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Java Technologies for Real-Time and Embedded Systems (JTRES2013)
Fox, Geoffrey
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 29, (no. 6), pp. e4089, 2017-03-25. | Journal Article
Research on the Architecture and its Implementation for Instrumentation and Measurement Cloud
he, hengjingZhao, WeiHuang, SonglingFox, Geoffrey and Wang, Qing
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, pp. 1, 20170704. | Journal Article
Special issue on 12th international workshop on Java technologies for real‐time and embedded systems (JTRES2014)
Fox, Geoffrey
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 29, (no. 22), pp. n/a, 25 November 2017. | Journal Article
Status of Serverless Computing and Function-as-a-Service(FaaS) in Industry and Research
Fox, Geoffrey CIshakian, VatcheMuthusamy, Vinod and Slominski, Aleksander
2017-08-26. | Journal Article
Allocating data to distributed-memory multiprocessors by genetic algorithms
Mansour, Nashat and Fox, Geoffrey
2016-01-25. | Journal Article
A novel digital information service for federating distributed digital entities
Mustacoglu, Ahmet F and Fox, Geoffrey C
Information Systems, vol. 55, pp. 36, January 2016. | Journal Article
Cloud based Real-time Multi-robot Collision Avoidance for Swarm Robotics
He, HengjingKamburugamuve, SupunFox, Geoffrey C and Zhao, Wei
International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing, vol. 9, (no. 6), pp. 358, 2016-06-30. | Journal Article
Energy-efficient multisite offloading policy using Markov decision process for mobile cloud computing
Terefe, Mati BLee, HeezinHeo, NojungFox, Geoffrey C and Oh, Sangyoon
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 27, pp. 89, April 2016. | Journal Article
Evaluation of SMP Shared Memory Machines for Use with In-Memory and OpenMP Big Data Applications
Younge, AndrewReidy, ChristopherHenschel, Robert and Fox, Geoffrey
2016-05. | Journal Article
MGEScan: a Galaxy-based system for identifying retrotransposons in genomes
Lee, HyungroLee, HyungroLee, MinsuLee, MinsuMohammed Ismail, WazimMohammed Ismail, WazimRho, MinaRho, MinaFox, Geoffrey CFox, Geoffrey COh, SangyoonOh, SangyoonTang, Haixu and Tang, Haixu
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), vol. 32, (no. 16), pp. 2504, 2016-08-15. | Journal Article
OSoMe: the IUNI observatory on social media
Davis, Clayton ADavis, ClaytonDavis, C.A.Davis, ClaytonCiampaglia, Giovanni LucaCiampaglia, G.L.Ciampaglia, GiovanniCiampaglia, GiovanniAiello, L.M.Aiello, LucaAiello, Luca MariaAiello, LucaChung, KeychulChung, KeychulChung, K.Chung, KeychulConover, Michael DConover, M.D.Conover, MichaelConover, MichaelFerrara, EmilioFerrara, E.Ferrara, EmilioFerrara, EmilioFlammini, A.Flammini, AlessandroFlammini, AlessandroFlammini, AlessandroFox, Geoffrey CFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyFox, G.C.Gao, XiaomingGao, X.Gao, XiaomingGao, XiaomingGonçalves, BrunoGonçalves, BrunoGon?alves, B.Gonçalves, BrunoGrabowicz, P.A.Grabowicz, Przemyslaw AGrabowicz, PrzemyslawGrabowicz, PrzemyslawHong, KibeomHong, K.Hong, KibeomHong, KibeomHui, Pik-MaiHui, Pik-MaiHui, P.-M.Hui, Pik-MaiMcCaulay, ScottMcCaulay, ScottMcCaulay, ScottMcCaulay, S.McKelvey, KarissaMcKelvey, KarissaMcKelvey, KarissaMcKelvey, K.Meiss, MarkMeiss, M.R.Meiss, Mark RMeiss, MarkPatil, SnehalPatil, S.Patil, SnehalPatil, SnehalKankanamalage, C.P.Peli Kankanamalage, ChathuriKankanamalage, ChathuriKankanamalage, ChathuriPentchev, ValentinPentchev, ValentinPentchev, ValentinPentchev, V.Qiu, J.Qiu, JudyQiu, JudyQiu, JudyRatkiewicz, JacobRatkiewicz, JacobRatkiewicz, J.Ratkiewicz, JacobRudnick, A.Rudnick, AlexRudnick, AlexRudnick, AlexSerrette, BenjaminSerrette, BenjaminSerrette, B.Serrette, BenjaminShiralkar, PrashantShiralkar, PrashantShiralkar, PrashantShiralkar, P.Varol, O.Varol, OnurVarol, OnurVarol, OnurWeng, L.Weng, LilianWeng, LilianWeng, LilianWu, Tak-LonWu, T.-L.Wu, Tak-LonWu, Tak-LonYounge, Andrew JYounge, AndrewYounge, AndrewYounge, A.J.Menczer, F.Menczer, FilippoMenczer, Filippo and Menczer, Filippo
PeerJ Computer Science, vol. 2, pp. e87, 2016-10-03. | Journal Article
Phylogenetically Structured Differences in rRNA Gene Sequence Variation among Species of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Their Implications for Sequence Clustering
House, Geoffrey LHouse, Geoffrey LHouse, Geoffrey LEkanayake, SaliyaEkanayake, SaliyaEkanayake, SaliyaRuan, YangRuan, YangRuan, YangSchütte, Ursel M ESchütte, Ursel M ESchütte, Ursel M EKaonongbua, WittayaKaonongbua, WittayaKaonongbua, WittayaFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyYe, YuzhenYe, YuzhenYe, YuzhenBever, James DBever, James D and Bever, James D
Applied and environmental microbiology, vol. 82, (no. 16), pp. 4930, 2016-08-15. | Journal Article
STREAM2016: Streaming Requirements, Experience, Applications and Middleware Workshop: Workshop Final Report
Ramakrishnan, LavanyaRamakrishnan, LavanyaFox, GeoffreyFox, GeoffreyJha, Shantenu and Jha, Shantenu
2016-10-01. | Journal Article
Advantages to Geoscience and Disaster Response from QuakeSim Implementation of Interferometric Radar Maps in a GIS Database System
Parker, JayDonnellan, AndreaGlasscoe, MargaretFox, GeoffreyWang, JunPierce, Marlon and Ma, Yu
Pure & Applied Geophysics, vol. 172, (no. 8), pp. 2295-2304, Aug 2015. | Journal Article
A Framework for Real Time Processing of Sensor Data in the Cloud
Kamburugamuve, SupunChristiansen, Leif and Fox, Geoffrey
Journal of Sensors, vol. 2015, pp. 11, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Evaluating ARM HPC clusters for scientific workloads
Maqbool, JahanzebOh, Sangyoon and Fox, Geoffrey C
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol. 27, (no. 17), pp. 5410, 10 December 2015. | Journal Article
Supporting High Performance Molecular Dynamics in Virtualized Clusters using IOMMU, SR-IOV, and GPUDirect
Younge, Andrew JWalters, John PaulCrago, Stephen P and Fox, Geoffrey C
ACM SIGPLAN Notices, vol. 50, (no. 7), pp. 38, 2015-03-14. | Journal Article
A parallel clustering method combined information bottleneck theory and centroid-based clustering
Sun, ZhanquanFox, GeoffreyGu, Weidong and Li, Zhao
The Journal of Supercomputing, vol. 69, (no. 1), pp. 467, 20140700. | Journal Article
A Tale of Two Data-Intensive Paradigms: Applications, Abstractions, and Architectures
Jha, ShantenuJha, ShantenuQiu, JudyQiu, JudyLuckow, AndreLuckow, AndreMantha, PradeepMantha, PradeepFox, Geoffrey C. and Fox, Geoffrey C
2014-03-06. | Journal Article
Effective real-time scheduling algorithm for cyber physical systems society
Park, SanghyukKim, Jai-Hoon and Fox, Geoffrey
Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 32, pp. 259, March 2014. | Journal Article
Grey Forecast model for accurate recommendation in presence of data sparsity and correlation
Xie, FengChen, ZhenShang, Jiaxing and Fox, Geoffrey C
Knowledge-Based Systems, vol. 69, pp. 190, October 2014. | Journal Article
Performance Analysis of Twister based MapReduce Application on Virtualization System in the FutureGrid
Kang, Yunhee and Fox, Geoffrey
International Information Institute (Tokyo). Information, vol. 17, (no. 3), pp. 951, 20140301. | Journal Article
Thoughts on the State of Cloud over the Next Five Years
Chase, J.Chase, JeffFox, G.C.Fox, Geoffrey CharlesFigueiredo, R.J.Figueiredo, Renato JGrimshaw, AndrewGrimshaw, A.Watson, PaulWatson, P.Yousif, M. and Yousif, Mazin
IEEE Cloud Computing, vol. 1, (no. 2), pp. 40, 2014-July. | Journal Article
Toward more transparent and reproducible omics studies through a common metadata checklist and data publications.
Kolker, EugeneÖzdemir, VuralMartens, LennartHancock, William SAnderson, GordonAnderson, NathanielAynacioglu, SukruBaranova, AnchaCampagna, Shawn RChen, RuiChoiniere, JohnDearth, Stephen PFeng, Wu ChunFerguson, LynnetteFox, Geoffrey CFrishman, DmitrijGrossman, RobertHeath, AllisonHigdon, RogerHutz, Mara HJanko, ImreJiang, LihuaJoshi, SanjayKel, AlexanderKemnitz, JosephKohane, Isaac SKolker, NataliLancet, DoronLee, ElaineLi, WeizhongLisitsa, AndreyLlerena, AdrianMacnealy-Koch, CourtneyMarshall, Jean-ClaudeMasuzzo, PaolaMay, AmandaMias, GeorgeMonroe, MatthewMontague, ElizabethMooney, SeanNesvizhskii, Alexey INoronha, SantoshOmenn, Gilbert SRajasimha, HarshaRamamoorthy, PreveenSheehan, JerrySmarr, LarrySmith, Charles VSmith, ToddSnyder, MichaelRapole, SrikanthSrivastava, SanjeevaStanberry, LarissaStewart, ElizabethToppo, StefanoUetz, PeterVerheggen, KennethVoy, Brynn HWarnich, LouiseWilhelm, Steven W and Yandl, Gregory
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Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Combination of Multidimensional Scaling and SVM
Sun, Zhanquan and Fox, Geoffrey
International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research, vol. 12, (no. 1), pp. 25, 20140100. | Journal Article