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Breast Implant-Associated Immunological Disorders. Journal of Immunology Research
Laser Capture Microdissection in the Spatial Analysis of Epigenetic Modifications in Skin: A Comprehensive Review. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
Bhamidipati, ThejaSinha, Mithun and Sen, Chandan K
Editorial: Redox Homeostasis and Cancer
Sinha, MithunMardinoglu, AdilGhose, Jayeeta and Singh, Kanhaiya
(pp. 1–2). Hindawi Limited
High resolution ultrasound imaging for repeated measure of wound tissue morphometry, biomechanics and hemodynamics under fetal, adult and diabetic conditions
Gnyawali, Surya C.Gnyawali, Surya C.Gnyawali, Surya CSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunMasry, Mohamed S. ElEl Masry, Mohamed SMasry, Mohamed S. ElWulff, BrianWulff, BrianWulff, BrianGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipSoto-Gonzalez, FidelSoto-Gonzalez, FidelSoto-Gonzalez, FidelWilgus, Traci A.Wilgus, Traci AWilgus, Traci A.Roy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiSen, Chandan K.Sen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K.
(pp. e0241831). Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Infection Compromises Wound Healing by Causing Deficiencies in Granulation Tissue Collagen
Roy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiSantra, SumanSantra, SumanSantra, SumanSantra, SumanSantra, SumanDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDixith, SritejaDixith, SritejaDixith, SritejaDixith, SritejaDixith, SritejaSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhosh, NandiniGhosh, NandiniGhosh, NandiniGhosh, NandiniGhosh, NandiniBanerjee, PradiptaBanerjee, PradiptaBanerjee, PradiptaBanerjee, PradiptaBanerjee, PradiptaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaMathew-Steiner, ShomitaMathew-Steiner, ShomitaMathew-Steiner, ShomitaMathew-Steiner, ShomitaMathew-Steiner, ShomitaGhatak, PiyaGhatak, PiyaGhatak, PiyaGhatak, Piya DasGhatak, PiyaBlackstone, BritaniBlackstone, BritaniBlackstone, BritaniBlackstone, BritaniBlackstone, Britani NPowell, HeatherPowell, Heather MPowell, HeatherPowell, HeatherPowell, HeatherBergdall, ValerieBergdall, ValerieBergdall, ValerieBergdall, ValerieBergdall, Valerie KWozniak, DanielWozniak, DanielWozniak, DanielWozniak, DanielWozniak, Daniel JSen, ChandanSen, Chandan KSen, ChandanSen, Chandan and Sen, Chandan
Annals of Surgery, vol. 271, (no. 6), pp. 1185, 2020-June. | Journal Article
Cervical cancer subtypes harbouring integrated and/or episomal HPV16 portray distinct molecular phenotypes based on transcriptome profiling of mRNAs and miRNAs. Cell death discovery
Cutaneous Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Activator ZEB1 Regulates Wound Angiogenesis and Closure in a Glycemic Status-Dependent Manner. Diabetes
Singh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, K.Sinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, M.Pal, DurbaPal, D.Pal, DurbaTabasum, SabaTabasum, SabaTabasum, S.Gnyawali, Surya CGnyawali, S.C.Gnyawali, Surya CKhona, D.Khona, DollyKhona, DollySarkar, SubenduSarkar, S.Sarkar, SubenduMohanty, S.K.Mohanty, Sujit KMohanty, Sujit KSoto-Gonzalez, F.Soto-Gonzalez, FidelSoto-Gonzalez, FidelKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, S.Roy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, S.Sen, C.K.Sen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K
Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Infection Compromises Wound Healing by Causing Deficiencies in Granulation Tissue Collagen. Annals of surgery
Biological Efficacy of Medicinal Plant Extracts in Preventing Oxidative Damage
Banerjee, JaideepDas, AmitavaSinha, Mithun and Saha, Sudipta
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, vol. 2018, 2018. | Journal Article
Biological Efficacy of Medicinal Plant Extracts in Preventing Oxidative Damage. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
Direct conversion of injury-site myeloid cells to fibroblast-like cells of granulation tissue
Sinha, MithunM, SinhaSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KCK, SenSen, Chandan KSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaK, SinghDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaA, DasDas, AmitavaS, GhatakGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipRhea, BrianRhea, BrianB, RheaRhea, BrianBlackstone, BritaniBlackstone, BritaniBlackstone, BritaniB, BlackstonePowell, Heather MPowell, Heather MPowell, Heather MHM, PowellKhanna, SavitaS, KhannaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaS, RoyRoy, SashwatiRoy, Sashwati and Roy, Sashwati
Nature communications, vol. 9, (no. 1), pp. 19, 2018-03-05. | Journal Article
Epigenetic Modification of MicroRNA-200b Contributes to Diabetic Vasculopathy
Singh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaK, SinghSingh, KanhaiyaPal, DurbaPal, DurbaPal, DurbaD, PalSinha, MithunM, SinhaSinha, MithunSinha, MithunS, GhatakGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGnyawali, Surya CGnyawali, Surya CSC, GnyawaliGnyawali, Surya CKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaS, KhannaRoy, SashwatiS, RoyRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiCK, SenSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K
Molecular Therapy, vol. 25, (no. 12), pp. 2704, 2017-12-06. | Journal Article
Topical tissue nano-transfection mediates non-viral stroma reprogramming and rescue
D, Gallego-PerezGallego-Perez, DanielGallego-Perez, DanielGallego-Perez, DanielGallego-Perez, DanielGallego-perez, DanielPal, DurbaPal, DurbaPal, DurbaD, PalPal, DurbaGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipS, GhatakGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipMalkoc, VeysiV, MalkocMalkoc, VeysiMalkoc, VeysiMalkoc, VeysiHiguita-Castro, NataliaHiguita-castro, NataliaHiguita-Castro, NataliaHiguita-Castro, NataliaN, Higuita-CastroGnyawali, SuryaS, GnyawaliGnyawali, SuryaGnyawali, SuryaGnyawali, SuryaL, ChangChang, LingqianChang, LingqianChang, LingqianChang, LingqianLiao, Wei-ChingWei-Ching, LiaoLiao, Wei-ChingWC, LiaoLiao, Wei-ChingLiao, Wei-chingShi, JunfengJ, ShiShi, JunfengShi, JunfengShi, JunfengShi, JunfengSinha, MithunM, SinhaSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSingh, KanhaiyaK, SinghSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaSteen, ErinE, SteenSteen, ErinSteen, ErinSteen, ErinSteen, ErinSunyecz, AlecSunyecz, AlecSunyecz, AlecSunyecz, AlecA, SunyeczR, StewartStewart, RichardStewart, RichardStewart, RichardStewart, RichardStewart, RichardMoore, JordanMoore, JordanMoore, JordanMoore, JordanCK, SenMoore, JordanZiebro, ThomasZiebro, ThomasZiebro, ThomasZiebro, ThomasZiebro, ThomasNorthcutt, Robert GNorthcutt, Robert GNorthcutt, Robert GNorthcutt, Robert GNorthcutt, Robert GHomsy, MichaelHomsy, MichaelHomsy, MichaelHomsy, MichaelHomsy, MichaelBertani, PaulBertani, PaulBertani, PaulBertani, PaulBertani, PaulLu, WuWu, LuLu, WuLu, WuLu, WuRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaRink, CameronRink, CameronRink, CameronRink, CameronRink, CameronBaba, Sundaresan VSundaresan, Vishnu BSundaresan, Vishnu BabaSundaresan, Vishnu BabaSundaresan, Vishnu BabaOtero, Jose JOtero, Jose JOtero, Jose JOtero, Jose JOtero, Jose JLee, L JLee, L JamesLee, L JamesLee, L JamesJames, Lee LSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K
Nature nanotechnology, vol. 12, (no. 10), pp. 979, 2017-10-00. | Journal Article
Correction of MFG-E8 Resolves Inflammation and Promotes Cutaneous Wound Healing in Diabetes
Das, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunChaffee, ScottChaffee, ScottChaffee, ScottAhmed, Noha SAhmed, Noha SAhmed, Noha SParinandi, Narasimham LParinandi, Narasimham LParinandi, Narasimham LWohleb, Eric SWohleb, Eric SWohleb, Eric SSheridan, John FSheridan, John FSheridan, John FSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KRoy, SashwatiRoy, Sashwati and Roy, Sashwati
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), vol. 196, (no. 12), pp. 5100, 2016-06-15. | Journal Article
The Human Skeletal Muscle Transcriptome in Response to Oral Shilajit Supplementation. Journal of medicinal food
Chronic Wound Biofilm Model. Advances in wound care
Ganesh, KasturiSinha, MithunMathew-Steiner, Shomita SDas, AmitavaRoy, Sashwati and Sen, Chandan K
microRNA-200b as a Switch for Inducible Adult Angiogenesis. Antioxidants & redox signaling
Sinha, MithunGhatak, SubhadipRoy, Sashwati and Sen, Chandan K
Monocyte and macrophage plasticity in tissue repair and regeneration. The American journal of pathology
Das, AmitavaSinha, MithunDatta, SomaAbas, MotazChaffee, ScottSen, Chandan K and Roy, Sashwati
Abstract 73: MicroRNA Regulates Hemangioendothelioma Growth by Targeting the Nox-4/MCP-1 Pathway.
Gordillo, Gayle MGordillo, Gayle MGordillo, Gayle MGordillo, Gayle MGordillo, Gayle MBiswas, AyanBiswas, AyanBiswas, AyanBiswas, AyanBiswas, AyanKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiPan, XueliangPan, XueliangPan, XueliangPan, XueliangPan, XueliangSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSinha, MithunSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, vol. 133, (no. 3 Suppl), pp. 84-85, March 2014. | Journal Article
Dicer knockdown inhibits endothelial cell tumor growth via microRNA 21a-3p targeting of Nox-4.
Gordillo, Gayle MGordillo, Gayle MBiswas, AyanBiswas, AyanKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaPan, XueliangPan, XueliangSinha, MithunSinha, MithunRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiSen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 289, (no. 13), pp. 9027-9038, March 28, 2014. | Journal Article
Mixed‐species biofilm compromises wound healing by disrupting epidermal barrier function
Roy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiElgharably, HaythamElgharably, HaythamSinha, MithunSinha, MithunGanesh, KasturiGanesh, KasturiChaney, SarahChaney, SarahMann, EthanMann, EthanMiller, ChristinaMiller, ChristinaKhanna, SavitaKhanna, SavitaBergdall, Valerie KBergdall, Valerie KPowell, Heather MPowell, Heather MCook, Charles HCook, Charles HGordillo, Gayle MGordillo, Gayle MWozniak, Daniel JWozniak, Daniel JSen, Chandan K and Sen, Chandan K
The Journal of Pathology, vol. 233, (no. 4), pp. 343, August 2014. | Journal Article
Mechanism(s) of alteration of micro RNA expressions in Huntington's disease and their possible contributions to the observed cellular and molecular dysfunctions in the disease
Sinha, MithunMukhopadhyay, Saikat and Bhattacharyya, Nitai P
Neuromolecular medicine, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 243, 2012-Dec. | Journal Article
Micro RNA -214,-150,-146a and-125b target Huntingtin gene. RNA biology
Regulation of miR-146a by RelA/NFkB and p53 in STHdh(Q111)/Hdh(Q111) cells, a cell model of Huntington's disease
Ghose, JayeetaSinha, MithunDas, EashitaJana, Nihar R and Bhattacharyya, Nitai P
PloS one, vol. 6, (no. 8), pp. e23837, 2011-00-00. | Journal Article
Altered microRNAs in STHdh(Q111)/Hdh(Q111) cells: miR-146a targets TBP. Biochemical and biophysical research communications