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How public health insurance expansion affects healthcare utilizations in middle and low-income households: an observational study from national cross-section surveys in Vietnam. BMC Public Health
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Aberrant cholesterol metabolism in colorectal cancer represents a targetable vulnerability
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Using the Eat Sleep Console Model to Promote Optimal Care and Outcomes for Infants With Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Haaland, GraceKunkel, MelissaNguyen, Chi Mai and Wonder, Amy Hagedorn
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Effects of Qigong Exercise on Physical and Psychological Health among African Americans
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Dominant Factors Affecting Regional Inequality of Infant Mortality in Vietnam: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis
Nguyen, Mai P. and Nguyen, Chi M.
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The roles of social economic status and undernutrition in regional disparities of the underā€five mortality rate in Vietnam. Tropical Medicine & International Health
Forecasting oil futures market volatility in a financialized world: Why speculative activities matter. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance
A new approach to measure speculation in the oil futures market and some policy implications. Energy Policy
Residual based tests for cointegration in dependent panels. Journal of Econometrics
Chang, Yoosoon and Nguyen, Chi M