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Obesity, Overweightness, and Depressive Symptomology Among American Indian Youth
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Race, cultural capital, and the educational effects of participation in sports
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School context and American Indian substance use
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American Indians, Substance Use, and Sexual Behavior
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American Indians, substance use, and sexual behavior: Do predictors of sexually transmitted infections explain the race gap among young adults?
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Developmental Assets and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among American Indian Youth
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Explaining the Association between Gender and Substance Use among American Indian Adolescents
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Factors associated with American Indian and white adolescent drug selling in rural communities
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Adult social roles and alcohol use among American Indians
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Gender, Race, and Delinquent Behavior: An Extension of Power-Control Theory to American Indian Adolescents
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Family structure and adolescent alcohol use problems: Extending popular explanations to American Indians
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General Strain Theory and Delinquency: Extending a Popular Explanation to American Indian Youth
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Methamphetamine Use among Rural White and Native American Adolescents: An Application of the Stress Process Model
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Race, Coping Strategies, and Substance Use Behaviors: A Preliminary Analysis Examining White and American Indian Adolescents
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General Strain Theory and Substance Use Among American Indian Adolescents
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Heavy Episodic Alcohol Use in Emerging Adulthood: The Role of Early Risk Factors and Young Adult Social Roles
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Public School Segregation and Juvenile Violent Crime Arrests in Metropolitan Areas
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Immigrant generation, selective acculturation, and alcohol use among Latina/o adolescents
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Religious affiliation and beliefs about racial inequality: White college students’ attitudes about Black-White and Native American-White inequality
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The Social Science Journal, vol. 46, pp. 506–520. | Journal Article
Gender, Acculturation and Alcohol Use among Latina/o Adolescents: A Multi-Ethnic Comparison
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Diversity, desegregation, and accountability in Florida districts
Eitle, T.M.
Equity, disorder, and discipline in Florida schools
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School commitment and alcohol use: The moderating role of race and ethnicity.
Eitle, Tamela Mc Nulty and Eitle, David James
education policy analysis archives, vol. 15, pp. 22. | Journal Article
The Determinants of Racial Disparities in Perceived Job Insecurity: A Test of Three Perspectives
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Do gender and race matter? Explaining the relationship between sports participation and achievement
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