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FAIR for AI: An interdisciplinary and international community building perspective. Scientific Data
Huerta, E. A.Blaiszik, BenBrinson, L. CatherineBouchard, Kristofer E.Diaz, DanielDoglioni, CaterinaDuarte, Javier M.Emani, MuraliFoster, IanFox, GeoffreyHarris, PhilipHeinrich, LukasJha, ShantenuKatz, Daniel S.Kindratenko, VolodymyrKirkpatrick, Christine R.Lassila-Perini, KatiMadduri, Ravi K.Neubauer, Mark S.Psomopoulos, Fotis E.Roy, AvikRübel, OliverZhao, Zhizhen and Zhu, Ruike
. | Journal Article
MVAM: Multi-variant Attacks on Memory for IoT Trust Computing
Templated Hybrid Reusable Computational Analytics Workflow Management with Cloudmesh, Applied to the Deep Learning MLCommons Cloudmask Application
Laszewski, GregorJ.P. Fleischer, J.P.Fox, Geoffrey C.Papay, JuriJackson, Sam and Thiyagalingam, Jeyan
Earthquake Nowcasting with Deep Learning
GeoHazards. | Journal Article
Scientific machine learning benchmarks
Thiyagalingam, JeyanShankar, MallikarjunFox, Geoffrey and Hey, Tony
Nature Reviews Physics. | Journal Article
FURY: advanced scientific visualization
Journal of Open Source Software. | Journal Article
Stochastic gradient descent‐based support vector machines training optimization on Big Data and HPC frameworks
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. | Journal Article
Deep Learning Based Integrators for Solving Newton's Equations with Large Timesteps
Kadupitiya, JCSFox, Geoffrey C and Jadhao, Vikram
2020-04-12. | Journal Article
Machine learning for parameter auto-tuning in molecular dynamics simulations: Efficient dynamics of ions near polarizable nanoparticles
Kadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CJadhao, Vikram and Jadhao, Vikram
The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, vol. 34, (no. 3), pp. 374, 20200500. | Journal Article
Machine learning surrogates for molecular dynamics simulations of soft materials
Kadupitiya, J.C.SKadupitiya, J.C.SSun, FanboSun, FanboFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyJadhao, Vikram and Jadhao, Vikram
Journal of Computational Science, vol. 42, pp. 101107, April 2020. | Journal Article
Object Classifications by Image Super-Resolution Preprocessing for Convolutional Neural Networks
Fox, Geoffrey C
Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, vol. 5, (no. 2), pp. 483, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Parallel performance of molecular dynamics trajectory analysis
Khoshlessan, MahzadKhoshlessan, MahzadKhoshlessan, MahzadParaskevakos, IoannisParaskevakos, IoannisParaskevakos, IoannisFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CJha, ShantenuJha, ShantenuJha, ShantenuBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, Oliver and Beckstein, Oliver
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2020-04-27. | Journal Article
Twister2: Design of a big data toolkit
Kamburugamuve, SupunGovindarajan, KannanWickramasinghe, PulasthiAbeykoon, Vibhatha and Fox, Geoffrey
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 32, (no. 3), pp. n/a, 10 February 2020. | Journal Article
Advances in big data programming, system software and HPC convergence
Hsu, Ching-HsienFox, GeoffreyMin, Geyong and Sharma, Sugam
The Journal of Supercomputing, vol. 75, (no. 2), pp. 493, 20190206. | Journal Article
Automated Ice-Bottom Tracking of 2D and 3D Ice Radar Imagery Using Viterbi and TRW-S
Berger, VictorBerger, VictorXu, MingzeXu, MingzeAl-Ibadi, MohanadAl-Ibadi, MohanadChu, ShaneChu, ShaneCrandall, DavidCrandall, DavidPaden, JohnPaden, JohnFox, Geoffrey Charles and Fox, Geoffrey Charles
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, pp. 14, 20190812. | Journal Article
Glyph: Fast and Accurately Training Deep Neural Networks on Encrypted Data
Lou, QianFeng, BoFox, Geoffrey C and Jiang, Lei
2019-11-16. | Journal Article
Learning Everywhere: Pervasive Machine Learning for Effective High-Performance Computation
Fox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyGlazier, James AGlazier, James AGlazier, James AGlazier, James AGlazier, James AGlazier, James AKadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSJadhao, VikramJadhao, VikramJadhao, VikramJadhao, VikramJadhao, VikramJadhao, VikramKim, MinjeKim, MinjeKim, MinjeKim, MinjeKim, MinjeKim, MinjeQiu, JudyQiu, JudyQiu, JudyQiu, JudyQiu, JudyQiu, JudySluka, James PSluka, James PSluka, James PSluka, James PSluka, James PSluka, James PSomogyi, EndreSomogyi, EndreSomogyi, EndreSomogyi, EndreSomogyi, EndreSomogyi, EndreMarathe, MadhavMarathe, MadhavMarathe, MadhavMarathe, MadhavMarathe, MadhavMarathe, MadhavAdiga, AbhijinAdiga, AbhijinAdiga, AbhijinAdiga, AbhijinAdiga, AbhijinAdiga, AbhijinChen, JiangzhuoChen, JiangzhuoChen, JiangzhuoChen, JiangzhuoChen, JiangzhuoChen, JiangzhuoBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverJha, ShantenuJha, ShantenuJha, ShantenuJha, ShantenuJha, Shantenu and Jha, Shantenu
2019-02-27. | Journal Article
Machine Learning for Parameter Auto-tuning in Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Efficient Dynamics of Ions near Polarizable Nanoparticles
Kadupitiya, JCSKadupitiya, JCSFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CJadhao, Vikram and Jadhao, Vikram
2019-10-31. | Journal Article
Parallel Performance of Molecular Dynamics Trajectory Analysis
Khoshlessan, MahzadParaskevakos, IoannisFox, Geoffrey CJha, Shantenu and Beckstein, Oliver
2019-06-28. | Journal Article
Performance Optimization on Model Synchronization in Parallel Stochastic Gradient Descent Based SVM
Abeykoon, VibhathaAbeykoon, VibhathaFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyKim, Minje and Kim, Minje
2019-05-03. | Journal Article
Anatomy of machine learning algorithm implementations in MPI, Spark, and Flink
Kamburugamuve, SupunWickramasinghe, PulasthiEkanayake, Saliya and Fox, Geoffrey C
The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, vol. 32, (no. 1), pp. 73, 20180100. | Journal Article
Multi-Task Spatiotemporal Neural Networks for Structured Surface Reconstruction
Xu, MingzeXu, MingzeFan, ChenyouFan, ChenyouPaden, John DPaden, John DFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CCrandall, David J and Crandall, David J
2018-01-11. | Journal Article
Task-parallel Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Trajectories
Paraskevakos, IoannisParaskevakos, IoannisParaskevakos, IoannisLuckow, AndreLuckow, AndreLuckow, AndreKhoshlessan, MahzadKhoshlessan, MahzadKhoshlessan, MahzadChantzialexiou, GeorgeChantzialexiou, GeorgeChantzialexiou, GeorgeCheatham, Thomas ECheatham, Thomas ECheatham, Thomas EBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverBeckstein, OliverFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CJha, ShantenuJha, Shantenu and Jha, Shantenu
2018-01-23. | Journal Article
Automatic Estimation of Ice Bottom Surfaces from Radar Imagery
Xu, MingzeXu, MingzeCrandall, David JCrandall, David JFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey CPaden, John D and Paden, John D
2017-12-20. | Journal Article
Automatic Ice Surface and Bottom Boundaries Estimation in Radar Imagery Based on Level-Set Approach
Paden, JohnRahnemoonfar, MaryamFox, Geoffrey and Yari, Masoud
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 55, (no. 10), pp. 5115, 20171001. | Journal Article