Research Areas:Biological Physics


  • Imaging and microscope;
  • Computational image informatics;
  • Single molecule biophysics;
  • Nanoscale light-matter interactions

Dr. Liu and his lab focuses on the development of cutting-edge imaging methods and computational image processing/analysis algorithms to quantitatively interpret the complexity of images.

With various home-built optical microscopes and imaging systems, we are especially interested in exploring the fundamental biophysical properties in live cells and nanoscale light-matter interactions.

Our lab focused on the data-driven image analysis by integrating the cyberinfrastructure ‚Äčand the advanced computational tools.

With the development of imaging hardware and software, we are particularly interested in the fundamental questions in science and engineering.


  • Imaging Instrumentation: from single molecules to whole animal, from in vitro to in vivo
  • Computational image analysis: from analytics to informatics
  • Application 1: How chromatin moves in DNA break/repair?
  • Application 2: Force detection in live cells with FRET-based tension sensor
  • Application 3: Investigate the non-classical light source for quantum computing/information science


Oncology, Physics
PhD, Purdue University, Biological Engineering, 2015
MS, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Optics, 2010
BS, Nanjing University, Physics, 2007