünwald, T.Grünwald, T.Grünwald, T.Grünwald, T.Grünwald, T.Hammerle, AlbinHammerle, A.Hammerle, A.Hammerle, A.Hammerle, AlbinHammerle, A.Hammerle, A.Hammerle, A.Han, S.Han, ShijieHan, S.Han, ShijieHan, S.Han, S.Han, S.Han, S.Han, X.Han, X.Han, XingguoHan, X.Han, XingguoHan, X.Han, X.Han, X.Hansen, B.U.Hansen, B.U.Hansen, B.U.Hansen, Birger UlfHansen, B.U.Hansen, B.U.Hansen, B.U.Hansen, Birger UlfHanson, C.Hanson, C.Hanson, C.Hanson, ChadHanson, C.Hanson, C.Hanson, ChadHanson, C.Hatakka, J.Hatakka, J.Hatakka, J.Hatakka, J.Hatakka, J.Hatakka, J.Hatakka, JuhaHatakka, JuhaHe, YongtaoHe, YongtaoHe, Y.He, Y.He, Y.He, Y.He, Y.He, Y.Hehn, M.Hehn, M.Hehn, MarkusHehn, MarkusHehn, M.Hehn, M.Hehn, M.Hehn, M.Heinesch, B.Heinesch, B.Heinesch, BernardHeinesch, B.Heinesch, B.Heinesch, BernardHeinesch, B.Heinesch, B.Hinko-Najera, N.Hinko-Najera, N.Hinko-Najera, N.Hinko-Najera, NinaHinko-Najera, N.Hinko-Najera, N.Hinko-Najera, N.Hinko-Najera, NinaHörtnagl, L.Hörtnagl, L.Hörtnagl, L.Hörtnagl, L.Hörtnagl, LukasHörtnagl, L.Hörtnagl, L.Hörtnagl, LukasHutley, L.Hutley, LindsayHutley, L.Hutley, L.Hutley, L.Hutley, L.Hutley, L.Hutley, LindsayIbrom, AndreasIbrom, A.Ibrom, AndreasIbrom, A.Ibrom, A.Ibrom, A.Ibrom, A.Ibrom, A.Ikawa, H.Ikawa, H.Ikawa, H.Ikawa, H.Ikawa, H.Ikawa, H.Ikawa, HirokiIkawa, HirokiJackowicz-Korczynski, M.Jackowicz-Korczynski, M.Jackowicz-Korczynski, M.Jackowicz-Korczynski, M.Jackowicz-Korczynski, M.Jackowicz-Korczynski, MarcinJackowicz-Korczynski, M.Jackowicz-Korczynski, MarcinJanou?, D.Janou?, D.Janou?, D.Janouš, DaliborJanou?, D.Janou?, D.Janou?, D.Janouš, DaliborJans, W.Jans, W.Jans, W.Jans, WilmaJans, W.Jans, WilmaJans, W.Jans, W.Jassal, R.Jassal, R.Jassal, RachhpalJassal, R.Jassal, R.Jassal, RachhpalJassal, R.Jassal, R.Jiang, S.Jiang, ShichengJiang, S.Jiang, S.Jiang, ShichengJiang, S.Jiang, S.Jiang, S.Kato, T.Kato, T.Kato, T.Kato, T.Kato, TomomichiKato, TomomichiKato, T.Kato, T.Khomik, M.Khomik, MyroslavaKhomik, M.Khomik, M.Khomik, M.Khomik, MyroslavaKhomik, M.Khomik, M.Klatt, JaninaKlatt, J.Klatt, J.Klatt, JaninaKlatt, J.Klatt, J.Klatt, J.Klatt, J.Knohl, A.Knohl, AlexanderKnohl, AlexanderKnohl, A.Knohl, A.Knohl, A.Knohl, A.Knohl, A.Knox, S.Knox, S.Knox, SaraKnox, S.Knox, S.Knox, SaraKnox, S.Knox, S.Kobayashi, H.Kobayashi, HidekiKobayashi, H.Kobayashi, H.Kobayashi, H.Kobayashi, HidekiKobayashi, H.Kobayashi, H.Koerber, GeorgiaKoerber, GeorgiaKoerber, G.Koerber, G.Koerber, G.Koerber, G.Koerber, G.Koerber, G.Kolle, O.Kolle, O.Kolle, O.Kolle, O.Kolle, O.Kolle, OlafKolle, OlafKolle, O.Kosugi, YoshikoKosugi, YoshikoKosugi, Y.Kosugi, Y.Kosugi, Y.Kosugi, Y.Kosugi, Y.Kosugi, Y.Kotani, A.Kotani, AyumiKotani, A.Kotani, A.Kotani, A.Kotani, A.Kotani, AyumiKotani, A.Kowalski, AndrewKowalski, A.Kowalski, A.Kowalski, A.Kowalski, A.Kowalski, A.Kowalski, AndrewKowalski, A.Kruijt, B.Kruijt, B.Kruijt, B.Kruijt, B.Kruijt, BartKruijt, B.Kruijt, BartKruijt, B.Kurbatova, J.Kurbatova, J.Kurbatova, J.Kurbatova, J.Kurbatova, JuliaKurbatova, JuliaKurbatova, J.Kurbatova, J.Kutsch, W.L.Kutsch, Werner L.Kutsch, Werner L.Kutsch, W.L.Kutsch, W.L.Kutsch, W.L.Kutsch, W.L.Kutsch, W.L.Kwon, HyojungKwon, H.Kwon, H.Kwon, H.Kwon, H.Kwon, H.Kwon, HyojungKwon, H.Launiainen, S.Launiainen, SamuliLauniainen, SamuliLauniainen, S.Launiainen, S.Launiainen, S.Launiainen, S.Launiainen, S.Laurila, T.Laurila, TuomasLaurila, T.Laurila, T.Laurila, TuomasLaurila, T.Laurila, T.Laurila, T.Law, B.Law, BevLaw, B.Law, B.Law, B.Law, B.Law, B.Law, BevLeuning, R.Leuning, R.Leuning, RayLeuning, RayLeuning, R.Leuning, R.Leuning, R.Leuning, R.Li, YingnianLi, YingnianLi, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Liddell, M.Liddell, M.Liddell, M.Liddell, M.Liddell, M.Liddell, MichaelLiddell, M.Liddell, MichaelLimousin, J.-M.Limousin, J.-M.Limousin, J.-M.Limousin, J.-M.Limousin, Jean MarcLimousin, J.-M.Limousin, Jean MarcLimousin, J.-M.Lion, M.Lion, M.Lion, MarryannaLion, M.Lion, MarryannaLion, M.Lion, M.Lion, M.Liska, Adam J.Liska, A.J.Liska, A.J.Liska, A.J.Liska, A.J.Liska, Adam J.Liska, A.J.Liska, A.J.Lohila, A.Lohila, A.Lohila, A.Lohila, AnnaleaLohila, A.Lohila, A.Lohila, A.Lohila, AnnaleaLópez-Ballesteros, AnaLópez-Ballesteros, A.López-Ballesteros, A.López-Ballesteros, A.López-Ballesteros, A.López-Ballesteros, A.López-Ballesteros, A.López-Ballesteros, AnaLópez-Blanco, E.López-Blanco, E.López-Blanco, E.López-Blanco, EfrénLópez-Blanco, EfrénLópez-Blanco, E.López-Blanco, E.López-Blanco, E.Loubet, B.Loubet, B.Loubet, B.Loubet, B.Loubet, B.Loubet, B.Loubet, BenjaminLoubet, BenjaminLoustau, D.Loustau, D.Loustau, DenisLoustau, D.Loustau, DenisLoustau, D.Loustau, D.Loustau, D.Lucas-Moffat, AntjeLucas-Moffat, A.Lucas-Moffat, A.Lucas-Moffat, AntjeLucas-Moffat, A.Lucas-Moffat, A.Lucas-Moffat, A.Lucas-Moffat, A.Lüers, J.Lüers, J.Lüers, J.Lüers, JohannesLüers, J.Lüers, J.Lüers, J.Lüers, JohannesMa, S.Ma, S.Ma, SiyanMa, S.Ma, S.Ma, S.Ma, SiyanMa, S.Macfarlane, CraigMacfarlane, C.Macfarlane, C.Macfarlane, C.Macfarlane, C.Macfarlane, C.Macfarlane, CraigMacfarlane, C.Magliulo, V.Magliulo, V.Magliulo, V.Magliulo, VincenzoMagliulo, V.Magliulo, V.Magliulo, V.Magliulo, VincenzoMaier, RegineMaier, R.Maier, R.Maier, RegineMaier, R.Maier, R.Maier, R.Maier, R.Mammarella, IvanMammarella, I.Mammarella, IvanMammarella, I.Mammarella, I.Mammarella, I.Mammarella, I.Mammarella, I.Manca, G.Manca, G.Manca, G.Manca, GiovanniManca, G.Manca, G.Manca, G.Manca, GiovanniMarcolla, B.Marcolla, B.Marcolla, B.Marcolla, BarbaraMarcolla, BarbaraMarcolla, B.Marcolla, B.Marcolla, B.Margolis, Hank A.Margolis, H.A.Margolis, H.A.Margolis, Hank A.Margolis, H.A.Margolis, H.A.Margolis, H.A.Margolis, H.A.Marras, S.Marras, S.Marras, SerenaMarras, S.Marras, S.Marras, S.Marras, S.Marras, SerenaMassman, WilliamMassman, W.Massman, W.Massman, W.Massman, W.Massman, W.Massman, WilliamMassman, W.Mastepanov, M.Mastepanov, M.Mastepanov, M.Mastepanov, M.Mastepanov, MikhailMastepanov, M.Mastepanov, MikhailMastepanov, M.Matamala, R.Matamala, R.Matamala, RoserMatamala, R.Matamala, R.Matamala, RoserMatamala, R.Matamala, R.Matthes, J.H.Matthes, J.H.Matthes, J.H.Matthes, J.H.Matthes, J.H.Matthes, Jaclyn HatalaMatthes, J.H.Matthes, Jaclyn HatalaMazzenga, F.Mazzenga, FrancescoMazzenga, F.Mazzenga, F.Mazzenga, F.Mazzenga, F.Mazzenga, F.Mazzenga, FrancescoMcCaughey, H.McCaughey, HarryMcCaughey, H.McCaughey, H.McCaughey, H.McCaughey, H.McCaughey, H.McCaughey, HarryMcHugh, IanMcHugh, I.McHugh, IanMcHugh, I.McHugh, I.McHugh, I.McHugh, I.McHugh, I.McMillan, A.M.S.McMillan, A.M.S.McMillan, A.M.S.McMillan, A.M.S.McMillan, Andrew M.S.McMillan, A.M.S.McMillan, A.M.S.McMillan, Andrew M.S.Merbold, LutzMerbold, L.Merbold, L.Merbold, L.Merbold, L.Merbold, L.Merbold, L.Merbold, LutzMeyer, WayneMeyer, W.Meyer, W.Meyer, W.Meyer, W.Meyer, WayneMeyer, W.Meyer, W.Meyers, TildenMeyers, T.Meyers, T.Meyers, T.Meyers, TildenMeyers, T.Meyers, T.Meyers, T.Miller, S.D.Miller, Scott D.Miller, S.D.Miller, S.D.Miller, S.D.Miller, S.D.Miller, S.D.Miller, Scott D.Minerbi, StefanoMinerbi, StefanoMinerbi, S.Minerbi, S.Minerbi, S.Minerbi, S.Minerbi, S.Minerbi, S.Moderow, U.Moderow, U.Moderow, U.Moderow, UtaModerow, U.Moderow, U.Moderow, U.Moderow, UtaMonson, Russell K.Monson, Russell K.Monson, R.K.Monson, R.K.Monson, R.K.Monson, R.K.Monson, R.K.Monson, R.K.Montagnani, L.Montagnani, LeonardoMontagnani, L.Montagnani, LeonardoMontagnani, L.Montagnani, L.Montagnani, L.Montagnani, L.Moore, C.E.Moore, C.E.Moore, Caitlin E.Moore, C.E.Moore, C.E.Moore, C.E.Moore, C.E.Moore, Caitlin E.Moors, E.Moors, E.Moors, E.Moors, E.Moors, EddyMoors, E.Moors, E.Moors, EddyMoreaux, V.Moreaux, VirginieMoreaux, V.Moreaux, VirginieMoreaux, V.Moreaux, V.Moreaux, V.Moreaux, V.Moureaux, C.Moureaux, C.Moureaux, ChristineMoureaux, C.Moureaux, C.Moureaux, ChristineMoureaux, C.Moureaux, C.Munger, J.W.Munger, J.W.Munger, J. WilliamMunger, J. WilliamMunger, J.W.Munger, J.W.Munger, J.W.Munger, J.W.Nakai, T.Nakai, T.Nakai, T.Nakai, T.Nakai, TaroNakai, TaroNakai, T.Nakai, T.Neirynck, J.Neirynck, J.Neirynck, J.Neirynck, JohanNeirynck, J.Neirynck, J.Neirynck, JohanNeirynck, J.Nesic, Z.Nesic, Z.Nesic, Z.Nesic, Z.Nesic, ZoranNesic, ZoranNesic, Z.Nesic, Z.Nicolini, GiacomoNicolini, G.Nicolini, G.Nicolini, G.Nicolini, GiacomoNicolini, G.Nicolini, G.Nicolini, G.Noormets, A.Noormets, A.Noormets, A.Noormets, A.Noormets, A.Noormets, AskoNoormets, AskoNoormets, A.Northwood, MatthewNorthwood, M.Northwood, M.Northwood, M.Northwood, M.Northwood, MatthewNorthwood, M.Northwood, M.Nosetto, MarceloNosetto, M.Nosetto, M.Nosetto, M.Nosetto, M.Nosetto, M.Nosetto, MarceloNosetto, M.Nouvellon, Y.Nouvellon, Y.Nouvellon, Y.Nouvellon, Y.Nouvellon, YannNouvellon, Y.Nouvellon, YannNouvellon, Y.Novick, K.Novick, K.Novick, K.Novick, KimberlyNovick, K.Novick, K.Novick, K.Novick, KimberlyOechel, W.Oechel, W.Oechel, W.Oechel, W.Oechel, W.Oechel, W.Oechel, WalterOechel, WalterOlesen, Jørgen EivindOlesen, J.E.Olesen, J.E.Olesen, J.E.Olesen, J.E.Olesen, Jørgen EivindOlesen, J.E.Olesen, J.E.Ourcival, Jean MarcOurcival, J.-M.Ourcival, J.-M.Ourcival, J.-M.Ourcival, J.-M.Ourcival, Jean MarcOurcival, J.-M.Ourcival, J.-M.Papuga, Shirley A.Papuga, S.A.Papuga, Shirley A.Papuga, S.A.Papuga, S.A.Papuga, S.A.Papuga, S.A.Papuga, S.A.Parmentier, F.-J.Parmentier, F.-J.Parmentier, F.-J.Parmentier, Frans JanParmentier, F.-J.Parmentier, F.-J.Parmentier, F.-J.Parmentier, Frans JanPaul-Limoges, E.Paul-Limoges, E.Paul-Limoges, E.Paul-Limoges, E.Paul-Limoges, EugeniePaul-Limoges, E.Paul-Limoges, EugeniePaul-Limoges, E.Pavelka, MarianPavelka, M.Pavelka, M.Pavelka, M.Pavelka, M.Pavelka, MarianPavelka, M.Pavelka, M.Peichl, M.Peichl, M.Peichl, MatthiasPeichl, M.Peichl, M.Peichl, MatthiasPeichl, M.Peichl, M.Pendall, ElisePendall, E.Pendall, ElisePendall, E.Pendall, E.Pendall, E.Pendall, E.Pendall, E.Phillips, R.P.Phillips, R.P.Phillips, Richard P.Phillips, Richard P.Phillips, R.P.Phillips, R.P.Phillips, R.P.Phillips, R.P.Pilegaard, K.Pilegaard, KimPilegaard, KimPilegaard, K.Pilegaard, K.Pilegaard, K.Pilegaard, K.Pilegaard, K.Pirk, N.Pirk, NorbertPirk, NorbertPirk, N.Pirk, N.Pirk, N.Pirk, N.Pirk, N.Posse, G.Posse, GabrielaPosse, G.Posse, G.Posse, GabrielaPosse, G.Posse, G.Posse, G.Powell, T.Powell, T.Powell, T.Powell, ThomasPowell, ThomasPowell, T.Powell, T.Powell, T.Prasse, H.Prasse, H.Prasse, H.Prasse, HeikoPrasse, H.Prasse, H.Prasse, H.Prasse, HeikoProber, S.M.Prober, S.M.Prober, S.M.Prober, Suzanne M.Prober, Suzanne M.Prober, S.M.Prober, S.M.Prober, S.M.Rambal, S.Rambal, SergeRambal, S.Rambal, S.Rambal, S.Rambal, S.Rambal, SergeRambal, S.Rannik, Ü.Rannik, Ü.Rannik, Ü.RannikRannik, Ü.Rannik, Ü.Rannik, Ü.Raz-Yaseef, N.Raz-Yaseef, NaamaRaz-Yaseef, N.Raz-Yaseef, N.Raz-Yaseef, N.Raz-Yaseef, N.Raz-Yaseef, N.Rebmann, CorinnaRebmann, C.Rebmann, C.Rebmann, C.Rebmann, C.Rebmann, C.Rebmann, C.Reed, D.Reed, D.Reed, D.Reed, D.Reed, D.Reed, D.Reed, DavidDios, V.R.Dios, V.R.Dios, V.R.Dios, V.R.de Dios, Victor RescoDios, V.R.Dios, V.R.Restrepo-Coupe, N.Restrepo-Coupe, N.Restrepo-Coupe, N.Restrepo-Coupe, N.Restrepo-Coupe, NataliaRestrepo-Coupe, N.Restrepo-Coupe, N.Reverter, B.R.Reverter, Borja R.Reverter, B.R.Reverter, B.R.Reverter, B.R.Reverter, B.R.Reverter, B.R.Roland, M.Roland, MarilynRoland, M.Roland, M.Roland, M.Roland, M.Roland, M.Sabbatini, S.Sabbatini, S.Sabbatini, S.Sabbatini, SimoneSabbatini, S.Sabbatini, S.Sabbatini, S.Sachs, T.Sachs, T.Sachs, T.Sachs, T.Sachs, T.Sachs, TorstenSachs, T.Saleska, S.R.Saleska, S.R.Saleska, S.R.Saleska, S.R.Saleska, Scott R.Saleska, S.R.Saleska, S.R.Sánchez-Cañete, E.P.Sánchez-Cañete, Enrique P.Sánchez-Cañete, E.P.Sánchez-Cañete, E.P.Sánchez-Cañete, E.P.Sánchez-Cañete, E.P.Sánchez-Cañete, E.P.Sanchez-Mejia, Z.M.Sanchez-Mejia, Z.M.Sanchez-Mejia, Zulia M.Sanchez-Mejia, Z.M.Sanchez-Mejia, Z.M.Sanchez-Mejia, Z.M.Sanchez-Mejia, Z.M.Schmid, H.P.Schmid, H.P.Schmid, H.P.Schmid, H.P.Schmid, H.P.Schmid, Hans PeterSchmid, H.P.Schmidt, M.Schmidt, M.Schmidt, MariusSchmidt, M.Schmidt, M.Schmidt, M.Schmidt, M.Schneider, K.Schneider, K.Schneider, KarlSchneider, K.Schneider, K.Schneider, K.Schneider, K.Schrader, F.Schrader, F.Schrader, F.Schrader, F.Schrader, F.Schrader, FrederikSchrader, F.Schroder, I.Schroder, I.Schroder, I.Schroder, I.Schroder, I.Schroder, I.Schroder, IvanScott, R.L.Scott, R.L.Scott, R.L.Scott, R.L.Scott, R.L.Scott, Russell L.Scott, R.L.Sedlák, P.Sedlák, P.Sedlák, P.Sedlák, P.Sedlák, PavelSedlák, P.Sedlák, P.Serrano-Ortíz, P.Serrano-Ortíz, P.Serrano-Ortíz, P.Serrano-Ortíz, P.Serrano-Ortíz, P.Serrano-Ortíz, P.Serrano-Ortíz, PenélopeShao, C.Shao, C.Shao, C.Shao, C.Shao, ChangliangShao, C.Shao, C.Shi, P.Shi, P.Shi, P.Shi, P.Shi, P.Shi, PeiliShi, P.Shironya, I.Shironya, I.Shironya, I.Shironya, IvanShironya, I.Shironya, I.Shironya, I.Siebicke, L.Siebicke, L.Siebicke, L.Siebicke, L.Siebicke, L.Siebicke, L.Siebicke, Lukas?igut, L.?igut, L.Šigut, Ladislav?igut, 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