• Climate change detection and impacts
  • Statistical analysis of environmental change
  • Spatial statistics and time-series analysis

Current projects:

  • Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment
  • Axially symmetric processes and spatial statistics on the sphere
  • Detecting changes in daily air-temperature probability distributions
  • Recent changes in the persistence and spatial variability of global air temperature variability
  • Growing-season length as an indicator of climatic change
  • Use of geostatistics to analyze environmental disturbances
  • Statistics for the evaluation of models

Research Interests:  Spatial statistics, geostatistics, climatology.

Reseach: Climate change; Environmental change; Spatial analysis; Statistics

Research Area: Environmental Science

Statistics, Geography
PhD, University of Delaware, Climatology, 1992
MS, University of British Columbia, Geography, 1987
BA, University of Delaware, Geography, 1984
geography geographic quantitative methods climatology precipitation physical geography environmental effects air pollution statistics signal analysis atmospheric models earth atmosphere

Paper of the Year Award (Climatology), Climate Specialty Group (Association of American Geographers), 2003-2003

Trustees Teaching Award (Geographic Education), Board of Trustees (Indiana University Bloomington), 2001-2001

Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (Geographic Education), College of Arts and Science (Indiana University Bloomington), 1997-1999

Outstanding Junior Faculty Award (Climatology), Dean of Faculties (Indiana University Bloomington), 1995-1996

American Geophysical Union
American Meteorological Society
Association of American Geographers