21 Publications
The Axolotl Fibula as a Model for the Induction of Regeneration across Large Segment Defects in Long Bones of the Extremities.
Chen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, X.Song, F.Song, FengyuSong, FengyuSong, FengyuSong, FengyuJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, D.Jhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliLi, JiliangLi, JiliangLi, JiliangLi, JiliangLi, J.Bottino, MarcoBottino, M.C.Bottino, Marco CBottino, Marco CBottino, Marco CPalakal, Mathew JPalakal, M.J.Palakal, Mathew JPalakal, MathewPalakal, Mathew JStocum, David LStocum, David LStocum, David LStocum, David and Stocum, D.L.
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. e0130819, 2015. | Journal Article
Proteomic analysis of fibroblastema formation in regenerating hind limbs of Xenopus laevis froglets and comparison to axolotl.
Rao, NandiniRao, NandiniRao, NandiniSong, FengyuSong, FengyuSong, FengyuJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliWang, MuWang, MuWang, MuMilner, DerekMilner, Derek JMilner, Derek JPrice, Nathaniel MPrice, Nathaniel MPrice, NathanielBelecky Adams, Teri LBelecky-Adams, Teri LBelecky-Adams, TeriPalakal, Mathew JPalakal, Mathew JPalakal, MathewCameron, JoCameron, JoCameron, Jo ALi, BingbingLi, BingbingLi, BingbingChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingStocum, David LStocum, David and Stocum, David L
BMC developmental biology, vol. 14, pp. 32, 2014. | Journal Article
Cell cycle regulation and regeneration.
Heber-Katz, EllenHeber-Katz, EllenZhang, YongZhang, YongBedelbaeva, KhamilaBedelbaeva, KhamilaSong, FengyuSong, FengyuChen, XiaopingChen, XiaopingStocum, David L and Stocum, David L
Current topics in microbiology and immunology, vol. 367, pp. 253-76, 2013. | Journal Article
Effects of resolvin D1 on cell survival and cytokine expression of human gingival fibroblasts.
Khaled, MohamedKhaled, MohamedShibani, Nouf-AlShibani, Nouf‐AlLabban, NawafLabban, NawafBatarseh, GhadaBatarseh, GhadaSong, FengyuSong, FengyuRuby, JohnRuby, JohnWindsor, L J and Windsor, L. Jack
Journal of periodontology, vol. 84, (no. 12), pp. 1838-46, 2013/Dec. | Journal Article
Effects of alendronate on human osteoblast-like MG63 cells and matrix metalloproteinases.
Sun, JunSong, FengyuZhang, WeipingSexton, Brent E and Windsor, Jack
Archives of oral biology, vol. 57, (no. 6), pp. 728-36, 2012/Jun. | Journal Article
Effects of Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblasts.
Saini, PragtipalAl-Shibani, NoufSun, JunZhang, WeipingSong, FengyuGregson, Karen S and Windsor, Jack
Homeopathy : the journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy, vol. 101, (no. 2), pp. 92-8, 2012/Apr. | Journal Article
Suture compression induced bone resorption with intensified MMP-1 and 13 expressions.
Liu, YangSong, FengyuSun, JunYu, Haiyang and Liu, Sean S
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Effects of cigarette smoke condensate and nicotine on human gingival fibroblast-mediated collagen degradation.
Zhang, WeipingFang, MeixianSong, Fengyu and Windsor, Jack
Journal of periodontology, vol. 82, (no. 7), pp. 1071-9, 2011/Jul. | Journal Article
Effects of cigarette smoke condensate on oral squamous cell carcinoma cells.
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Archives of oral biology, vol. 56, (no. 10), pp. 1154-61, 2011/Oct. | Journal Article
Matrix metalloproteinase expression during blastema formation in regeneration-competent versus regeneration-deficient amphibian limbs.
Santosh, NeethaWindsor, JackMahmoudi, Behnaz SLi, BingbingZhang, WeipingChernoff, Ellen ARao, NandiniStocum, David L and Song, Fengyu
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Network based transcription factor analysis of regenerating axolotl limbs.
Jhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliRao, NandiniRao, NandiniMilner, Derek JMilner, Derek JSong, FengyuSong, FengyuCameron, Jo ACameron, Jo AnnStocum, David LStocum, David LPalakal, Mathew J and Palakal, Mathew J
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Amphibians as research models for regenerative medicine.
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Effects of tobacco and P. gingivalis on gingival fibroblasts.
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Cigarette smoke condensate affects the collagen-degrading ability of human gingival fibroblasts.
Zhang, WSong, Fengyu and Windsor, Jack
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Proteomic analysis of blastema formation in regenerating axolotl limbs.
Rao, NandiniRao, NandiniJhamb, DeepaliJhamb, DeepaliMilner, DerekMilner, Derek JLi, BingbingLi, BingbingSong, FengyuSong, FengyuWang, MuWang, MuVoss, Stephen RandalVoss, SPalakal, MathewPalakal, MathewKing, Michael WKing, MichaelSaranjami, BehnazSaranjami, BehnazNye, HollyNye, Holly LCameron, Jo ACameron, JoStocum, David and Stocum, David L
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Effects of provisional acrylic resins on gingival fibroblast cytokine/growth factor expression.
Labban, NawafSong, FengyuAl-Shibani, Nouf and Windsor, Jack
The Journal of prosthetic dentistry, vol. 100, (no. 5), pp. 390-7, 2008/Nov. | Journal Article
An Evaluation of DNA Yield, DNA Quality and Bite Registration From a Dental Impression Wafer
Ellis, MarkEllis, MASong, Fengyu, DDS, MS, PhDSong, FengyuParks, EdwinParks, ETEckert, GeorgeEckert, GJDean, JeffreyDean, JAWindsor, L. Jack, PhD and Windsor, Jack
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Matrix metalloproteinase dependent and independent collagen degradation.
Song, FengyuWisithphrom, KessiriZhou, Jing and Windsor, Jack
Frontiers in bioscience : a journal and virtual library, vol. 11, pp. 3100-20, 2006. | Journal Article
Serine proteinase dependent collagen degradation (Dissertation)
Song, Fengyu (2006).
Temporomandibular joint synovial fibroblasts mediate serine proteinase dependent Type I collagen degradation.
Song, FengyuBergdoll, A S and Windsor, Jack
Biochimica et biophysica acta, vol. 1760, (no. 10), pp. 1521-8, 2006/Oct. | Journal Article
Novel nonmatrix-metalloproteinase-mediated collagen degradation.
Song, Fengyu and Windsor, Jack
Biochimica et biophysica acta, vol. 1721, (no. 1-3), pp. 65-72, 2005/Jan/18. | Journal Article