3 Publications
Vinculin Force Sensor Detects Tumor-Osteocyte Interactions
Li, FangjiaLi, FangjiaLi, FangjiaChen, AndyChen, AndyChen, AndyReeser, AndrewReeser, AndrewReeser, AndrewWang, YueWang, YueWang, YueFan, YaoFan, YaoFan, YaoLiu, ShengzhiLiu, ShengzhiLiu, ShengzhiZhao, XinyuZhao, XinyuZhao, XinyuPrakash, RahulPrakash, RahulPrakash, RahulKota, DivyaKota, DivyaKota, DivyaLi, Bai-YanLi, Bai-YanLi, Bai-YanYokota, HirokiYokota, HirokiYokota, HirokiLiu, JingLiu, Jing and Liu, Jing
Scientific reports, vol. 9, (no. 1), pp. 5615, 2019-04-04. | Journal Article
Epitaxial superlattices with titanium nitride as a plasmonic component for optical hyperbolic metamaterials
Naik, GururajNaik, Gururaj V.Naik, Gururaj VSaha, BivasSaha, BivasSaha, BivasLiu, JingLiu, JingLiu, JingSaber, Sammy M.Saber, SammySaber, Sammy MStach, Eric AStach, EricStach, Eric A.Irudayaraj, Joseph M. K.Irudayaraj, JosephIrudayaraj, JosephSands, Timothy D.Sands, Timothy DSands, TimothyShalaev, Vladimir MShalaev, VladimirShalaev, Vladimir M.Boltasseva, AlexandraBoltasseva, Alexandra and Boltasseva, Alexandra
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 111, (no. 21), pp. 7551, 20140527. | Journal Article
Optical nonlinear absorption characteristics of AgInSbTe phase change thin films
Liu, Jing and Wei, Jingsong
Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 106, (no. 8), pp. 083112-5, 2009-10-28. | Journal Article