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Policy perceptions of US state public health and child and family services regarding maternal opioid use and neonatal exposure
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Expanding The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Health Impact Assessment
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The effect of a state health care consent law on patient care in hospitals: A survey of physicians
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Why should I be a peer reviewer?
Stone, CynthiaStone, CynthiaComer, Amber and Comer, Amber
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Physician understanding and application of surrogate decision-making laws in clinical practice
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"What do you Mean I Cannot Consent For My Grandmother's Medical Procedure?": Key Issues With State Default Surrogate Decision Making Laws
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Integrative Review: Post-Craniotomy Pain in the Brain Tumor Patient
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Developing a model curriculum for a university course in health impact assessment in the USA
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Exit Interviews: A Decade of Data to Improve Student Learning Experiences
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Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse Through State Policy: The Role of Nursing in Successful Implementation
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My husband's journey with Parkinson's disease
Stone, Cynthia
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STUDENT EVALUATION of a Standardized Comprehensive Testing Program
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Clinical site selection by students through use of an internet database.
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Nursing students can help support evidence-based practice on clinical nursing units
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Developing and Using Online Courses to Prepare Nurses for Employment in Critical Care
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Cancer education in high school health classes
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What rewards do clinical preceptors in nursing think are important?
Stone, Cynthia L and Rowles, Connie J
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What rewards do clinical preceptors in nursing think are important?
Stone, Cynthia, and Rowles, Connie and Stone, Cynthia L
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What Rewards Do Clinical Preceptors in Nursing Think Are Important?
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Building academic and practical knowledge in nursing through TB skin testing certification in a BSN curriculum.
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Building Academic and Practical Knowledge in Nursing Through TB Skin Testing Certificationin a BSN Curriculum
Stone, Cynthia L
(pp. 212-215). May 2001
Computerized NCLEX_RN and NCLEX-PN preparation programs: Comparative review, 1997
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The use of utilization review nurses to decrease reimbursement denials.
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Transtelephonic electrocardiographic monitoring: Reliability in detecting the ischemic ST segment response during exercise
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