Dr. Hollenhorst’s research focuses on the mechanisms that allow genome sequence to dictate the transcriptional control of gene expression.

My work focuses the ETS family of human transcription factors. 50-70% of all prostate cancers harbor a chromosomal rearrangement that results in the over-expression of one of four ETS genes (ERG, ETV1, ETV4, or ETV5).

Our research focuses on an important basic science question and an important cancer biology question.

  • Basic Science: How do transcription factors with similar DNA binding domains achieve specificity
  • Cancer Biology: What are the molecular mechanisms that allow transcription factors expressed due to gene fusions to promoter cancer?

Research Interests:

  • mechanisms of transcription factor specificity in cancer
Past Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Medical Sciences Program, School of Medicine, Indiana University Bloomington

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, School of Medicine (past)

Associate Professor, Medical Sciences Program, IUSM Bloomington, Indiana University Bloomington

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biological Science, Oncology, Cellular Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biomolecular Chemistry, 2002
BS, St. Norbert College, Chemistry and Biology, 1997